Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 381 - Something Was Wrong with This Bridge
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Chapter 381 Something Was Wrong with This Bridge

In the River of Spiritual Power, Chu Ze activated his Devour ability to the maximum. The system was overjoyed.

The system didn’t even filter the energy. It collected the energy first as it worried that Chu Ze wouldn’t have time to absorb the energy later.

Anyway, Chu Ze’s information had been blocked by the system. Chu Ze couldn’t see his current evolution point, so the system didn’t even need to put on an act.

However, Chu Ze didn’t know these things at all. What he was thinking now was the same as the system. He wanted to devour this energy as much as possible now and evolve when he had time later. However, when Chu Ze’s energy absorption reached a certain level, the system changed its strategy. It was because the spiritual power was devoured too quickly. The system estimated that the amount of energy that Chu Ze currently possessed was probably enough for him to evolve to the maximum level. Therefore, the system did not care whether Chu Ze was still devouring or not. The system began to filter the energy for Chu Ze’s evolution.

Little Fox, who was waiting by the shore, felt a little bored. Thus she began to stroll along the river bank.

Looking at the few people in the water, Little fox muttered, “Anyway, I don’t want to go into the water. You guys can play in the water by yourselves. I’ll go take a look in the front.”

Actually, Chu Ze had originally planned to explore the water to see where the demons would pass through. However, after seeing the river, he had forgotten about that matter.

Little Fox walked along the river bank and felt that something was wrong. There was a strong spiritual power fluctuation in front of her, but it was mixed with some fluctuations that she had never seen before.

That fluctuation gave Little Fox a very strong sense of oppression.

Little Fox couldn’t help but walk toward the source of the fluctuation. Before she reached the center of the fluctuation, she saw a large number of demon soldiers gather on the riverbank in the opposite. There were also some Evolvers from other countries with the demon soldiers.

Seeing this situation, Little Fox wanted to turn around and go back to find Chu Ze. At this moment, Baili Chengfeng landed beside Little Fox.

“Why are you alone? Isn’t Chu Ze with you?”

Little Fox shook her head and said, “Chu Ze is in the river. I don’t like to go into the water, so I’m wandering by the river alone.”

Baili Chengfeng sighed and said, “There’s a bridge in front, but it also doesn’t look like a bridge. Demons might be planning to attack through that bridge.”

“I tried to destroy that bridge but I failed. I didn’t expect that bridge to be so strong, and that bridge gave me a very strong sense of oppression. I don’t know what material that bridge is made of.”

Little Fox looked to the front, but she couldn’t see the bridge that Baili Chengfeng was talking about.

Seeing Little Fox’s puzzled look, Baili Chengfeng smiled and explained, “We can’t see that bridge from here. We can only see it when we get closer.”

Little Fox nodded and said, “In that case, bring me to see that bridge. I’m more interested in the bridge that you mentioned.”

Baili Chengfeng sized up Little Fox and said, “At your level, I’m afraid you won’t be able to get close to that bridge. You can only take a look from afar.”

“Hmm, just take a look from afar. After all, I have nothing to do now.”

Baili Chengfeng brought Little Fox to the vicinity of the bridge and let Little Fox take a look. They were still a few hundred meters away from the bridge, but Little Fox had felt the strong oppression. After looking at it for a while, Little Fox asked, “The pressure here is so strong. Those demons probably won’t cross the river from this place.”

“Yeah, I don’t think they will cross the river from this place either. Moreover, this bridge looks a little different from just now. At first, it looked like a bridge, but now it doesn’t look like one.”

Baili Chengfeng looked at it for a while and said, “Not only does it not look like a bridge, but the height seems to have changed. It’s higher than before.”

Little Fox covered her chest with her hands and retreated a distance before saying, “Since the demons won’t attack from this place, let’s go somewhere else first. It’s useless to look around here.”


Not long after Little Fox and the others left, the instructor and his men arrived at this place. The instructor only looked around before leading his men to somewhere else.

The instructor’s group was observing the movements of the demons through drones. They could grasp the location of the demons in real time.

Previously, their drones were always destroyed by demons. Now, they let the drones fly high into the sky and released a large number of drones. Even if the demons sent flying demons to attack the drones, it was impossible to destroy so many drones in a short period of time.

Moreover, after these drones flew into the territory of the demons, they began to scatter small surveillance robots around. Therefore, even if all the drones were gone, they could still monitor the movements of the demons.

There were also a few high-level demons on the demon’s side who were observing the bridge. However, they also had no way to approach the bridge.

When the bridge had just been revealed, Baili Chengfeng was still able to touch it. However, as time passed, Baili Chengfeng had no way of getting close to the bridge either.

Then, the demons brought their men and took a detour away from the bridge.


It was unreasonable for a small mythical realm to have such a river, and also a bridge that Baili Chengfeng even at his level could not get close to.

The instructor and his men were hiding here and waiting for the demons to attack. They had already prepared heavy weapons. Even if these weapons weren’t of much use to high-level demons, the small demons couldn’t defend against such powerful firepower. The powerful demons would be left to Baili Chengfeng

The instructor instructed the Pioneer beside him to hide. This group of Pioneers didn’t just rely on heavy weapons. After such a long period of training, these Pioneers had become experts.

It was just that Chu Ze was still absorbing energy to evolve. Otherwise, if Chu Ze could volunteer in time, they would be even more stable.

Just as both sides were preparing to fight, a lump of mucus squirmed into the mythical realm.

At this time, there were not many people guarding the outside of the mythical realm. This was because, at this time, the mythical realm was almost completely open. The Evolvers from all countries could just enter and exit from this mythical realm.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have allowed such a thing to enter the mythical realm.

If Chu Ze were here, he would definitely be able to recognize it. This was the Liquid Monster that he was not able to catch up with before.

The instructor had originally arranged for people to follow the Liquid Monster. However, due to the shortage of manpower, they had been transferred here.

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