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Chapter 19
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Ning Xiaofei turned her face and saw a dark light on the top of his head, and the pressure from the man’s figure with his rugged breath came over.

His back to the light, his face and expression in the dim appeared somewhat obscure, but it let her back turn unconsciously cold.

“Older... Husband, actually I... I don’t want to go either...”

“Is that right?”

Mu Tianye bit the two words heavily, obviously revealing his questioning tone.

“Really, If you don’t believe, here look...” Ning Xiaofei quickly pulled out the call record and showed it to him. “The uppermost is our teacher’s new number, if you do not believe, you can call to ask.”

She raised her face, while holding her cell phone ... The little face was full of innocence.

Dead girl, you really couldn’t wait to see your coffin.

Mu Tianye’s eyes narrowed and then raised his left hand. The corner of Ning Xiaofei’s eye suddenly twitched. He... Is he really going to dial ah?


She retracted her phone and wanted to make up another excuse but the man has taken hold of her palm with his fingers, pointed his thumb on the screen and dialed back.

Squinting at the screen, he dialed the number. Ning Xiaofei could only ask God’s blessing that the other party would shut his phone down, no electricity, not in the service area...



The screen flashed and the phone was already showing connectivity.

Her heart immediately thumped, if this king of hell found out she was cheating on him, she certainly would not have a good fruit to eat.

On the entrance hall cabinet, Mu Tianye’s phone buzzed and vibrated. When she heard the sounded, Ning Xiaofei immediately felt an amnesty.

“Old... husband, you... your cell phone rang, this late call must be an important business, are you going to pick it up?”

As soon as he answers the phone, she could take the opportunity to escape.

Making up her mind, Ning Xiaofei secretly clutched her shoes on her left hand and bit by bit, she pulled out her finger from his grasp.

Pupils swept over her little face, Mu Tianye slightly loosened her fingers. Feeling her fingers loosened, she immediately drew her palm back.

“Go bring it to me.”

The man commanded on the top of her head

Since his palms were still pressed on the door, she had no way to escape. Helpless, Ning Xiaofei had to drill under his arm with her hands holding her shoes to her bosom. She set them on her to help him take the phone. Her eyes swept above and saw the caller, her back instantly cooled and the sandwiched shoes in her armpit immediately slid down. Ding-dong two sounds smashed on the hallway floor.

On the man’s mobile phone screen, there were words clearly written – Ning Xiaofei!

Looking at her own mobile phone, and then at Mu Tianye’s mobile, understanding finally dawned on Ning Xiaofei. This strange number was his phone number, that was to say, her excuses when talking nonsense on the phone just now... he knew all about it.

It’s over!


Without looking back, she could imagine the expression on the man’s face at the moment.

Tonight, she’s done for!

Clutching two mobile phones, Ning Xiaofei only wished she could smash the phones and consider it finished.

Her cleverness has done more harm than good. When she saw the strange call, she pretended to answer to find an excuse to escape. She didn’t expect it to be his number.

From their marriage to present, she has only seen his picture. Naturally she didn’t have his number, how would she know his phone number Ah!

What to do?

Biting her lips, Ning Xiaofei hung up the phone and droop her head then turned around to face him while she exaggeratedly sniffled.

“Husband, I’m sorry, I ... I was wrong!”

In prison, leniency is given to those who confess without resistance. She took the initiative to admit her mistake; he has to be more or less lenient, right?!

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