Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2247 - 2247 All Out
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2247 All Out

At the end of the fourth ranking battle, there were only seven people left and the final ranking was not decided yet.

First, Feng Yin.

Second, Yue Feng.

Third, Princess Scarlet Rainbow.

Fourth, Xie Yun.

Fifth, Liu Ping.

Sixth, Su Zimo.

Seventh, Pang Xin. f𝘳𝒆𝑒𝓌𝒆𝗯n𝗼𝘷ℯl. 𝑐𝚘𝘮

When the fifth round of the ranking battle began, Feng Yin was still given a free pass and there were only three green stone battlefields left in midair.

The second ranked Yue Feng of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect was up against the seventh ranked Pang Xin of the Pang Clan.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow was up against Su Zimo.

Xie Yun was up against Liu Ping.

After the three battles, the final four people would be selected!

When they saw the order of the battle, many cultivators could vaguely guess that Princess Scarlet Rainbow and Su Zimo would most likely not fight on the third battlefield.


Princess Scarlet Rainbow announced her intention to withdraw and Su Zimo naturally advanced, leading to a free pass for him; he obtained some rare rest time as well.

For the other two battlefields, there was no doubt about the outcome of the battle between Yue Feng and Pang Xin.

Under normal circumstances, Pang Xin would not have been able to make it to the top ten of the Earth Ranking. He only got here because of the death of Immortal Tai Hua, Tie Han and Qing Chenzi.

In terms of combat strength, he was clearly weaker than Yue Feng.

The Earth Ranking prediction had an extremely high evaluation of Yue Feng and stated that he would be the number one candidate for the top of the Earth Ranking if not for the two reincarnated immortals!

If nothing went wrong, this would be Su Zimo’s opponent in the sixth round!

Su Zimo recuperated while observing Yue Feng’s methods.

Among the four immortal sects, Mountain Sea Immortal Sect was best at body tempering and cultivating blood qi.

Legend has it that the foundation of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect, the Mountain Sea Sutra, was divided into two sections, Mountain and Sea.

The Mountain section tempered one’s body while the Sea section cultivated one’s bloodline. Both sections were supreme cultivation techniques that were second only to the legendary Taboo Mystic Classics!

It was clear that Yue Feng had already obtained the legacy of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect and was strong in melee combat. Pang Xin was no match for him at all.

The moment the two of them exchanged blows, Pang Xin was completely suppressed and was forced to retreat in defeat—it was only a matter of time before he lost.

The methods of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect, be it offensive skills, immortal arts or secret skills, were grand and wide. Every single move of Yue Feng had an extraordinary aura that resembled mountains and oceans!

On the other side of the battlefield, Xie Yun and Liu Ping were fighting back and forth as well.

As the number one Earth Immortal of the royal family of the Yan Yang Immortal Kingdom and had even defeated Princess Scarlet Rainbow, Xie Yun’s combat strength was clear to all.

Apart from the immortal arts and secret skills of Heaven and Earth Academy, Liu Ping relied on many strange methods inherited from the gigantic willow, giving Xie Yun a headache.

Over the years, the gigantic willow’s body had devoured the essence energy and flesh of countless Earth Immortals and was tempered to an incomparably strong state. In fact, it even wanted to attempt to fight against the Green Lotus True Body.

Xie Yun could not gain any advantage in melee combat.

In terms of immortal arts and secret skills, Xie Yun was gradually disadvantaged and could not compare to the many inheritances in Liu Ping’s memories.

More importantly, after Liu Ping’s Essence Spirit synthesized with the Gigantic Willow Essence Spirit, his Essence Spirit was already at the Heaven Immortal realm!

The toll of a sustained fight was something Xie Yun could not handle.

Before long.

The fifth round of the ranking battle was over and Yue Feng, Su Zimo and Liu Ping won!

Right now, the top four of the Earth Ranking were Feng Yin, Yue Feng, Su Zimo and Liu Ping.

Among them were two Earth Immortals of Heaven and Earth Academy!

