Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 380 - River of Spirit Power
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Chapter 380 River of Spirit Power

Baili Chengfeng carefully sensed Chu Ze’s body and said, “Your current level has already caught up with mine. Do you know what level you are exactly at now?”

Chu Ze checked the system and said, “I’m currently at level 88. I can’t sense anything else now.”

Of course, Chu Ze couldn’t sense anything else now because everything else was blocked by the system. Otherwise, Chu Ze would be able to see the abnormal state behind it.

And then, he would know what the system was up to.

However, Chu Ze didn’t suspect anything wrong with his body. He just felt that he only needed to continue circulating his cultivation method. Thus he didn’t pay too much attention to it.

Then, all of them looked at Guang Yu. Chu Ze went over and asked Guang Yu, “The demons are probably going to attack soon. Do you have any ideas?”

Guang Yu smiled and said, “This is very easy to handle. We can just use all of our forces to defend. Whether we can win or not depends on heaven’s will.”

Chu Ze sighed and said, “Alright, your people will defend. We, the Pioneer, will attack. Try not to put too much pressure on this side.”

Then, Chu Ze looked at Li Feng. Li Feng pondered for a moment and said, “I can’t decide on this matter either. Let the higher-ups decide.”

Li Feng then contacted the headquarters. In the end, the order given by the headquarters was also to take the initiative to attack.


“Chu Ze, I’ve contacted them. The headquarters also asked us to take the initiative to attack. Moreover, the headquarters said to let the instructor lead us. Now that the instructor has come in, I reckon that it won’t be long before he can come to our end.”

Baili Chengfeng, who was at the side, said, “What will you arrange for me?”.

Li Feng thought for a moment and said, “It’s a waste for someone with your strength to listen to our arrangements. Why don’t you attack freely? As long as you can guarantee your safety, it’s good enough.”

Baili Chengfeng didn’t say anything to Li Feng. He directly pulled the little boy and said, “Since that’s the case, then I’ll start the attack now.”

Then, Baili Chengfeng said to Chu Ze, “Keep in touch with me. If I get an energy core here, I’ll send it over to you.”

Chu Ze nodded and said, “Okay, I need more energy core. The more energy core, the better.” In just half an hour, the instructor arrived. Then, the instructor looked at Chu Ze. He could feel the powerful energy contained in Chu Ze’s body, but he saw that Chu Ze’s body size did not change much.

Therefore, the instructor asked in a puzzle, “Chu Ze, what is your current level? Why do I feel that the energy in your body is so strong, but your body size has not changed?”

Chu Ze scratched his head and said, “My current level is 88, but I don’t know why my body size is still so small.”

The instructor shook his head and said, “As long as your body doesn’t have any problems, it’s fine. Your current level is so high, and I’ve never seen such a high-level evolutionary creature in this mythical realm. You take a few people and form a guerrilla team. The rest of us will form a team and attack with heat weapons.”

“Okay, I will take some people and attack with Baili Chengfeng.” When Chu Ying and the others heard this, they all ran to Chu Ze’s side. “The few of us will go with Brother. We are also very powerful now.” The instructor smiled and said, “I knew that the few of you can’t leave Chu Ze. You can go with Chu Ze, but don’t go too far away from Chu Ze. You must pay attention to your safety.”

After Chu Ze and the others left, Li Feng walked to the instructor’s side and asked, “Instructor, why did you let them go by themselves?”

The instructor glanced at Li Feng and said, “With Chu Ze’s body size, it’s not very convenient to move with us. We, humans, are so small, and Chu Ze’s body size is so big. It’s not easy to cooperate tactically.”

“We’re not going to fight the demons head-on. We’re going to talk about tactics. Bringing Chu Ze with us is equivalent to telling the demons where we are. That’s why I let them move by themselves.”

“After Chu Ze attracts the demon’s attention, we can also sneak attack the demons. The prerequisite is that Chu Ze’s level is really level 88.”

Li Feng smiled and said, “Don’t worry. Chu Ze’s level should be real. Even Baili Chengfeng said that Chu Ze is very powerful now.”

When Chu Ze brought a few people to the land where the demons and humans were separated, they found the forces on both sides separated by a big river. Fighting in the water was Chu Ze’s strong point, Chu Ze was confident that no demons could defeat him in this river.

However, what Chu Ze didn’t know was that there were also aquatic creatures among the demons. They were also good at fighting in the water.

Chu Ze smiled and said, “I feel like I’m home when I see this big river. I’ll leave the sky to Baili Chengfeng. Let’s conquer the water.” Rhubarb definitely wanted to go into the water. He was a crocodile and liked to be in the water. It was just that his current attributes were not suitable for being in the water. However, this couldn’t change his preference.

Chu Ying and the others had all refined the water repellent bead, so the water battle did not affect them.

However, Little Fox did not want to go into the water. She was a fox and had a fire attribute. She would not be comfortable in the water.

Seeing that Little Fox did not want to go into the water, Chu Ze did not force her. He asked her to stand guard on the shore.

Then, Chu Ze jumped into the water.

With the jump, the water scared Chu Ze.

The water was actually liquefied reiki. The entire river was full of it.


Chu Ze turned around to look at the people behind him and said, “Did you find anything wrong with the river water?”

Chu Ying and the others also found out that the river water was liquefied reiki. However, they tried, and they couldn’t absorb the river water at all.

Chu Ying said, “Although the river water is good, we have no way to absorb it. It’s useless to us.”

Although it was useless to them, it was different for Chu Ze. Chu Ze’s devour ability could even devour the soil, let alone the liquefied spiritual power.

Then, Chu Ze tried and he really could devour


“You guys follow the previous plan. I’ll absorb the spiritual power here. I can absorb it.”

Seeing Chu Ze sink to absorb the spiritual power, Chu Ying began to feel depressed. “Why can Brother absorb the spiritual power here like normal but we can’t? I also want to absorb the spiritual power here. If I can absorb it, I think I can level up in a few days.”

Li Manman carefully sensed the spiritual power here and said, “The spiritual power here seems to be different from the spiritual power we usually absorb. There is something in the spiritual power here that prevents us from absorbing it.

“Moreover, such a big spiritual power river is here but the aborigines here did not conquer it. It means that the spiritual power river is useless to them. Let’s not waste our efforts.”

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