Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 32
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Chapter 32: Poisoning

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“No matter where I go, there will always be people. It’s so annoying. Why haven’t I felt this annoying before?”

After floating to the surface, Chu Ze looked at the shore.

He saw a car with no headlights driving quietly to the shore.

“Hurry up, don’t dawdle. We still have to go to the next place after we finish here.”

A middle-aged man in a white coat got out of the car.

“Why are you rushing me for? No matter how much you rush me, the mixture of the medicine still needs time to react before it can collapse.”

As he spoke, White Coat placed some equipment by the river to make the medicine on the spot..

“You people say that you don’t know how to do anything, but you can come up with so many bad ideas.”

The level four Evolver got down from the car. “You just focus on making your things. Don’t care about anything else.”

“Yes, yes, yes. As long as there’s money, I don’t care about anything.”

White Coat was still making the medicine, while the others stood by the shore and smoked.

“Boss, do you think we will suffer retribution if we do this?”

The leader threw the cigarette butt. “What retribution? Look at the boss of that organization who has done so many bad things. He will suffer retribution first.”

“Besides, you have to believe in science. Don’t talk about retribution so often. You have already become an Evolver, yet you still tell me that you are afraid of these things.”

“In the past, I always heard from the old man that if you do too many bad things, you will suffer retribution. After becoming an Evolver, I have been afraid of these things.”

The leader pointed at White Coat who was making the medicine behind him.

“Look at the person behind you. When he was making the medicine, he was smiling while doing it. He looked like a pervert. He wasn’t afraid of the things he made that killed so many people. What are you afraid of?”

“Besides, you’re just a driver. These things have nothing to do with you. You’re just a driver. Don’t think too much.”

Chu Ze listened to their conversation and immediately understood that these people were here to do bad things.

Although the leader said so, the driver still felt that he would be punished.

“Brother, what is the effect of this medicine?”

White Coat looked up. “Young man, let me tell you, don’t think about getting my formula out of me.”

“Don’t worry, I don’t want to know your formula. I just want to know what this medicine is used for.”

“Don’t you guys know about the effects of this medicine? Didn’t they tell you?”

“No, that’s why I came to ask you. I’m just more interested in these things.”

White Coat pushed up his glasses. “Okay, I’ll tell you.”

“The effect of this thing is actually very simple. It is to accelerate the evolution of these aquatic creatures and produce level six mutated creatures at an extremely fast speed.”

The driver frowned. “That simple? There aren’t any side effects or anything like that, right?”

“Yes, there is a price to pay for it.”

“These creatures will be extremely aggressive. When the mutation speed increases, it will increase their appetite greatly, and they won’t be able to differentiate between friend and foe.”

“Only by quickly devouring all kinds of creatures can the mutation be faster. However, this situation can only last until level six. When the mutated creature mutates to level six, it will immediately die. Then, your boss will send someone to pull the corpse of the level six mutated creature and sell it.”

The driver frowned, but no one could see his expression clearly in the darkness.

“From what you said, there doesn’t seem to be any harm. As long as we surround this section of the river and don’t let anyone get close, won’t we be able to mass produce level six mutated creatures?”

“Hey, you’re really a smart kid.”

“This medicine will flow directly into the sea with the current, and the creatures in the sea will also be affected. However, because of the seawater, the medicine will lose its effect after some time.”

“But freshwater is not so good. Even in a river, this medicine will remain in the soil and continue to work. This is a good thing that can be profitable for a long time.”

The driver’s frown deepened. “This sounds good, but does this thing have any effect on people?”

“I have not done human experiments, but this thing is so strong, I think it will have an effect. Why are you asking this?”

“Oh, this river is the source of all the tap water in the area near the river. If it has an effect, I’ll try to drink less tap water in the future.”

White Coat chuckled. “Hehehe, you’re smart, but it’s useless for you to think so much, unless you move away.”

“Not only tap water, but even the pure water factories also take water from this river. Don’t worry about drinking it. This thing has been in storage for half a month, and I haven’t heard of any problems.”

Chu Ze listened to these words, and he almost understood the purpose of these people.

“It’s very expensive to capture a normal level six mutated creature. Using this method can speed up the mutation of aquatic animals, and they will die suddenly after reaching level six. They only need to take some medicine. This kind of thing is simply heartless.”

White Coat saw that the medicine in the container had almost finished reacting, he then added the last medicine.

“Okay, just throw it in now.”

With that, White Coat grabbed the container and threw it into the river.

Chu Ze looked at the parabola of the container on the surface of the water. After calculating the landing point, he waited below.

The moment the container fell to the surface of the water, Chu Ze swallowed the container in a big gulp.

Chu Ze, who was holding the medicine in his mouth, felt like his mouth was on fire. He quickly swam to the other side and stayed away from these people.

After throwing the container into the river, White Coat waved his hand. “Okay, let’s go to the next drop point.”

After Chu Ze held the liquid in his mouth and stayed away from these people, he faced the shore and spat out the container.

A mouthful of water, along with the liquid, was sprayed onto the shore by Chu Ze.


“Yeah, burning a few square meters of land is better than destroying the entire river. This is the only way for now.”

“But my mouth is so uncomfortable.”

Chu Ze listened to the sound of the engine on the bank and followed them. He planned to ruin their plan.

After all, someone had poisoned his house. He had to find a way to solve this problem.

However, the bank was too high. With Chu Ze’s current strength, he couldn’t jump up at all.

He could only catch these people’s medicine and spit it onto the bank. It would be good to reduce the losses.

“Eh, I suddenly remembered that when I devoured them, their clothes could also be devoured. I wonder if the system can devour these potions.”

Chu Ze, who caught the potions again, thought of using his devouring skill.

Once the potions entered his mouth, Chu Ze immediately activated his devouring ability. A strange energy isolated the potion in Chu Ze’s mouth.

Then it slowly shrank until it disappeared. It was the same as when he devoured other things.

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