Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting, While I Started a Farm

Chapter 491: Running into Suras by Coincidence
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Chapter 491: Running into Suras by Coincidence

The trio hence made haste.

Both Jiang He and Wang Hou were able to teleport, and could cross half a planetary system in a single crossing. Even so, the universe was vast and the Spirit Realm was not exactly small as it consisted of over a hundred planetary systems, and the trio had only managed to traverse it after two days.

“If you and I spend two days on this journey, normal Golden Immortals or True Immortals who had not learned teleport would need years or even decades to cross an entire galactic quadrant.”

Jiang He exclaimed in wonder.

Beside him, Wang Hou had something to say but paused...

Don’t you have an idea we were moving so slowly?

You and I could cross a large portion of a planetary system with our unbounding energies. In fact, we could have crossed the Spirit Quadrant in hours if we kept teleporting, but the problem here is you!

You keep insisting on stopping for a barbecue one instant, and then run off to hit on some Spiritus chicks the next to see if you could catch one for planting... and basically wasted a day and a half of the last two days.

After another reading of the star map, the trio continued ahead, but stopped again two hours later.

There was an asteroid zone ahead.

“The star map does have records about this asteroid belt, indicating that it was formed after the battle between two Demi-Saints, which stormed over several light-years worth of cosmic bodies, shattering many of them and leaving godly Dao that did not fade even after millennia, thereby forming an asteroid zone almost ten light years long and three light years wide.”

Jiang He looked ahead. There were no cosmic bodies over there, only large fragments of planets, the larger ones having diameters extending over hundreds of kilometers, while smaller ones possibly just dozens of kilometers long in diameter.

Blaze City was located around eight light years behind the asteroid zone.

It was a famous location across the universe. The city was founded by the Blaze Lord who had stayed famous for eons and was the ruler of the Blazes.

Their kind provoked a powerful foe which led to their previous realm being conquered, with countless of their kind being massacred, though the Blaze Lord had managed to save many of their kind.

Becoming nomads with his own kind, that life ended ten thousand years ago when the Blaze Lord’s mortal enemy perished at the celestial battlefield, and the Blaze Lord hence founded Blaze City here.

Jiang He’s heart sunk after reading that record in the star map and said seriously, “The Blaze Lord is a champion among the Demi-Saints. Though he is not the strongest beneath the Saints, he is not far from it, and his mortal enemy might have been a Saint!”

“Is the celestial battlefield really that fearsome?”

“Even Saints would fall?”

Wang Hou chuckled. “We’re too far from that level, and I also heard that Saints do not attack lightly. There is a chance that they would fight others of their own level, but lowering themselves to fight weaklings would harm their status.”

“That may not be certain.”

Jiang He was a little worried.

The Saints were very obsessed with saving face. Though the general rule was that they wouldn’t bend themselves over to fight Jiang He, what if he killed their personal disciples or scion?

Meanwhile, the trio cut through the asteroid zone, where the Dao and godly arts lingered faintly within even after eons had passed. There were even immortals staying on some of the cosmic fragments, cultivating and enlightening themselves.

Soon, a colossal city was within sight.

The trio, used to seeing smaller cities back on Earth, were directly stumped.

“That... That’s Blaze City?”

There was shock in Wang Siyu’s beautiful eyes, and she muttered, “It must be a few hundred thousand kilometers wide, right?”

“Actually, it is 600,000 kilometers long, 504,000 kilometers wide. There are also four doorways, each of which are 500 kilometers wide,” Jiang He said with a smile.

The star map he had was a gift from Iron Crutch Li, also known as the Potion King. It was incredibly detailed, and records about various galactic quadrant, planetary systems, unique places, and even Secret Realms were recorded.

Of course, despite his nonchalant appearance, Jiang He was actually immeasurably shocked inwardly as well.

A city that was over 600,000 kilometers long?

Wasn’t that ridiculous?

How big was Earth in comparison?

Even the larger living planets was at best around a hundred thousand kilometers in diameter, but this city was larger than that!

Meanwhile, the trio arrived in front of the city...

Though being called doorways, the entrances were actually massive avenues that were almost five hundred kilometers wide, both ends laden with concrete jungle, with Blazes donning scarlet war armor stationed at the entrance.

The Blazes actually resembled the Stoners as their skin resembled stone, but a closer look would reveal a dark-red radiance beneath their rock skin, as if searing magma churned just beneath.

The Blazes were also humanoid, though they averaged at three-meters tall.


On of the Blaze sentries stepped in front of Jiang He’s trio and said, “Please pay the entrance fee to enter the city: ten immortal crystals per head.”

Jiang He casually threw him a few hundred immortal crystals.

The Blaze sentry appeared stunned by Jiang He’s curiosity, and quickly said, “That’s... too many.”

“It’s fine.”

Jiang He waved him off and flatly said, “Just treat your comrades to some wine with the spares.”

The Blaze Sentry’s attitude toward Jiang He improved a lot at that, and became even further respectful once Jiang He slightly released his Grand Luo aura.

That was when—


Several blood radiances streaked through the distant stars, and several figures landed at the doorway into Blaze City.

Jiang He turned to find three men and two women, with the men being grotesque while the women devilishly seductive. One of the men was a Golden Immortal, while the rest were all True Immortals.

“Are they... Suras?”

Jiang He identified them with a twitch in his gaze.

It was not as if he had met the Suras before. However, having wielded the Yuan Spirit Sword, a lifelong treasure of the Nether River Patriarch, ancestor of the Sura race, he found a slight similarity between the Yuan Killer Sword in aura to the Suras.

Meanwhile, the Suras had walked up to the Blaze sentry as well.

Jiang He could not help laughing and said, “Well, it’s only right... the Suras are not a lesser race and having their people out and about beyond their own realm is normal... I’m actually so jumpy that I thought they had come to find me... Eh?”

And yet, before Jiang He could finish that line, one of the female True Immortal Suras said, “The elders sent us here to find the Yuan Killer Sword without giving us a clue. How are we even supposed to locate it in the boundless universe?”

“Moreover, even if we could find it, would we be able to recover a treasure like the Yuan Killer Sword and bring it back to Sura?”

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