Everlasting Immortal Firmament

Book 5: Chapter 167: Assassinating Jiang Lianshan
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Book 5: Chapter 167: Assassinating Jiang Lianshan

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“We are not plotting to defeat Gu Hai. We are plotting to win the entire world! Let’s go!” Azure Emperor said.


A group of subordinates followed the Azure Emperor to the palace. They moved very fast.

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Outside the Divine Yan Hall, many people were waiting to receive the Yan Heavenly Emperor when he came out.

The Azure Emperor paused again outside the palace as though having second thoughts.

The Azure Emperor turned his head and looked at the Qian District, which was already completely enclosed. Gu Hai, Long Zhanguo’s projection, and all of Divine Farmer City’s experts were isolated there.

The Azure Emperor took a deep breath and looked in the Divine Yan Hall’s direction.

Jiang Lianshan was still in closed-door cultivation. Previously, just the Qian Hexagram being the leading hexagram already made him meditate on it for ten days and ten nights. Now, Gu Hai had handed over the complete Classic of Changes. How long would he take to study it? Three days would definitely not be sufficient.

Is it time to attack?


A sudden crack of thunder suddenly roared, heralding heavy rain. Dark clouds filled the sky above the Azure Emperor, drawing his gaze.

These were just ordinary dark clouds, which ordinary dragons, black tortoises, and many other water-attributed animal spirits could bring out, simply ordinary weather with nothing wrong with it. However, the Azure Emperor narrowed his eyes.

“Is Heaven urging us on?” The Azure Emperor’s face sank.

A subordinate at the side whispered, “Imperial Lord, why are we going… Why are we not dealing with Gu Hai?”

“Alright. Cut the crap. We have already gotten this far. No one can turn back now. Jiang Lianshan is in closed-door cultivation, and Heaven is helping me. What is there to worry about? Let’s begin!” the Azure Emperor said.

“Yes!” a subordinate answered.

Suddenly, a vast fog appeared outside the Divine Yan Hall.


Many guards and palace maids in the palace appeared shocked.

However, someone soon said that it was caused by the Yan Heavenly Emperor in closed-door cultivation. Since he was meditating, they should not disturb him over this.

The surging fog quickly and silently covered the palace.

The Azure Emperor flew into the fog with a group of people.

Sometime after the fog appeared, a guard suddenly collapsed.


When that guard collapsed, the guard at the side called out, “What are you doing? To think that you fell asleep while guarding the palace? Why are you…ah! Why am I dizzy?”

“I also…I also feel dizzy.”

“My head. I can’t hold on anymore.”

Countless guards in the palace immediately fainted.

The expressions of stronger guards changed as they soared into the sky. One shouted, “Oh no! Someone is sneak—”


An azure vine promptly bound that guard, wrapping him up and pulling him down.

“There is poison in the fog. Be careful!”


Countless vines sprouted on the ground, binding all the people trying to raise the alarm.

The Azure Emperor continued towards the Divine Yan Hall with his subordinates.

As the Azure Emperor flew, vines covered the ground, forming an extensive vine barrier around the entire palace.

“We have studied the Vine World Calabash and created this Azure Vine Poison Fog Ritual Array. Its effects are pretty good,” the Azure Emperor said with a cold smile.

“Indeed. Furthermore, it can seal off space and isolate sound,” one of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates praised.

“We have been researching such ritual arrays for five hundred years, all for today. Humph!” the Azure Emperor said coldly.

“Assassin! There’s an assassin!”

“Your Holy Eminence, enemy intrusion! Your Holy Eminence!”

“Men! Come quickly! Consecrates! Lord Consecrates! Ah! The vines! Save me!”

“They are poison vines! Poison vines!”

Countless cries rang out. However, the fog was like a thick wall absorbing the sound.

Now, countless vines covered the palace grounds, wrapping around the experts there.

The palace was chaotic. However, this chaos was very quiet, not causing much of a commotion.

