Everyone Knows I'm a Good Person

Everyone Knows I'm a Good Person
Chinese Novel

Everyone Knows I'm a Good Person

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    Shi Qing’s task was to be a protector.

    It was only after transmigrating to various worlds and eagerly counterattacking the villains there that he realized he was the biggest villain out of everyone.

    – A King that liked to conquer other worlds

    – A Film Emperor that had a malicious personality

    – A Blackened Young Master with deviant intentions

    – A Schoolyard Bully that was overbearing to others

    Afterwards the gong that initially despised Shi Qing discovered:

    – The Machine King that seemed like an invader was really a million-year-old baby

    – The Film Emperor that seemed malicious was secretly helping upcoming actors

    – The Young Master that seemed to harbor deviant intentions was a pure-hearted young boy

    – The Schoolyard Bully that seemed overbearing was secretly in love

    In the end….

    The entire world: He’s such a good person!