Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2042 - Astral Sect
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Chapter 2042: Astral Sect

Translator: Legge

After Su Zimo left the mountain, he was in no hurry to leave. Instead, he made use of the Trinity Auspicious Jade to change his appearance.

Prince Yuan Zuo and Perfected Immortal Jing Yue were not dead and would definitely not let things go.

Given Prince Yuan Zuo’s power and status, he would definitely take revenge on Su Zimo fanatically!

If he were to walk with his true appearance, he would definitely be targeted.

After pondering for a moment, Su Zimo turned into an ugly burly man. He had a majestic figure and wore rough linen clothes. His chest was half exposed and he held a wine jar in his hands with half-opened eyes.

Su Zimo took a few wobbly steps. When he felt that there were no loopholes, he headed towards Cangyu City, which was the closest to this place.

There were more than a hundred cities under the jurisdiction of Solar Luna County.

Every city ruled over a large territory.

Although he was the closest to Cangyu City, Su Zimo took more than three days to arrive at the city.

Carrying the wine jar, Su Zimo glanced at the city gate drowsily and staggered in.

When the guards guarding the city gate saw the detestable burly man who reeked of wine, they revealed disgusted expressions and refused to take another look.

The guards on both sides waved casually and let Su Zimo enter the city.

Su Zimo was secretly delighted.

This was also the reason why he had transformed.

The more disgusted others were, the less they would pay attention to him.

Su Zimo did not wander around the city. Instead, he headed straight for the teleportation formation.

He had to leave the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom as soon as possible.

Although he had the Trinity Auspicious Jade, this treasure might not be able to protect him completely.

He would only be truly safe after leaving the territory of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom.

The territory of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom was vast. Given his cultivation, if he wanted to travel alone, even if there were no obstacles, it would take him hundreds or even thousands of years while traveling day and night.

Furthermore, he was alone and did not know what dangers he would encounter on the way.

Those hundreds or thousands of years would be wasted.

Using the teleportation formation to leave was the fastest!

About two hours later, Su Zimo crossed most of the city and arrived at the teleportation formation.

A large crowd gathered at the front and blocked the entrance of the teleportation formation hall, causing a commotion.

From afar, Su Zimo saw dozens of guards guarding the entrance of the hall, scrutinizing every cultivator who wanted to enter.

The dozens of guards were all Earth Immortals.

Behind the dozens of people, two people sat on chairs and surveyed the crowd with burning gazes and terrifying auras.

There was a high chance that the two of them were Heaven Immortal experts!

“What’s going on? Why did it suddenly become so strict?”

“Haven’t you heard? Something big happened in Green Cloud County!”

“What happened?”

“I heard that Supreme Perfected Immortal Feng Cantian from more than 400,000 years ago escaped from the Ten Absolute Hell with the help of his surviving followers and his whereabouts are unknown. Right now, they’re all searching for those surviving followers.”

Someone at the side whispered, “I also heard that a clone that Prince Yuan Zuo of Green Cloud County painstakingly cultivated was crippled by someone called Su Zimo and he suffered a huge loss.”

“That’s right. It’s said that anyone who can provide clues to Su Zimo will be rewarded handsomely!”

A series of trivial discussions broke out from the crowd at the front.

Su Zimo blinked.

To think that news would spread so quickly.

He was still a step too late.

“What’s happening at the front? Why were some Grade 1 Earth Immortals brought to the two Heaven Immortal experts alone for another check?”

Someone asked softly.

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

In the crowd, any Grade 1 Earth Immortal would be singled out by the guards on both sides of the hall.

The two Heaven Immortal experts searched the Grade 1 Earth Immortal’s storage bag before asking the latter’s Essence Spirit to leave his body.

Su Zimo frowned slightly and his ears twitched. Before long, he heard a few conversations.

“What are we doing? Why are we targeting these Grade 1 Earth Immortals?”

“It’s said that Su Zimo is a Grade 1 Earth Immortal. However, this person knows Myriad Transformations and can change his appearance.”

“How is that possible? Myriad Transformations is a supreme divine power!”

“I’m not sure. However, even Myriad Transformations can only change one’s body and not their Essence Spirit. Therefore, as long as one reveals their Essence Spirit, they will know if this person was transformed by Su Zimo.”

With a grim expression, Su Zimo retreated silently from the crowd.

The situation was bad!

Initially, he wanted to make use of the Trinity Auspicious Jade to change his appearance and leave.

But now that the surroundings of the teleportation formation were so carefully checked, if he went forward, he would reveal his true form even with the Trinity Auspicious Jade.

This plan could not work!

Su Zimo did not dare to take the risk and was prepared to leave Cangyu City for the time being.

According to the situation, there was a high chance that the entire city would be under martial law. At that time, it would be difficult for him to escape even if he wanted to.

Su Zimo walked towards the city gate. Before long, a group of Cangyu City guards arrived in midair and dispersed. Each of them held a painting in their hands.

One of the guards descended not far away from Su Zimo and arrived at the city wall. He opened the painting in his hands and pasted it. 𝙛𝘳𝘦𝐞𝑤ℯ𝗯n𝗼ѵe𝑙. c૦𝑚

The painting depicted a figure in green robes with a handsome face—it was Su Zimo!

Beneath the painting were a few lines of words.

The general meaning was that anyone who could provide clues about this person would be rewarded handsomely.

Su Zimo knew that he had already transformed into another appearance. If no one asked him to reveal his Essence Spirit, he would not be discovered.

However, he still felt guilty when he saw the painting.

“I can’t linger here,”

When Su Zimo saw the guard beside him turn around and look in his direction, he hurriedly raised his head and drank a mouthful of strong wine. He burped and swayed out of the city.

Before long, he disappeared into the crowd.

After leaving the city, Su Zimo checked the map and headed east.

He walked for two days. Along the way, he would see groups of immortal soldiers from the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom passing by from time to time, searching everywhere.

Relying on the Trinity Auspicious Jade, Su Zimo changed his appearance and did not encounter any situation where his Essence Spirit had to be exposed—it was a close shave.

However, this situation could not last long either.

Su Zimo lamented internally as well.

The entire world belonged to the king.

He had offended Prince Yuan Zuo and this was someone from the royal family of the Great Jin Immortal Kingdom. As long as he was in this land, there was almost no place for him!

Even if he found a mountain range and opened up a cave abode, it would be difficult for him to continue cultivating.

Someone would definitely locate him!

Right then, in the forest at the side, a few cultivators walked together. They looked like Black Immortals—two Grade 9 Black Immortals, three Grade 8 Black Immortals and two Grade 7 Black Immortals.

“Brother Liu, do you think Astral Sect will take us in?”

Among them, a young cultivator asked.

Another older person said in a deep voice, “Probably. Astral Sect is only a black-grade sect. We stand a chance.”

“Astral Sect?”

Su Zimo murmured softly in deep thought.

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