Chapter 998 Huo Yunlong
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Chapter 998 Huo Yunlong

Translator: podao001

The two of them did feel somewhat scared of Chen Feng. Due to that, they did not attack Chen Feng. Rather, they just made a move on the Upright Heaven Sword. By successfully obtaining the high-grade Immortal artifact, they would not need to fear Chen Feng anymore.

Even so, their actions had still provoked Chen Feng, who released a shout. Next, two sword beams shot out to instantly kill off the two cultivators.

Seeing that, the other Ascendant Immortals who had been thinking about the same thing turned meek. They no longer dared to consider taking action against Chen Feng. Two of them became fearful that Chen Feng might come after them and their state of mind fell into turmoil. They were unable to decide whether to stay or leave.

Chen Feng had no interest in dealing with them. With a flash, he disappeared from sight. His earlier action of shattering the black crystal ball had alarmed the mastermind hiding deep within the palace. That invisible attack alone had wounded him quite a bit.

Chen Feng did encounter True Immortals before. Rather, he had even participated in the killing of True Immortals a few times in the past. However, those had all involved a straight-up battle. This was his first time encountering such a ghost-like soul attack.

He knew that it was imperative for him to quickly evade and not allow the other party to lock down his position. He could only take action after getting a proper grasp of the situation. That said, Chen Feng was not feeling too concerned. It was obvious that the other party was making use of the essence, energy and soul power of the cultivators who entered to recover his or her strength. This meant that the other party did not possess their full power and was incapable of truly focusing on Chen Feng.

After changing his positions a few times, however, Chen Feng found that the other party was still after him. Rather, the other party was once again attacking him. Due to that, Chen Feng finally became enraged.

“You really think I’m an easy target, huh? Even if you have all your powers of a True Immortal intact, I will kill you! It just so happens I am in need of True laws. If I can devour such a high-quality soul power, I would be able to instantly kill off Ascendant Immortals.” Chen Feng stopped evading. Instead, he swung the Upright Heaven Sword and space shook as sword beams tore their way forward. As a result, the aura that was pursuing him was shredded to pieces.

“Let’s see how you look like!” Chen Feng grew determined and he started tracking down the aura.

Along the way, Chen Feng encountered several more attacks, but he unravelled all of them. After successfully doing so several times, Chen Feng grew more emboldened.

“I’ll take advantage of the fact that you’ve yet to recover and gut you!” Chen Feng swung to cut several black threads, rescuing two Ascendant Immortals.


Space was cut open to reveal a spatial crack.

“Hurry up and leave!”

Heh! I should be close. I can already sense the other fellow’s aura. Chen Feng snickered. He could sense a soul power, black and deep in quality, constantly attempting to affect him. He knew that this was the effect created by the other party’s soul power.

“Kid, where do you think you’re going?!”

As Chen Feng was charging forward, the young cultivator that was fooled by him earlier dashed out. With a swing of his hand, he sent scarlet-red flames at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng dared not be careless about this. The flames were able to burn even the black threads condensed from a True Immortal’s soul power. He had no confidence in dealing with them should they make contact with his body.

Drawing a circle with his sword, Chen Feng created a pulling power to pull the flames far away. Then, Chen Feng grasped and primary energy coated his palm before transforming into a giant palm. Assuming a clawing shape, it then swiped towards the young cultivator.

“I suspect you are not actually an Earthen Immortal.” By then, the young cultivator had calmed down. But the way he looked at Chen Feng was similar to the way one looked at a dead man. With a swing of his hand, he shattered the palm swipe that Chen Feng sent over. Next, he took a step forward and appeared before Chen Feng, releasing one punch forward. Chen Feng instantly felt as though a massive volcano was erupting right before him.

It was not impossible for Chen Feng to escape from the targeting power of a high-level Ascendant Immortal, but he could not do so with such a limited time. Helpless, he slashed out to take on the incoming fist.

Weng! Weng!

Although the attack sent Chen Feng flying backwards, it also seemingly stimulated the Upright Heaven Sword. Chen Feng could feel that the Upright Heaven Sword’s strength was constantly on the rise.


The young cultivator gave chase once more. Opening his mouth, he sprayed out a fire dragon. After that, he leapt onto the fire dragon and swung to send a flaming lance stabbing towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was someone who had even fought against True Immortals before. Thus, he was not afraid of this young cultivator. Additionally, he also possessed a high-grade immortal sword in his hand. By displaying his sword techniques, he was able to fight the young cultivator to a tie.

After a round of clashes, Chen Feng began feeling impatient while the young cultivator felt irritated. He had already come to understand that Chen Feng was only at the Earthen Immortal stage. And yet, despite being a high-level Ascendant Immortal, he was actually incapable of finishing off a minor Earthen Immortal. This fight, where the two of them were equally matched, both shocked and enraged him.

“Hold on. You are from Flame World.” After clashing with the young cultivator head-on one more time with the Upright Heaven Sword, Chen Feng rapidly backed away.

“You’re a member of the Longevity Clan.” The young cultivator’s face was extremely ugly to behold.

“My name is Chen Feng. How should I address you, sir?” Truth be told, Chen Feng did not want to get into a fight with the young cultivator. He could sense it. The longer he waited, the stronger the dark hand behind this palace was becoming.

“Huo Yunlong. Are you really an Earthen Immortal?” The young cultivator wielded a battle lance, an eager look on his face. It seemed he wanted to continue attacking.

