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Chapter 11
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Mu Tianye was a businessman who never makes losing deals, and no one can make him cheap.

As for Ning Xiaofei, there was nothing in this woman that he wanted except herself.

When she was kissed by the man, Ning Xiaofei froze for two seconds, then raised her arm and pushed Mu Tianye away.

Now that she was in a state of sobriety, of course, she wouldn’t let him be frivolous at will.

“You... what are you doing?”

Mu Tianye did not think she would resist, his body was pushed back a step by her and hit the elevator door, a pair of eyes instantly turned frosty.

Dead girl, dare to resist?!

The man didn’t speak, and the pair of dark scorpion like eyes flashed dangerously. Inside the elevator, the temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees lower.

He really was worthy of the name Mu Yanwang. He was more terrible than the legend.

A chill rising from the tailbone let Ning Xiaofei’s back instantly cold. Feeling the changes in the man’s aura, she quickly pulled out a reason with a smiling face .

“I... I haven’t rinsed my mouth yet, my mouth is dirty.”

When she said this, she lifted her eyes and quickly glanced at the numbers displayed on the electronic screen.

Second floor.

She just needed to hold on for one more floor and she could get rid of him.

On the electronic screen, the digital number changed. The elevator stopped with a ding sound. The elevator door separated and Ning Xiaofei saw a chance to escape.

She wasn’t able to rush out of the elevator as she imagined but hit a wall of meat instead. She raised her face to see the man’s gloomy face, she immediately took a step back offering a flattering smile.

“I’m sorry ... You...... You go first?!”

Mu Tianye still did not speak and just carried on watching her. He lifted his right hand and pressed the B2 key. The elevator door closed tight again and went downwards.

The man in front was terribly gloomy, Ning Xiaofei subconsciously swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Wasn’t it just a kiss on the mouth not a piece of meat, why would she provoke him. This time the King of hell was obviously angry. In this kind of situation, she was only afraid the he wouldn’t let go of her so easily...

Next, won’t he take her to the car, and then ...

Thinking of the next possible thing, a tingling suddenly burst out on Ning Xiaofei’s back. Her body still has those traces of yesterday. If known that she dared give him the green hat, she’s afraid that this lowly life of hers couldn’t be protected.

An idea quickly flashed in her mind, Ning Xiaofei secretly bit her teeth, trying to force out a smile.

“Husband, are you angry?” Gritting her teeth, she stepped forward to and pressed her fingers in front of his western-style suit. Whining and being petulant, she said, “Aren’t you afraid of being seen by people, repugnant..... Okay, good, whatever you like, I am yours! "

Her fingers moved over and straightened his tie. She raised her hand around his neck and stood up on her toes to kiss him.


Just like being chewed by a pig, she hoped he didn’t have bad breath.

Squinting her eyes, she heaved her feet together and tried to kiss him on the lips.

The result, the kiss landed on the man’s chin.

Oh dear! The marine chronometer was flawed.

Ning Xiaofei was not really short, but the man was really tall, even if she hefts her toes, her kiss could only reach his chin.

As soon as she kissed, she groaned a little. She tried to hold her toes up, but with her sore waist, her body jerked back subconsciously and her lips affixed themselves on his neck.

Forget it, the neck was the neck. He should have taken a shower!

She thought to herself, and stuck her lips on his neck.

Ning Xiaofei’s experience in kissing came entirely from movies, anime and novels she has read. Of course, there was no skill to speak of, but just learning from the appearance in the movies, she randomly kissed his neck.

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