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Chapter 20
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The man stood in front of the door, did not speak, also did not look back, just stretched his palms and with a finger locked door.

The door lock sent out a crisp sound which gave Ning Xiaofei the jitters.

She dared not to look at his face and just hung her face, watching his toes take step by step, and she subconsciously stepped back.

Behind her was the foyer cabinet, this retreat took her back on the cabinet door, there was no way back.

” I... I really didn’t mean to, I know I was wrong. A great man rarely stoops to the pettiness or harbors grievances for past wrongs. And a Prime Minister’s mind should be broad enough for poling a boat... Don’t be angry with me...All right?”

While pretending to sniffle, she assessed her “grief-stricken” self, she quietly raised her face and peered at the man’s expression and met his gaze. She withdrew her gaze hastily and raised her hand to rub her eyes.

Had she known that she would do something like this, she wouldn’t have gone to the TV station but inn the acting department instead. Now, perhaps she could cry two drops of tears and to add more effects, rub her eye a little red.

Mu Tianye raised his hand to grab her chin and stiffly lifted her face to look at him.

“Remember my number, no matter when, where ...within three ringtones, you must answer!”

“Yes, I’ll remember!”

Her mouth immediately agreed. Ning Xiaofei blinked her eyes unconsciously but because she has just rubbed them a bit too hard, an eyelash probably went it, it was very uncomfortable.

Her little face was full of cowardice, and there were glaring tears in her big eyes. Of course Mu Tianye did not know that it was because of an eyelash and thought she was really crying.

“Wipe your tears clean!” He took away his palm and frowned, then he ordered “No tears in front of me!”

Smiling, Ning Xiaofei busily wiped her eyes with her fingers.

“Yes, I’ll have my lacrimal glands removed tomorrow,” she said. When he raised his eyebrows in displeasure. “I mean, I promise not to cry, I’ll laugh and laugh hard every day.”

The eyelash in her eyes has not come out yet. She tried to pull out a smile but they were still covered with a layer of mist.

That way, he couldn’t help thinking of his mother, and that’s how she looked at him with tears in her eyes when she left...


He punched the side of the hall cabinet above her head. The whole cabinet shook in a violent shock and Ning Xiaofei instinctively backed away, holding the cabinet door in both hands with her pale small face raised, looking at him with a mournful face.

“Don’t hit me in the face, okay?!”

Tomorrow will be Monday and she’ll officially report to the TV station. On the first day of work with a face injury, how would she meet people?

The eyelash still did not come out from her eyes, so her eyes were still astringently uncomfortable and still shining with tears.

Taking in her piteous appearance in his eyes, Mu Tianye’s eyebrows screwed even more tight.

“I said, don’t cry!”

He hates crying women the most. This dead girl, but he did right, didn’t he?

She did not want to cry ah, but her eyes were really uncomfortable. Ning Xiaofei blinked hard but her lips didn’t hold up. A tear has been her squeeze out her eyes.

Feeling the tears on her face, she instinctively raised her hand to wipe it off, but a large hand first reached over, smeared hard across her cheek, and then grabbed her chin.

Pinching her chin, Mu Tianye narrowed his eyes together.

“If you want to be Mrs. Mu, be obedient!”


Her chin was almost crushed by him. Ning Xiaofei could only protect herself and immediately smiled.

“I am obedient, I am the most obedient, I guarantee that in the future, I’ll certainly be obedient ... If husband lets me go to the east, I will not go to the West. If husband says two, I certainly won’t say one, he he! “

Mu Tianye loosened her chin, “Wash clean, go to bed and wait for me!”



Ye Qiao: Xiaofei, what do you think is the most important thing for men and women to get along?

Ning Xiaofei: Three words.

Ye Qiao: I love you?

Ning Xiaofei: Pa Pa Pa!

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