Evil Prince, Come Play With Me

Chapter 736 - She Has Someone Else in Her Heart
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Chapter 736: She Has Someone Else in Her Heart

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

He wanted to destroy everyone who had feelings for her. She was his, and only his. Where did they get the courage to covet her?!

The more Lu Fenying thought about it, the angrier he got. He stood up and paced around the room.

“Your Highness, Miss Qian’er won’t be able to rest if you’re like this. The imperial doctor has instructed that she must have a good rest,” the maid said.

Lu Fenying looked at the person on the bed, then left the room.

The fire in his heart was cooled slightly by the cold wind of Southern Glory Empire.

He couldn’t accept that Mo Qian’er had someone else in her heart, whether man or woman.

She was his. She could only have him.

He was her master.

He had to drive Xiao Xiao out of her heart.

Lu Fenying raised his head to look at the moon covered by dark clouds. He felt that winter in Southern Glory Empire was truly cold enough to chill the heart.

“Your Highness, it’s late. You’ve exhausted your spiritual power. You should go back and rest,” Red Wolf persuaded him.

Lu Fenying glanced at him. “Red Wolf, how do I drive Xiao Xiao out of Mo Qian’er’s heart?”

Red Wolf said without any hesitation, “Kill him.”

Lu Fenying frowned slightly. If killing him was any use, he wouldn’t be so troubled.

Gu Bailu was right. Even if he killed Xiao Xiao, Mo Qian’er still had her memories, and would always remember his kindness and gentleness...

Lu Fenying’s eyes suddenly lit up. “Check if there’s a way to erase someone’s memory.”

Red Wolf was confused. “Your Highness, why do you want to investigate this?”

“Mo Qian’er won’t remember Xiao Xiao if she loses her memory.”

“But... if that’s the case, she will also forget you, Your Highness. She won’t remember anyone.” Red Wolf felt that his master was very mindful of Qian’er, and so persuaded him to reconsider.

If Miss Qian’er couldn’t remember him, the crown prince would go crazy.

“No! How can she forget me? I’m her master.”

Lu Fenying immediately rejected it. He couldn’t do that.

If Mo Qian’er forgot that he was her master, she would never listen to him again.

Lu Fenying pondered for the whole night in the northern courtyard, but couldn’t think of a way to make Mo Qian’er forget Xiao Xiao.

Mo Qian’er woke up in the morning, and Lu Fenying entered the house.

Seeing him enter, Mo Qian’er said, “Your Highness, there really is nothing between me and Mr. Xiao. Please let him go.”

She knew very well that even if Xiao Xiao was alive now, he wouldn’t be able to live well as long as Lu Fenying wanted to kill him.

He couldn’t hide in Prince Zi’s residence forever.

He still had to live his own life. He should meet a woman he could love and live a happy life with.

Lu Fenying saw the worry in her eyes.

The first thing she did when she woke up wasn’t to worry about her body or the baby, but to plead for him to let Xiao Xiao go.

Had Xiao Xiao become the most important in her heart?

Lu Fenying said coldly, “Are you so scared of him dying?”

Mo Qian’er grabbed his arm and begged, “Mr. Xiao was implicated because he was treating me. I don’t want to hurt anyone who has nothing to do with this. There’s nothing between us to begin with. I’ll feel guilty if he dies.”

Mo Qian’er knew that Lu Fenying was keeping an eye on Xiao Xiao, so she could only say that there was nothing between them at all.

It was in fact the truth.

His gentleness and concern for her were nothing more than the kindness of a doctor.

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