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Chapter 18
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Forcing back her scream, Ning Xiaofei drew herself back, walked softly and grabbed her bag while the other hand took her shoes from the shoe rack.

Dragging the slippers on the floor, she did not wear them, and quietly slipped out of the door instead.

Holding the doorknob in her hand and remembering that she had not taken the key, she snuck back hurriedly, looking stealthily at Mu Tianye who was standing in the hall through the holes in the carved wood and flowers of the entrance way.

Mu Tianye was facing her holding his phone. She didn’t know who he would be calling but looking at his facial expression, he was very unhappy at the moment.

Luckily, she found out in time, or else she would have been miserable.

Ning Xiaofei secretly congratulated herself. With the key in her hand, a handbag, a hand holding her shoes and barefooted like a thief, she slipped into the hall. She reached for the door knob and carefully forced the door to open a crack.

Watching the door was open, Ning Xiaofei’s lips gently lifted upward.

Big deal, she’d just go out to hide for two days. As long as she’s out of this door, no matter how fierce Mu Tianye was, far away from this mountain of an emperor, she wouldn’t be afraid of him!

She didn’t expect that just as she was about to flash out and make a quick getaway, a cheap female voice in her backpack resounded.

“Don’t pick me up, I just don’t answer your calls, I answer everyone else’s calls, I just don’t answer your calls...”

Hearing her cell phone ring, Ning Xiaofei’s fingers shivered and the shoes she was carrying directly fell on the ground. Flustered, she tried to reach her phone from the bag. When she turned her face to look through the holes in the woodcarving, she saw Mu Tianye turning to look in her direction in the living room.

Seeing her, the man’s eyes contracted rapidly, and then he strode toward her.

Regardless of the phone that was still screaming, Ning Xiaofei grabbed her bag in an attempt to run.

” Stop “

Mu Tianye’s voice rang with monstrous fury.

Ning Xiaofei frowned at the dark sound. She again turned her face and had a smile that looked like a surprise.

“Husband, you’re back!”

In the bag, her phone was still barking.

“I’m not picking up, I’m not answering your call ... No matter how anxious you are, I’m just not answering my phone! “

Clutching his cell phone, Mu Tianye strode into the hallway. Listening to her cell phone’s ringtone, the anger in his heart grew a bit more.

“Who’s calling so late, so annoying!” Ning Xiaofei did not dare to look him in the eye. She just felt the phone out of the bag in a panic. When she saw the strange number displayed on it, she immediately connected the phone, ” Hello.... teacher....Ah...What interview? I can’t leave now..................It’s urgent, okay, then I’ll be right over.”


Holding the phone and listening to her voice through the signal transmission to his ear, Mu Tianye’s silver teeth clenched a little bit tight.


Dead girl, keeping on acting!

Hanging up the phone, Ning Xiaofei immediately piled up a face of apology.

“Husband, you see... My teacher said that there is a special urgent interview. I have to go... then.. I’m going first alright?”

Mu Tianye threw his phone aside, and the man walked toward her.

“In such a hurry, how about... I’ll drive you there?”

“No need!” Ning Xiaofei considered her acting to have passed. She immediately waved her hands, “”My husband’s work day has already been very tiring. I’ll go by myself. That.... husband, bye!”

She turned and tried to run away, holding the door knob. However, the man’s arm pressed heavily and the door, which she had just opened, clicked and closed again.

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