Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 37 - Black Armored Cavalry Going for a Battle
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Chapter 37: Black Armored Cavalry Going for a Battle

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Upon hearing this, both Uncle Zheng and Liu Yu were momentarily stunned at first.

The two turned their heads, looking shocked. After staring at Song Qi for a long time, they then said slowly, “This... how is this possible?”

“Pardon me for being frank. Although both of you are members of the Su family, I’m afraid you don’t seem to know much about your family’s second young master.”

Song Qi said, “Second Young Master Su is not a Qi Refinement Warrior. But he has the ability to kill them. I’m a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior but I dare not say that I will win a fight against Second Young Master Su.”

During the past ten days, Song Qi had already achieved a breakthrough in the realm and cultivated till Qi Condensation Level 8 using the inferior-grade spirit stones from Su Zimo.

“You’re a Qi Refinement Warrior?”

“And a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior?”

“Second young master has the ability to kill Qi Refinement Warriors?”

“Even a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior dare not be sure about beating second young master in a fight?”

A string of doubts emerged, making the Uncle Zheng duo a little dazed and lost in their senses.

They had always thought that Song Qi was just a friend from the pugilistic world that Su Zimo knew. They interacted with him for days but did not know that the latter was a Qi Refinement Warrior.

Song Qi added, “The purpose of my trip to the Su family this time is also because of Second Young Master Su. He entrusted me to protect all of you.”

These words surprised the Uncle Zheng duo even more.

Second young master actually had the ability to give instructions to Level 8 Qi Refinement Warriors!

Uncle Zheng pondered for a while and realized that Song Qi would not sprout nonsense that did not have a basis.

All of a sudden, Uncle Zheng’s countenance changed greatly as a thought flashed across his mind. He suddenly asked, “Second young master killed the King of Yan. Can he still escape from the capital?”

Song Qi’s eyes dimmed and he smiled bitterly. He did not reply.

Uncle Zheng’s expression turned ugly. He seemed to have aged a lot instantly.

He watched Su Zimo grew up and looked upon the latter like his own child.

In his heart, the blood feud of the Su family was definitely important but not as much as one-tenth of Su Zimo.

“Sigh.” Uncle Zheng shut his eyes and gave a long sigh.

Liu Yu said resentfully, “It’s all Luo Tianwu’s fault. If he didn’t tell second young master about what happened 16 years ago, second young master would not have died!”

Uncle Zheng frowned badly and shook his head. He said, “News of the King of Yan’s death has not spread here. The City Lord of Jian An City is also not a fool. Will he believe Luo Tianwu’s words? Although Luo Tianwu is leading 50,000 troops and horses for the attack, he may not succeed in taking down Jian An City either.”

Liu Yu’s eyes were filled with endless fury. He said coldly, “That Luo Tianwu is merciless and cruel. He did not forcefully launch an attack. Instead, he gathered the innocent villagers of ten villages near Jian An City and put these villagers at the frontline to shake Jian An City! As long as these villagers retreat, Luo Tianwu would give orders to slaughter them. These villagers are unarmed and have no other way out. They can only run to Jian An City.”

“What!” Uncle Zheng was stunned.

This tactic was extremely vicious.

If a hundred thousand villagers were dashing towards Jian An City, it would create a massive force that could not be ignored. As long as the City Lord of Jian An City opened the city gate, the villagers would swarm in like bees. Right on the heels of them were the 50,000 troops of Luo Tianwu. Jian An City would definitely be taken down!

If Jian An City refused to open the city gate and chose to look on indifferently, the soldiers on the city wall would have to watch on helplessly as their people of the Country of Yan were being slaughtered. This would result in massive fear and panic in the city and also affect the morale of the army adversely.

Moreover, there was a high possibility that some of the villagers at the foot of the city gate were their relatives.

The huge battle had not even started and Luo Tianwu had already won half it!

However, these innocent people of the Country of Yan were sacrifices behind his victory.

Although the Su family had been staying at Ping Yang Town all these years, they had always regarded themselves as a citizen of the Country of Yan. They were born in the Country of Yan and grew up there. They had a great sense of belonging to the country of their origin.

Uncle Zheng waved his hands and suddenly said softly, “You can tell young master about the news of the King of Yan’s death. However, please don’t tell him that Luo Tianwu is driving away the people of the Country of Yan and attacking the city! Given young master’s temperament, I’m afraid... ”

At this moment, the doors to a bedroom situated a short distance away suddenly opened.

Uncle Zheng and trio turned to look behind them.

