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Chapter 21
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Wait in bed?!

Ning Xiaofei swallowed a mouthful of saliva. If she went to bed, she’d be totally trapped.

Moreover, she might now be with AIDS, in case she was infected, then wouldn’t she be committing a crime?

Watching the figure of the man walking back to the living room, she chased him barefoot.

“Old... husband, you must not have had dinner... there is instant noodles at home, should I make one for you?”

“I don’t eat rubbish.”

“How can instant noodles be rubbish, not only does it have carbohydrates, but also have fats and proteins. The key point is that it is high in calories, and also tastes cheap and delicious....”

Mu Tianye frowned and stopped. Ning Xiaofei was caught off guard and directly hit him on the back. She raised her face in panic to see the man’s impatient expression, she immediately plastered a smile on her face.

“If you are not hungry, then... by the way, I still have coffee. Would you like me to make you a cup?”

Mu Tianye’s pupils shrank.

Dead girl, what tricks are you thinking of?!

Seeing the chill in his eyes, Ning Xiaofei quickly stepped back.

“Drinking coffee before going to bed is not good for your health, I... I’m going to take a shower now!”

Then she turned and ran to the stairs. Her anxious footsteps were in too much a hurry that she almost fell on the stairs missing a step. She shrieked and instinctively grasped the handrail with her eyes wide open, and was finally in a state of shock.

Hearing her squeal, Mu Tianye turned his face in disbelief and only saw the little girl crawling from the staircase and running up the stairs with two small steps.

On the black staircase, her two bare feet were white and beautiful, glowing like jade, and her trousers exposed her ankles which were so slender seeming like not as big as his wrists.

His eyes followed her footsteps, and the scene of last night once again flashed before his eyes.

Her ankles were caught in the palms of his hand and the slimness could be broken with just a tiny force, but the body turned soft from what he was doing...

The heat in his lower abdomen rose, and so did the dryness of his lips and tongue.

Walking to the bar, he casually took a bottle of wine from the shelf down, opened and poured a small half-glass. He raised the glass to the his lips and took a sip. The wine entrance in his mouth moistened the discomfort in his throat, but it also fanned the flame in his belly even hotter.

Grabbing hold of the cup, he strode upstairs.



In the bathroom.

Ning Xiaofei who was sitting on the toilet was holding her cheeks with both hands while pair of eyes roamed around in chaos.

Ah, what am I going to do?

The king appeared to have made up his mind that he was going to consummate with her tonight, something that she had been prepared for. Anyway, this was just a man and a woman thing, one point on both legs, once the eyes were closed, a bite of the teeth would pass.

At the worst, it would hurt.


She looked into the mirror, pulled her collar and gripped her hair as she saw the purplish hickeys on her skin.


To go out like this, if the king knew she dared cheat behind his back, he’d kill her!

Turn off the lights while committing the crime?

Not good. If he turned on the light, she’d be done for.

Thinking of a reason to refuse him tonight, but at a time like this, what excuse could she concoct.

Outside the door, she heard a faint sound of footsteps. Ning Xiaofei quickly got up, tiptoed and went to the door then turned her ear to the side to listen.

Sure enough, the sound of footsteps were getting closer and closer, the King has come!

Ning Xiaofei quickly retreated from the side of the door and because of being too nervous, she hit the bathroom cabinet. The drawer automatically opened, revealing what she has stuffed inside, a drawer full of women’s supplies.

Turning around, she carefully held the drawer wanting to close it. Her eyes swept inside the sanitary products and suddenly her face beamed with a “hehe” smile.

There it is!

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