Evolving into a Great Dragon From a Koi Fish

Chapter 16
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Chapter 16: True Devouring Ability

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Now that the strongest mutated blackfish in the lake was gone, this place was naturally occupied by Chu Ze.

Lying in the mud at the bottom of the lake, Chu Ze opened the system interface and clicked on evolution.

[ Evolution begins. This evolution will take two and a half hours. ]

A wave of comfortable energy spread throughout his body, and Chu Ze almost couldn’t help but moan.

Two and a half hours passed very quickly. Perhaps he was still thinking about the mutated blackfish, he woke up right after the evolution.

[ Host ] : Chu Ze

[ Level ] : 5

[ Species ] : Hidden-tooth koi


[ Skills ] : Bite level 2,

devour level 1: evolution points can be obtained without the food reaches the stomach

[ Skill points ] : 4

[ Evolution points ] : 4,800/10,000

[ Combat power ] : 80

[ Bloodline ] : A thread of dragon’s bloodline

[ Dragon’s scale ] : 1/9 possesses part of the defense of the dragon’s scale.

[ Dragon’s eye ] : 1/9 possesses mental attack and the ability to communicate with people.

“Eh, I got a new skill. I don’t need to swallow the food to gain evolution points. This is good.”

Chu Ze was very satisfied with this skill. Since he didn’t need to swallow it, it meant that as long as he found food, he could keep getting evolution points.

There was a perfect target in front of him – the corpse of the mutated big blackfish.

“Hurry up and get rid of the big blackfish’s corpse. Let’s take advantage of the fact that it’s still not morning yet. Otherwise, I’m afraid that people will come over in the morning.”

After floating up from the bottom of the water and getting close to the big blackfish’s corpse, he saw that there were already much small fish surrounding the big blackfish’s corpse, especially near the ferocious wound.

There was many fish fighting for food.

After Chu Ze got close to the big blackfish’s corpse, he immediately activated his skill.

Then, Chu Ze clearly felt a strange energy wrapping around the big blackfish’s corpse.

The carcass of the big blackfish slowly shrank to 20 meters long, and in the end, it was only the size of a small fry.

Chu Ze opened his mouth and swallowed the small fry into his stomach. Then, he smacked his lips.

“I don’t feel anything. I don’t know if this skill is good or bad. I can’t eat my fill with this skill. I still have to eat when I’m hungry.”

[ Devoured a mutated big blackfish. Obtained + 3,000 evolution points. ]

“Such a big blackfish only has 3,000 evolution points. It can’t be true.”

The 20-meter-long corpse of the big blackfish only contributed 3,000 evolution points. It was indeed not a lot. However, Chu Ze had already obtained 5,000 evolution points from the big blackfish.

Chu Ze would never complain about having too many evolution points.

Chu Ze, who had just completed his evolution, was in a good mood because he had been in a deep sleep for two and a half hours during his evolution. He was also in a good mood.

Chu Ze, who was swimming leisurely, suddenly saw someone appear on the shore.

“What a troublesome time. People are coming in waves. What are they doing here? This is the third group of people in one night.”

This lake was Chu Ze’s home. Chu Ze would definitely want to see what they were up to.

Then, Chu Ze saw a few hooligans.

As for how he could tell they were hooligans, they had tattoos all over their faces and dyed their hair like parrots.

Most importantly, their wretched looks made Chu Ze think they were hooligans.

“These people are definitely up to no good. I have to follow them and see what they are up to.”

Then, he saw these hooligans dragging out a small boat from the forest.

Chu Ze felt that these people were not as wealthy as the people who had come to start the livestream. At the very least, they had gotten a small fishing boat with an engine but these people only got a small wooden boat and came.

Chu Ze followed behind the boat and eavesdropped on these people’s conversations.

He saw a person with hair like a macaw said, “Boss, we arrived after those people just left. Will we be discovered?”

The person who answered him was a person with hair like a quaker parrot. “What’s there to be afraid of? When those people came, they were standing. When they left, only two of them were standing. They must have gone to the hospital.”

“If we don’t take advantage of this time to come here, we won’t get anything when others discover us”

The man with macaw’s hair scratched his head and said, “I’m just a little scared. What if there are other mutated creatures in this lake?”

“Humans die for money and birds die for food. If you don’t want to follow, you can go back now. The boat has just started to row and is not far from the shore. You can jump down and swim back.”

Chu Ze, who was following behind, secretly laughed. “I’ve already eaten the whole mutated big blackfish. I didn’t even leave a single scale for you guys. You guys can take your time looking for it. I’m going to sleep.”

These people paddled with their hands and rowed for two whole hours before reaching the middle of the lake.

The person with quaker parrot’s hair was a little anxious.

“We’re already in the middle of Lake Mweru. Why haven’t we seen the corpse of the big blackfish yet?”

“Such a big thing, how can it disappear just like that?”

The carcass of the mutated big blackfish was not in the middle of Lake Mweru in the first place. It was attracted to a place near the shallow water area by the people from the Department of Harmless Treatment of Exotic Creatures.

“Did you know that there is a boss in the city who collects the meat of mutated creatures at a high price? Just a few catties of it will be enough for you to go back to your hometown and marry a wife.”

“Hurry up and find it!”

The person with quaker parrot’s hair was the boss and he was shouting at his underlings. However, it was useless because the corpse of the mutated big blackfish was already gone.

At this time, a ray of light had already appeared in the east. It was almost five o’clock.

Chu Ze, who couldn’t sleep, couldn’t help but poke his head out to see if those people had left.

But when he saw them, he smiled.

For some unknown reason, these people started fighting among themselves and broke the oars.


Now, someone was rowing with the broken oars, and another was pushing the boat underwater.

Needless to say, the person pushing the boat was definitely the one who lost.

Li Manman and Chu Ying saw a piece of news the moment they woke up in the morning. It was news that both of them were very concerned about.

[ According to the reports, the huge mutated creature in Lake Mweru has been killed. ]

“Finally, it’s been killed. I’ve been on tenterhooks the past few days.”

“The authorities’ actions are really fast. In just one night, they’ve killed such a huge monster.”

Chu Ying smiled when she saw the news. She finally didn’t have to worry about her brother’s safety anymore.

Li Manman put down her phone and started to check some special websites, hoping to confirm the authenticity of the news.

Finally, Li Manman saw the notice issued by the special department.

The huge mutated creature in Lake Mweru had been disposed of, and the seal on Lake Mweru had been lifted.

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