“Absolutely authentic. Enough, I think we should not continue. You’ve already seen how strong I am. You are likely still not strong enough to snatch away my immortal sword.”

“Not necessarily.”

“Fine, you’re a strong one. However, this is really not a good time for a fight. I believe you should have already figured out something about our present situation, right?” Chen Feng waved his hand. If it weren’t for the fact that there was a hostile True Immortal lurking around, he would have wanted to fight this Huo Yunlong. This guy was the one who tried to snatch his Upright Heaven Sword in the first place. And now, he just won’t let up.

“What are you trying to say?” Huo Yunlong’s eyes flashed with light. After pondering it for a moment, he then kept the fire dragon. Although this was a very embarrassing matter, he really did not have the confidence in defeating this little Earthen Immortal.

Just what is up with this world! Huo Yunlong felt dejected. He was someone with astonishing talent. He had even defeated cultivators on a higher level than him before. However, he never thought that he would one day encounter something like this. Even now, Huo Yunlong was still wondering if Chen Feng was, in fact, hiding his true strength.

“Let’s join forces. A partnership,” Chen Feng said bluntly.

“Impossible!” Huo Yunlong was quick to refuse.

“If that’s the case, we’ll just split up for now. Do not forget, there is still a True Immortal lurking around, ready to attack us at any moment. You may have a death wish, but I don’t,” Chen Feng said coolly.

“Another thing. This is a True Immortal’s place. If you want treasures, just go look for one yourself. If you continue to pester me again, do not blame me for going rough on you.” After saying that, Chen Feng ignored Huo Yunlong’s reaction and simply left.

However, before Chen Feng could go too far, he saw Huo Yunlong coming after him again.

This fellow is really troublesome! Chen Feng grew somewhat infuriated and he wondered if he should finish off Huo Yunlong first.

Just as Chen Feng was about to attack, however, Huo Yunlong opened his mouth. Hearing what he said surprised Chen Feng.

“Join forces! A partnership!”

“To be able to join forces is for the best. I believe that a True Immortal should have some good items.” Chen Feng continued to tempt Huo Yunlong. Truth be told, the True Immortal’s soul power was the greatest treasure here for Chen Feng. If he could devour the soul power of a True Immortal, even if only a smidge of it, it would greatly benefit him.

“I want to get a good magic treasure,” Huo Yunlong said.

“That battle lance in your hand is quite good.”

“It cannot be compared to the sword in your hand. I need a high-grade Immortal artifact.”

“If that’s the case, I can only wish you good luck. If there is really a high-grade Immortal artifact, I can let you call dibs on it.”


Weng! Weng!


The other party’s attacks silently shot forward. This time, the enemy’s soul power had been condensed to a high degree of tangibility and the attacks were lightning fast, making it hard to discern if it was real or false. The more Chen Feng advanced, the harder it became to deal with the attacks. At the same time, Chen Feng also understood why the other party would so anxiously try to attack him. The other party’s cultivation base must still be incomplete.

In the face of the attacks coming at him, Chen Feng utilized the Soul Subduing Mantra to strengthen his sea of wisdom while pushing out the Upright Heaven Sword’s power, releasing waterfall-like streams of sword energy all around him.

After clashing for a moment, the other party calmed down once again.

“Huo Yunlong, the power of fire you cultivate is the right counter against our opponent. Later on, you take the lead,” Chen Feng suggested.

“You have a high-grade Immortal artifact in your hand. Its offensive power is even stronger. You should be the one to do it,” Huo Yunlong retorted.

“Then, we’ll have to go at it with our own methods.” After Chen Feng said that, the Longevity Wings on his back flapped and his figure seemingly flashed across countless spaces, making it hard for the other party to locate him.


Huo Yunlong, on the other hand, created a fire dragon, which swirled around him. No matter what kind of attacks the other party levelled against him, all would be incinerated by the fire dragon.

As they continued advancing, Chen Feng saw more withered corpses. Most of them were Ascendant Immortals, exalted characters with top-notch combat powers in Eternal World. Unexpectedly, they would all die just like this. Chen Feng grew even more infuriated as he found that there were also cultivators on his side there. He found killing intent rising within him, directed towards the other party.


Another black crystal was broken and the soul power inside was completely devoured by Chen Feng.

“Humph! Kid, you’ve been taking advantage of me since the very beginning. I haven’t gotten anything yet,” Huo Yunlong said with a somewhat displeased tone.

“What’s the rush? If you are dissatisfied, you can devour the soul power too. It’s a highly supplementary item,” Chen Feng said smilingly.

“Only if you teach me the Heavengulping Absorption Technique.”

“Even if I do, you cannot cultivate it. Rather, you will die because of it. Why bother?”

“Not necessarily. I might possess a special constitution that allows me to cultivate it.”

It was then that a thought came to Chen Feng’s mind. “Truth be told, I do want to make a deal with you.”

“A deal? Tell me about it.”

“I have my own force in this world. However, the present situation is very chaotic. So, I need to borrow your strength,” Chen Feng said.

“The conditions?”

“The Demonic Heavengorging Art.”

Hearing those words, Huo Yunlong’s eyes immediately lit up, but he then shook his head. “I prefer having the Heavengulping Absorption Technique.”

“That’s not possible. I can only give you the Demonic Heavengorging Art. Additionally, it is only a fragment. There is no bargaining there. You can consider it first.”

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