Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 17
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Chapter 17: Dumping the Trash

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although the website had mentioned the end of Lake Mweru’s lockdown, the news had not been released.

The news would only be released to ordinary people after the mutated big blackfish’s corpse was dealt with.

Although the matter of the mutated big blackfish’s corpse not being disposed of was still a secret, there was no such thing as an airtight wall in the world.

Even a few hooligans knew that the mutated blackfish’s body had not been disposed of, some people with bad intentions were even able to get the news.

In a short time, several organizations had organized people to prepare to snatch the mutated blackfish’s body. After all, this was not a small fortune.

In fact, the mutated blackfish’s body really did not have much value to ordinary people, but it could not withstand the hype.

Countless people believed that the flesh of mutated creatures could nourish yin and yang, and beautify the face.


Originally, there was one thing that was valuable to people, and that was the pearl in the head of the mutated big blackfish.

However, very few people knew the function of the pearl.

The few hooligans had just come ashore from the other side when a motorcade came from the other side.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for such a motorcade to arrive at Lake Mweru, so Chu Ze curiously went to the shore to see what was going on.

As soon as he reached the shore, he saw large dump trucks, emitting an unpleasant smell and lining up by the lakeside.

Two middle-aged men smoked cigarettes as they walked to the lakeside and looked at the clear and huge lake.

“The lake here is really not bad. It’s such a big lake. It would be a pity if we don’t use it.”

The middle-aged man looked at the dump truck behind him and felt a little worried.

“Mr. Zhang, we won’t be discovered if we do this, right?”

Mr. Zhang threw the cigarette butt in his hand into the water.

“What’s there to be afraid of? Lake Mweru is now completely sealed off. No one will notice.”

“Mr. Zhang, you’re amazing. Lake Mweru is completely sealed off yet you can still bring such a large fleet in.”

Mr. Zhang smiled. “You’ve underestimated the power of capital. There’s no one who can’t be bribed.”

“If that person doesn’t accept your things, then it must be because the things you gave him are worthless. Everything has a price.”

“Xiao Zhao, you have to learn from me.”

Xiao Zhao quickly nodded. “Yes, yes, yes. It’s all thanks to Mr. Zhang’s care.”

Then, Xiao Zhao quickly took out his cigarette and gave it to Mr. Zhang.

“You’re sensible. I’ll teach you again.”

“Take our matter for example. Look, I gave away 200,000 yuan last night. But we had to spend at least 2 million yuan to get rid of these things. That’s equivalent to earning 1.8 million yuan.”

“You understand now, right?”

Xiao Zhao nodded. “I understand. But if these chemical wastes were dumped into the lake, would anyone investigate?”

“Don’t worry. Lake Mweru is so big, and we only dumped a few carts of waste. We won’t be discovered at all.”

“We’ve protected this lake for so many years and spent so much money. It’s not too much to ask this lake to save me some money now.”

Chu Ze heard the conversation between these two people on the shore and was extremely angry.

He even wanted to drag these two people into the water and drown them. However, considering that there were so many of them now if they really fought, he might not be a match for these people.

Then, Chu Ze suddenly thought of his Dragon’s Eye. This was a skill that could carry out mental attacks on people.

This was definitely a skill that could kill people in an invisible manner.

“You two are really unlucky today. You actually dared to pour chemical waste into the lake to save money. I’ll kill you both.”

After using the skill, Chu Ze felt a little regretful. Originally, according to his guess, it could kill people in an invisible manner.

But who knew that once this skill was used, two golden rays of light shot out from Chu Ze’s eyes like lasers.

One hit Mr. Zhang’s head, and the other hit Xiao Zhao’s head.

Although he was called Xiao Zhao, his actual age was already around fifty years old.

The two people who were hit instantly fell to the ground, bleeding from their seven orifices.

Seeing the two people fall to the ground, the workers at the side all rushed over in a hurry to help the two leaders up.

“Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang!”

They lifted him up and shook him a few times, but Mr. Zhang still did not respond.

Moreover, the sight of the two men bleeding from their seven orifices scared the workers out of their wits.

“Mr. Zhang, you can’t die here. If you die here, we workers will be in deep trouble.”

A middle-aged man with a fierce face walked over to take a look.

“It’s over. These two people are bleeding from their seven orifices. Even if they get to the hospital, it’s already hopeless.”

Chu Ze, who was hiding under the water, felt wronged. “I didn’t kill them. Although these two people are bleeding from their seven orifices, they are not seriously injured. They will wake up after a short rest.”

These workers began to discuss by the lakeside.

“I remember Mr. Zhang said that no one knew that we were here to dump the waste. We...”

“That’s right, we’ll do whatever it takes. If Mr. Zhang’s family finds out that Mr. Zhang died right in front of us, and there’s no one else around, we’ll definitely be in trouble.”

There was even a young man who walked over and gave Mr. Zhang a kick.

“Bah, you keep deducting our wages, I’ll kick you to death.”

“Enough. Since we’ve decided what to do, hurry up and do it.”

The fierce-looking uncle carried a stone and tied it to the bodies of the two people.

“Throw these two people down first, then pour down the chemical waste to press them down.”

“I don’t believe that anyone can find the two of them in such a way.”

Chu Ze kept saying silently under the water, “This has nothing to do with me. I didn’t kill these two people.”

“However, after these two people are taken care of, these people still want to pour this chemical waste in.”

“Why don’t I just knock these people out? As long as they want to pour the chemical waste, I’ll knock them out.”


“Until they don’t dare to come again.”

Saying this, Chu Ze wanted to use his skills to attack these people in front of him again.

However, the moment he used his skills again, he suddenly felt dizzy, and he sank to the bottom of the water in a daze.

After he sank to the bottom of the water, Chu Ze didn’t know what happened next.

He slept until the afternoon before he woke up.

“D*mn, this skill is not that promising. It seems that I can only attack two people at the moment.”

“The sky is almost dark. I should go and see if Chu Ying and Li Manman will come today. If they can’t find me, they will definitely be anxious.”

Chu Ze heard the sound of the engine as soon as he arrived at the place where he got into the water for the first time. Then, the car came to a sudden stop and a cute car reached the shore.

Without looking at the people in the car, Chu Ze knew that it was Chu Ying and Li Manman.

“Hey, you two are early today. Did you skip school?”

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