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Chapter 21 (2)
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Chapter 21: Achen wants to grow up

“Achen wants to grow up…” Feng Chuge narrowed her eyes slightly and smiled.

The three ladies behind her widened their eyes in horror. “Miss, how can one grow up with medicinal herbs?”

Feng Chuge only chuckled but said no more, “I want the last two medicinal herbs just in case….”

Zilan, Biluo and Luzhu exchanged looks, helplessness apparent in each other’s eyes.

Indeed, the price of the last two items were extremely high. Even so, Feng Chuge grabbed them all and spent a total of 1.4 million. 𝘧reewℯ𝚋noѵ𝒆l. co𝙢

1.4 million was already equivalent to a family’s annual expenditure and is also a quarterly income from all the industries under Fengyue Luo. (This is the place where Feng Chuge stayed before going back to the Feng Family. I’m not sure if it I translated it Fengyue Building on the first chapter.)

This bidding lasted half the day and at the time they were to go back, the sky has gradually darkened.

As night fell, the full moon hung high in the sky.

The light from the full moon made everything bright.

The dazzling moonlight poured down and even the stones on the road reflected a glimmering light.

Feng Chuge was planning on leaving the Feng Family immediately after acquiring everything she owns, therefore, she still has to stay there for the meantime.

Upon entering the Feng Family Home, a frown appeared on Feng Chuge’s forehead.

This night, the silence was somewhat strange.

The four crossed mid-air and fell within the Feng Family courtyard.

Just after they stood still, from all sides, suddenly came a very powerful momentum.

The few people had a glimpse of it.

Looking back, they saw an old man in a white robes standing in the air.……

“Are you Feng Chuge?” The low voice of the old man sounded muffled.

The low voice contained a bit of spiritual power. For a moment, his voice completely penetrated the air and went straight into Feng Chuge’s eardrums.

Zilan is the most powerful among the three maids, but now she can’t withstand the oppression.

When Feng Chuge noticed it, her whole body emitted a spiritual power and scattered it around, completely shrouding the three.

“Go quickly!”

Zilan and the others were still unwilling to leave. Feng Chuge suddenly lifted her arm and with a force, a strong beam of light flashed hitting the protective shield around the three and pushed the three of them out.

Feng Chuge calculated that this old man’s purpose tonight was to take her life!!

At this moment, if Zilan and the others were to stay with her, she’s afraid they’ll only face death.

The strength of this old man was very high, at the least, Feng Chuge can’t completely gauge the level of his strength.

“Who are you?” Feng Chuge asked calmly.

The old man only cocked an eye. “Little girl, this isn’t what a Feng Miss should do. You’ve made an enemy of the Feng Family. Don’t you really want to live? Tsk! tsk!…It’s a pity that you have such great strength!!?

Listening to the old man, Feng Chuge’s eyes shrank.

She did not expect that this old man could see her cultivation at once.

It was only a moment, Feng Chuge grasped the identity of this old man.

There are four mysterious masters behind each of the respected families in Tianqi and nobody knows their level of strength.

Some say they are masters from Tiandi Fu, and others say they are hermits.

But one point remained indisputable, that is, they are all masters!!

Feng Chuge looked straight at the old man in front of her. She was sure that this old man is the patron of the Feng Family.

That Feng Zhaoyang must have been really cornered that he felt compelled to approach the backer of the Feng Family.

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