Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 3
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Chapter 3: Golden Koi, a Thread of Dragon’s Bloodline

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

With the help of the slightly reflected light from the glass, Chu Ze could see a faint golden light swimming on his scales.

Finally, a bright golden line ran through his entire back, from his head to the tail of the fish.

After the golden line ran through his body, his body began to slowly change.

Chu Ze had witnessed the entire process, but he did not seem to be able to feel his own body at the moment.

He couldn’t control his movements and could only watch as his body underwent evolution.

“Although I can feel the changes in my body and feel the feeling of evolution, I still feel that this body doesn’t belong to me. It’s a wonderful feeling.”

After a while, Chu Ze’s consciousness started to blur. A golden energy enveloped his head.. Chu Ze couldn’t feel the following changes at all.

That was because he had already fainted and his brain had started to evolve.

After an unknown amount of time, Chu Ze slowly woke up.

The first thing Chu Ze did after waking up was to observe his appearance through the glass.

“Wow, I’ve become quite handsome. I wonder if my sister can accept the fact that I’ve become so big all of a sudden.”

“Eh? Why does my mouth feel different?”

As he spoke, Chu Ze bared his teeth at the fish tank’s glass.

A sharp tooth instantly popped out and then retracted.

“Oh my God, aren’t these the same teeth as Toothless Boy? This is good. I like it.”

“Let’s try my current speed.”

After taking a look around, Chu Ze gave up on the idea of trying his speed.

“Forget it. This fish tank is too small. I’ll crash into it with just an acceleration.”

“Oh right, I haven’t checked the system yet. Let’s see what changes are there in the data.”

The system interface opened and Chu Ze noticed the changes in the system data.

[ Host ] : Chu Ze

[ Level ] : 2

[ Species ] : Hidden-tooth koi

[ Skills ] : Bite

[ Skill points ] : 1

[ Evolution points ] : 4/100

[ Combat power ] : 20

[ Bloodline ] : A thread of dragon’s bloodline

The first thing that changed was his level. It seemed like the evolution would increase one level at a time.

“I finally have the ability to fight. But this dragon’s bloodline is really interesting. Will I be able to evolve into a divine dragon in the future?”

[ Congratulations to host for successfully evolving. You have obtained an evolution reward, one lucky draw opportunity. ]

The system notification made Chu Ze happy.

“There’s actually a lucky draw. This is completely unexpected. If I get one, I’ll earn it.”

Looking at the lucky draw button in front of him, Chu Ze’s consciousness directly touched it.

“Come on, give me something useful.”

As the lucky draw began, a huge wheel appeared before Chu Ze’s eyes.

The things on the wheel dazzled Chu Ze. He couldn’t even count how many things there were.

Chu Ze stared at an extremely small box that had the words [ Evolved Divine Dragon ] written on it.

“Oh my God, if I get it, I’ll take off on the spot.”

The wheel began to spin slowly. Chu Ze also began to look forward to the item he got.

However, the wheel didn’t stop even after waiting for a long time.

Chu Ze thought to himself tentatively, “Stop.”

As expected, the roulette slowed down along with this thought until it slowly stopped.

“D*mn, so I have to give my own orders to stop.” Chu Ze did not know whether to laugh or cry.

However, at this moment, he began to look forward to the item he drew.

[ Congratulations, host, you have drawn a Dragon Scale Shard x 1. ]

“D*mn, it’s actually a dragon scale. If I fuse it, wouldn’t I directly have the defense of a divine dragon?”

After seeing this prize, Chu Ze quickly checked the item’s attributes.

[ Dragon Scale Shard ] strengthened the host’s scale defense. There were nine fragments in total, and after gathering all of them, the host would be able to evolve into a perfect dragon scale.

After fusing with the fragment, the host would be able to strengthen the scale defense.

[ Do you wish to fuse with it? ]

Without a doubt, he chose [ Yes ].

The fusion of the dragon scales did not feel too intense. Chu Ze only felt that the scales on his body were starting to harden. Moreover, from the reflection of the glass, he could see that there was a golden light flowing on the scales.

After the golden light completely disappeared, Chu Ze saw that his scales were emitting a faint golden light.

He could clearly feel that the scales had become tougher.

“This is good stuff. If I can draw dragon scales every time I evolve, then I’ll be able to obtain a complete dragon scale at level 10. At that time, I won’t have to be afraid of anything.”

“Maybe I’ll be able to obtain a complete dragon scale and go to that sea area to see what kind of thing had swallowed the entire cruise ship.”

After being swallowed by a strange creature, Chu Ze still wanted to take revenge.

However, he was still very weak, so it was impossible for him to successfully take revenge.

“Forget it, let’s not think about this for now. The most important thing now is to evolve more. I hope sister can feed me more food.”

Just as Chu Ze was thinking about these things, a familiar voice came from outside the door.

“Xiao Ying, did you say that the little goldfish is very big? If you didn’t see wrongly, then it’s very likely that it has mutated.”

“I didn’t see wrongly. I’ve looked at it many times. And this little goldfish is very human.”

These were the voices of Chu Ying and Li Manman. These two had grown up with Chu Ze, so Chu Ze was very familiar with their voices.

He and Li Manman could be considered childhood sweethearts. Moreover, Li Manman’s parents had vaguely revealed that they wanted Chu Ze to be their son-in-law.

However, the two of them were still young, so they did not talk about this matter.

Thinking of the scene of the three of them playing together in the past, a smile appeared on Chu Ze’s face.

However, at this time, the door opened. Chu Ze quickly adjusted his expression so that his smile would not be too strange and scare them.

After Li Manman entered, she saw the fish tank.

“Is this the little goldfish your brother left for you?”

Li Manman was wearing the same school uniform as Chu Ying. Her almost perfect facial features were still a little immature.

However, the sadness between her brows couldn’t be hidden. When she saw the fish tank, she couldn’t hide her sadness.

When she saw Chu Ze clearly in the fish tank, she couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.


“Oh my God, what a beautiful koi.”

Chu Ying was confused. “What koi?”

Then, she turned her head and saw Chu Ze in the fish tank.

“When did it become so big? When I left this morning, it was only a little goldfish that was a dozen centimeters long. Now, it’s more than twenty centimeters long.”

When Chu Ying looked carefully, she found that the little goldfish in the fish tank had become a koi. Moreover, the golden scales were shining under the light, as if they were emitting golden light.

“This is impossible. It has changed so much in less than a day. Could it be a mutated creature?”

Chu Ying was sure that she had not seen wrongly before she left. It was impossible for it to be so big. Therefore, she had no doubt that the goldfish was a mutated one.

“It could be a mutated one. Brother Chu liked some strange animals since he was young. Maybe he got a mutated goldfish through some means.”

“Maybe this is Brother Chu’s little secret.”

Looking at the koi, Chu Ying said in a low voice, “Yes, it must be. Brother’s body hasn’t been found yet. Maybe he was taken away by someone.”

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