Everyone Wants to Pamper Miss Zhuang After Her Rebirth!

Chapter 262 - 262 Chapter 262. Self-centered
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262 Chapter 262. Self-centered

“Ye, what’s wrong? Did the wound hurt again? Why do I feel that you haven’t recovered, but your condition has worsened?” What’s wrong? ” Zhuang Jie asked as she hurriedly lifted An Ye’s clothes. After looking at the wound, Zhuang Jie turned her head and looked at An Ye with even more confusion!

“Your wound seems to be getting better,” she said. “The anti-inflammatory medicine and painkiller the Squad monitor gave you yesterday were effective!”

When they were talking, the girl in the tent had packed her backpack and left it.

Zhuang Jie looked at her indifferently and did not say anything.

An Ye didn’t have time to care about anything else. After shaking her head slightly with a pained expression, she weakly replied to Zhuang Jie’s words, “It’s even more serious. Those drugs were useless! I felt my waist split open, and all the bones in my body shattered! I’m in pain!”

After Zhuang Jie heard An Ye’s words, she subconsciously looked down at An Ye’s waist, which was no longer swollen. The wound seemed to have healed a lot. She then looked at An Ye’s exposed skin and saw that it was perfectly fine!

After a long while, Zhuang Jie’s expression slowly became gloomy and dissatisfied. She looked up at An Ye and let go of the clothes that she had been holding. She frowned and said in confusion, “Your wound looks like it’s already healed. There’s only the two of us here, but you’re still putting on such an exaggerated act. Hurry up; the squad monitor will teach you a lesson later!”

As Zhuang Jie spoke, she got up impatiently. She looked at the sprain on her foot and felt it was much more severe than the wound on An Ye’s waist!

After staying in the tent yesterday, she slowly regained her senses. After her frightening emotions stabilized, Zhuang Jie recalled that when the wild boar had hit An Ye’s back with its fangs, it had been through An Ye’s military backpack. The bag’s quality was quite good and helped An Ye block most of the force!

The wound caused by the wild boar’s tusk was only a tiny cut, and the bleeding stopped without much trouble. It was no wonder that Zhuang Xian and the class monitor didn’t think it was a severe injury.

Zhuang Jie felt that she had seen things very clearly now. An Ye wanted to use this injury to avoid military and regular training to get more sympathy and care from her team members!

That’s why An Ye put so much effort into acting!

An Ye noticed the change in Zhuang Jie’s mood and looked at her with a pale face. She retorted, “Do you think I’m acting? I’m really in pain!”

After seeing the slight disdain on Zhuang Jie’s face, An Ye’s face turned cold, and she continued, “You think I’m pretending? You trust Zhuang Xian and that squad monitor in cahoots with her, but you’re not willing to trust me, right?”

Zhuang Jie was packing her luggage when she heard An Ye’s words. She turned her head and glanced at An Ye indifferently. “Then your injuries are not that serious? I can understand that you want to use this as an excuse to avoid military training, but you don’t have to put on such an act in front of me!”

As she spoke, she glanced at An Ye’s completely unpacked luggage. She smirked and said, “If you want me to help you with something, say it! I know that your waist is inconvenient; I’ll help you!”

An Ye speechlessly looked at Zhuang Jie talking to herself in front of her and almost died of anger. Was there something wrong with this person’s brain? If she wasn’t injured, would she have done this in front of her for no reason? Did Zhuang Jie’s brain become stupid from the fall yesterday?

Miss An didn’t seem to have any self-awareness of the character she usually ran! She still didn’t know that the image she had painstakingly built in the past had slowly crumbled since yesterday.

The pain in her body made An Ye unable to focus and think of a way to comfort Zhuang Jie and make her believe in her. When she heard that the others outside the tent had started to pack up and gather, Zhuang Jie became anxious. After throwing An Ye’s military bag to her, she pulled An Ye, anxiously saying, “Quickly get up and put on your shoes; I’ll go out first!”

An Ye was helpless. Looking at Zhuang Jie’s anxious expression, she didn’t have time to say anything before Zhuang Jie left! She looked at the shoes in her hands, endured the pain all over her body, and put on the military boots for herself.

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