Soon, the Azure Emperor’s group arrived at the Divine Yan Hall.

At the same time, the experts in the palace all rushed towards the Divine Yan Hall to inform the emperor.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Before the Azure Emperor arrived, chaotic battles had already broken out outside the Divine Yan Hall. The experts that came started killing each other.

“General Zhang, how dare you rebel? You bastard!”

“General Li, His Holy Eminence conferred your position on you. To think that you actually betrayed His Holy Eminence?!”


Muffled sounds of killing pervaded the surroundings.

The Azure Emperor’s ritual array trapped everyone inside; no one could escape.

The palace had the Azure Emperor’s men, but they were limited, after all. Many of Jiang Lianshan’s trusted men raced to the Divine Yan Hall.

“Your Holy Eminence!” More than ten of Jiang Lianshan’s trusted men rushed over, but before they could say much, an azure figure suddenly appeared in the Divine Yan Hall’s plaza and kicked them.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Ten-odd people immediately went flying.

“Upper Heavenly Palace Realm? Who are you?” the ten-odd people exclaimed as they got knocked away.

The vines immediately snatched them out of the air and entangled them.

“Imperial Lord, we have dealt with them already.” The azure figure looked respectfully at the approaching Azure Emperor.

“Be careful!” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed.

A crimson sword suddenly thrust out of the darkness, stabbing at the back of that azure figure.

The Azure Emperor’s figure flashed. He immediately pushed aside his Upper Heavenly Palace Realm subordinate. Simultaneously, he flung out his wide sleeves.


That move pulled the crimson sword forward, dragging along an old man holding the sword. The Azure Emperor grabbed the old man’s neck.

“Eunuch Zhao?” The Azure Emperor’s eyes widened.

“Azure Emperor, how dare you rebel?!” Eunuch Zhao glared as the Azure Emperor held him.

“Eunuch Zhao, we knew that Jiang Lianshan had a hidden faction. Hah! Unexpectedly, it is you. Upper Heavenly Palace Realm? Eunuch Zhao, you have hidden yourself very well,” the Azure Emperor sneered.

“Humph! Ingrate! Ptooey!” Eunuch Zhao threw a palm strike as he glared.


Eunuch Zhao immediately struggled free of the Azure Emperor. However, blood covered his neck.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Suddenly, two azure figures charged out from behind the Azure Emperor, attacking Eunuch Zhao. They were both early-stage Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators.


The two azure figures blocked Eunuch Zhao.

“Your Holy Eminence, the Azure Emperor is rebelling! Quickly come out!” Eunuch Zhao shouted.

However, it was to no avail. His voice here was unusually weak. No reaction came from the Divine Yan Hall.

The Azure Emperor looked at the palace hall before him and revealed a faint, cold smile. Then, he waved his hand.


The Divine Yan Hall’s doors suddenly opened, revealing the scene inside.

Jiang Lianshan sat on his throne with his eyes closed as though asleep.

The Azure Emperor looked at Jiang Lianshan and sneered. Then, he threw a palm strike towards the throne, attacking the unguarded Jiang Lianshan.


Suddenly, a loud sound came from behind the Azure Emperor. Someone had attacked him.

“You bastard! You are seeking death!” The expressions of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates in the surroundings changed. They tried to stop the attack, but that person moved too fast. They simply could not block the attack in time.

The Azure Emperor reacted the fastest. With no choice but to redirect his attack, he turned his hand.


A loud sound rang out as the Azure Emperor’s diverted attack sent that person flying.

“Who are you?” The Azure Emperor glared.

That person wore black robes and exuded a layer of fog around him due to some technique, hiding his face. The Azure Emperor showed a sullen expression. Unexpectedly, there were still experts around. Furthermore, this person’s attack seemed to contain draconic energy.

The surrounding vines soared up, but they stopped when they arrived before the black-robed man.

“Why did the vines stop?” The Azure Emperor goggled.


