Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 937 - The Earthly Residence Doesnt Accept Boring Orders
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Chapter 937: The Earthly Residence Doesn’t Accept Boring Orders

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“Where did you hear that nonsense?” Su Shenfan gazed fixedly at the ceremony in front of him as he spoke indifferently to her.

He didn’t want her to look around and see a man more beautiful than him.

No... no man was more beautiful than him. He was the most beautiful.

In any case, he couldn’t let her look around, and could only talk nonsense with her.

“It’s in the folk stories and many stage performances.”

“I have never listened to whatever rubbish performance.”

“The stage plays are so fun. There’s even men disguised as women. They’re so good I can’t even tell.”

“There will be a performance troupe later. If you shut up now, I’ll let you go later.”

Bu Yaolian obediently shut her mouth. It was fine as long as there was something to watch!

Coming today had been the right decision.

The long speech was finally over. On the stage, the suckling pig was cut...

Bu Yaolian and Su Shenfan stood at the front, close to the suckling pig. As soon as the suckling pig was cut open, a fragrant smell wafted over on the cold winter wind.

In the cold wind, the pig smelled even more delicious

Bu Yaolian was tempted.

The suckling pig was fat but not greasy. It was smooth and tender. She had eaten a tasty pig in a small place in Heavenly Wind Empire before, and it was this type of small suckling pig, which was so delicious.

In any case, she wouldn’t eat it.

Bu Yaolian subconsciously licked her lips. This suckling pig was really fragrant.

Then, Bu Yaolian saw Emperor Yun throw the sliced pig to the ground...

The floor of the altar was made of marble, but there was a golden net in the middle, and under the net was a majestic golden dragon which flew around!

The suckling pig was cut into thin slices and thrown through the net to feed the dragon.

“Shao Zun, the suckling pig is gone!”

Su Shenfan glared at her. “Be quiet.”

Bu Yaolian watched the dragon eat with wide eyes.

“It’s a dragon... It’s huge. Wow, even dozens of people won’t be able to carry it. I’m actually seeing a real dragon.”

Young lady, you’re really ignorant.

Su Shenfan snorted. “What’s so good about suckling pigs? Dragon meat is better.”

Bu Yaolian was indeed attracted by his words. “Wh- what... Dragon meat can be eaten?”

“Dragon meat is golden and spicy. It’s the best in the world. You can gain spiritual power after eating it.”

Bu Yaolian swallowed her saliva. It only made her cravings even stronger.

What to do?

She looked at the Golden Dragon below. It had become a dish.

Could she cut off a piece and roast it?

Su Shenfan saw that she was staring at the dragon below, and his eyes almost popped out. He covered her head and pulled her into his arms. “What are you thinking? In any case, you can’t eat it. Don’t think about it.”

Bu Yaolian was so angry that she bit his chest. “I want to eat it.”

Su Shenfan snorted. “Don’t bite me. We’re outside.”

Bu Yaolian hurriedly wiped his chest and straightened her body. “If you don’t want to, then don’t. When I have a lot of money, I’ll give the Earthly Residence an order to help me find dragon meat. I want to roast it, stew it, steam it, and eat it cold!”

Su Shenfan smiled. “The Earthly Residence doesn’t accept such boring orders.”

“For the sake of money, please accept it.”

“I won’t. It’ll affect the reputation of the Earthly Residence. This kind of deal will be rejected by the manager.”

Su Shenfan wasn’t deliberately teasing her when he said that.

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