The sixth ranking battle was Feng Yin against Liu Ping and Yue Feng against Su Zimo.

Many cultivators became incomparably excited and filled with anticipation.

Everyone knew that the sixth round of the ranking battle would definitely be two rare Earth Immortal battles!

Feng Yin was up against Liu Ping.

As a disciple of Heaven and Earth Academy and someone who was saved by Su Zimo and given a great opportunity that changed his fate, Liu Ping would definitely try his best to deal with Feng Yin and exhaust the latter’s methods and strength.

As the number one Earth Immortal of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect, Yue Feng would definitely not surrender without a fight against Su Zimo.

For the two battles of the sixth round, the four of them would give it their all!

“To think that I, Liu Ping, would be able to reach this stage. It’s like a dream.”

Liu Ping placed his hands behind his back and a look of emotion flashed through his tender face.

Although he looked like a child, he seemed mature. It was a strange sight and one could not help but laugh.

Everyone from Heaven and Earth Academy chuckled.

Princess Scarlet Rainbow teased Liu Ping, “Junior Brother Liu, if you win Feng Yin, I’ll give you candy when we return to the academy.”


Liu Ping waved his sleeves and pouted his lips. Turning to Su Zimo, he said, “Don’t worry, Junior Brother Su. I’ll do my best to let Feng Yin witness the capabilities of Heaven and Earth Academy.”


“There’s no need to force yourself. If anything goes wrong, choose to admit defeat and leave the green stone battlefield.”

Su Zimo reminded.

“What if I win?!”

Liu Ping raised his face and said proudly, “Junior Brother Su, who knows, you might even go against me in the final battle!”

Su Zimo smiled gently and his heart warmed.

He knew that the reason why Liu Ping wanted to fight with all his might was because he wanted to exhaust Feng Yin’s methods as much as possible.

That would allow Su Zimo to have a greater chance of winning at the final battle.

Under Xie Ling’s orders, the four of them stepped onto the battlefield.

“Fellow Daoist Su, this battle is not fair. However, I represent Mountain Sea Immortal Sect and have no other choice.”

Yue Feng cupped his fists and said in a deep voice.

Su Zimo had a calm expression as he nodded slightly. “I want to experience the methods of Mountain Sea Immortal Sect as well. Please go ahead!”


“Great Mountain Movement Technique!”

Yue Feng channeled his Essence Spirit and conjured hand seals with both hands, condensing the power of divine powers as he pointed at Su Zimo.

A large shadow blanketed the skies!

A majestic mountain peak arrived with a bang and countless rocks and dust rolled down, suppressing Su Zimo with a terrifying might!

“Om… Ma… Ni… Pa… Mi… Hom!”

Su Zimo chanted six Sanskrit words in succession. At the same time, he conjured six different Dharmic seals with both hands and eventually formed a Dharmic seal that was immovable as a mountain.

It was as though a tall and mighty phantom had appeared behind him, emitting an endless glow that was incomparably divine!

Fiend Suppression Seal, Demon Subduing Seal, Immortal Trap Seal, Immovable Foundation Seal, Great Vajra Wheel Seal and the Great Mount Meru Seal.

The six Dharmic seals were activated at the same time and condensed into a greater divine power, the Immovable Mingwang Seal1!

Boom! Boom!

The mountain peak smashed onto the Immovable Ming King with a loud bang!

The tall phantom did not move at all, as though it had roots beneath its feet. When the entire mountain peak smashed onto it, cracks appeared and it collapsed continuously!

Yue Feng did not give Su Zimo any breathing room at all. He clasped his palms together and a second greater divine power followed closely behind!

“Mountain Splitting Gigantic Axe!”

Yue Feng hollered and endless divine powers gathered, forming a gigantic divine axe in the void!


He cleaved down with both hands!


The gigantic divine axe descended from the skies and struck the Immovable Ming King heavily!

This time round, the Immovable Ming King swayed slightly and his figure dimmed significantly. Cracks appeared on his body and he could collapse at any moment!

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