The black-robed man immediately tossed something towards Jiang Lianshan, apparently trying to awaken him.

“How dare you?!” The Azure Emperor threw a palm strike.


The Azure Emperor’s attack immediately destroyed that tossed item.

“Humph! I don’t care who you are. Another hidden faction of Jiang Lianshan’s? Stop him! Don’t let him disturb us!” the Azure Emperor commanded, scowling.



Many of the Azure Emperor’s subordinates charged that black-robed man, immediately occupying him.

“Azure Emperor, how dare you go against your superior? Rebellion leads to death!”

“Azure Emperor, have you forgotten what happened to the Black Emperor?”

“Azure Emperor, how dare you?!”

Many experts in the palace rushed over, shouting with all their might. Unfortunately, the Azure Emperor had made ample preparations. Although he did not bring many people, they were all peak experts. The weakest of them was at least a Middle Heavenly Palace Realm cultivator. There were even more than five Upper Heavenly Palace Realm cultivators.

The Azure Emperor’s subordinates blocked all the people that arrived.

“Rebel? Everyone is in the Qian District. Who can stop me? Who can break my Azure Vine Poison Fog Ritual Array? No one can save you! Humph!” the Azure Emperor snorted coldly as he was about to enter and attack the meditating Jiang Lianshan.


Suddenly, a thunderous noise came from above. A large hole broke open in the vine barrier overhead.

“What?” Everyone looked up.

A strange youth stood in the sky. This youth had three heads and six arms. Standing on a pair of Wind Fire Wheels, he held a Fire-Tipped Spear with one pair of hands, a Red Armillary Sash in another pair, and a Universe Hoop in the last pair.

“Nezha is here! Who dares to cause trouble?” the strange, three-headed-six-armed youth roared as he glared.

[TL Note: Nezha is a figure from Chinese mythology, worshiped in Taoism. The items described earlier are his signature treasures. The Wind Fire Wheels are weapons similar to chakrams, which he uses as a magic vehicle. The Red Armillary Sash is a red sash over two meters long that can regenerate infinitely and change its length. It can be used to bind enemies or protect its wielder. The Universe Hoop is a metal hoop. The Red Armillary Sash and Universe Hoop are said to have been born together with Nezha. Here is the Wikipedia entry on Nezha: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nezha.]

“How audacious!”

“How bold!”

“Who dares to rebel in Divine Farmer City?!”

Furious shouts came from outside as though at Nezha, who had appeared out of nowhere. A rain of arrows even shot into the air towards him.

The people outside reacted furiously. However, the experts in the palace rejoiced, as the vine barrier had been broken.

“Men! Come quickly! The Azure Emperor is rebelling!”

“The Azure Emperor is trying to assassinate His Holy Eminence! Men! Come quickly!”

The various experts flew out in a hurry.

The first one out was Eunuch Zhao.

“White Emperor, various consecrates! Return quickly! The Azure Emperor is rebelling, trying to assassinate His Holy Eminence! Hurry!” Eunuch Zhao reared his head back and shouted after flying out.

Eunuch Zhao was very loud; his voice spread throughout the city.

Countless citizens all over the city had been paying attention to the Go battle in the Qian District. When Eunuch Zhao shouted, their expressions immediately changed.


The Azure Emperor is rebelling? Assassinating His Holy Eminence?

Isn’t the Azure Emperor playing Go in the Qian District?

Countless people looked curiously towards the palace.

Unfortunately, the Thirty-Two Line-Pair World Ritual Array covered the Qian District. No one there could hear Eunuch Zhao.

Eunuch Zhao’s expression changed. He turned his head and prepared to charge down. However, the Azure Emperor’s subordinates blocked him.

Nezha rode on his Wind Fire Wheels and swooped towards the Azure Emperor.

“Oh no! This is bad!” The Azure Emperor’s expression changed.

Now, the Azure Emperor disregarded everything. His figure flashed as he sent a palm strike at the meditating Jiang Lianshan.

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