Holding onto the side of the door, Su Hong was standing there. His face was still pale and his body weak. However, his pair of eyes was gradually regaining some lustre.

“Bring me my armor.” Su Hong said softly. His tone was firm and resolute.

“Young master, you... ” Tears welled up in Liu Yu’s eyes. He was choking on his words.

The man before him had patiently endured for 16 years for the sake of avenging the Su family’s blood feud. After learning that there were no longer any hopes of revenge, he was almost down-and-out, bedridden and dejected.

Nevertheless, when he heard that the people of the Country of Yan were in trouble, he stood up without any hesitation!

Although his body was weak and his injuries had not recovered, he did not hesitate the slightest bit.

This was because he was the son of Lord Wuding, Su Mu, a descendant of the Su family and the young master of the Su family!

“Young master, your health is not good. How would you have the strength to fight a battle? Pass down your orders. Our 5,000 black armored cavalry will help you to fight this battle!” Liu Yu gritted his teeth and said.

Uncle Zheng looked anxious. He said, “Second young master is unlikely to have survived. Young master, please don’t let anything happen to you. Otherwise, the Su family’s bloodline will be lost!”

There was a flash of deep sorrow in Su Hong’s eyes.

He had carefully hidden the feud of the Su family as he did not wish to burden his younger brother. Never did he expect to end up with such an outcome.

“You don’t understand.”

Su Hong suppressed the grief in his heart and shook his head, “If Zimo is really the one who killed the King of Yan. I should go and stop Luo Tianwu. This is because if the King of Yan is dead and Jian An City is taken, Zimo will definitely become a sinner of the Country of Yan and leave a bad name for ages. How can I, Su Hong, bear to let this happen?”

“But... ” The Uncle Zheng pair wanted to persuade him but was interrupted by Su Hong.

“Father once swore that he will protect the people of the Country of Yan for life, let the commoners have a safe and peaceful place protected from the flames of war to live in. Now, the people of the Country of Yan are in trouble. I, Su Hong, would rather die on the battlefield with the horses and corpses than to hide here!”

Su Hong took a deep breath, his eyes glistening brightly. He said in a deep voice, “Anyone who attacks the borders of the Country of Yan must be killed! Anyone who slays the people of my Country of Yan must be killed!”

At this moment, Uncle Zheng seemed to have seen Su Mu’s shadow on Su Hong.

In a daze, he seemed to have returned to 20 years ago when he followed Su Mu in gaining victories across the battlefields and advancing courageously all the time!

Such familiar words, familiar scene, same boldness and same display of one’s prowess. There was nothing to fear!

Su Hong raised his voice and said, “Where is the black armored cavalry!”

It was not sure when, but the 5,000 black armored cavalry had already gathered outside. Each of their gazes were burning like fire and emanating boundless will power to fight the battle.

Suddenly, Uncle Zheng’s old eyes teared up. Kneeling down on one knee, he said loudly, “Zheng Zhe is willing to follow the general to attack and kill the foreign enemies and protect our Country of Yan and my people!”

All the 5,000 black armored cavalry dismounted from their horses and knelt down on one knee in a coordinated manner. They hollered, “I am willing to follow the general to attack and kill the foreign enemies and protect our Country of Yan and my people!”

Su Hong clenched his fists and said loudly, “Prepare the horses and follow me into battle. May the glory of the black armored cavalry return!”

Watching this scene, Song Qi’s heart was suddenly full of admiration and respect for this man before him.

As a Level 8 Qi Refinement Warrior, he could look down on all mortals but at this very moment, Song Qi took his hat off to a mortal.

He experienced the enthusiasm that he never had before.


He experienced the family feud and country hatred that he never had before.

He experienced the feelings of deep love for the people and deep love for the land under his feet.

At this very moment, Su Hong’s body trembled. He suddenly turned with his back facing everyone and stretched out his palm to cover his lips. Thereafter, he put down his hands, looking normal and without any traces of oddity.

However, Song Qi could see it very clearly. In the palm of Su Hong, there was a pool of glaring red blood!

Although Su Hong’s body was weak, it was no longer in a severe condition. As such, it was impossible that he would cough out blood.

Song Qi was well aware that such a situation would only occur when a person’s heart had ached too much but had no place to vent the pain.

Although Su Hong did not express much upon hearing the news of Su Zimo’s death, he had chosen to conceal his sorrows deep in the heart.

Previously, Song Qi was hired by Su Zimo to protect the Su family from dangers.

However, at this moment, Song Qi really wanted to protect this man from the bottom of his heart!

Such a man did not deserve to die.

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