Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 1313 - : Blood-colored Butterfly
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Chapter 1313: Blood-colored Butterfly

Although the bloodlines of the Primordial Six Races were noble and powerful, apart from the God race, none of the other Primordial Five Races had an expert that could cultivate a Bloodline phenomenon!

At a certain age, the God race would be able to form a Bloodline phenomenon without cultivating.

The purer the bloodline of the God race, the stronger the Bloodline phenomenon condensed!

That was also why the bloodline of the God race was so strong!


God Han Ling calmed down quickly and gave an order. Circulating his blood qi to its limits, a tall and majestic pyramid appeared beneath him. It was a few thousand feet tall and shone with endless golden light, exuding an unrestrained might that was ancient and mysterious!

Beneath the pyramid, all living beings of the ten thousand races prostrated. There were hundreds of millions of them densely and there was no end in sight.

Every single living being clasped their palms together and looked up at the pyramid above their heads, chanting prayers with pious expressions.

Thin golden threads extended from the heads of the millions of living beings and converged at the top of the pyramid where a god-like existence stood!

It was God Han Ling!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The remaining God race beings released their Bloodline phenomenons one after another as well!

Instantly, dozens of ancient pyramids descended and hovered in the void, causing the world to tremble!

The cultivators watching from afar were shocked!

In a daze, they seemed to have returned to the tragic era of the primordial era where they were enslaved by the God race. A fear that came from the depths of their bloodlines grew in their hearts.

Even some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had pale expressions and felt suffocated.

In the primordial era, humans were the most inferior and insignificant beings that knelt on the ground with their lives equivalent to ants!

Right now, that scene has reappeared!

Even though the cultivators had already fled far away, they still felt a tremendous pressure after the dozens of pyramids descended!

Some of the cultivators even had the urge to kneel on the ground and kowtow!

None of the cultivators could imagine the pressure on Su Zimo who was at the center of the battlefield surrounded by dozens of ancient pyramids!

No matter how strong that scarlet-haired alien was, he was only at the Dharma Characteristic realm. How could a Bloodline phenomenon of the Dharma Characteristic realm defend against the phenomenons of so many God race beings?

Furthermore, the God race had a few Mighty Figures!

“Monster incarnate, so what if you’ve managed to cultivate a Bloodline phenomenon? In the face of the God race’s phenomenons, you bunch of beasts are nothing but worthless dung!”

God Han Ling shouted.

“There’s no need to waste your breath on him. Kill him as soon as possible!”

The Golden Crow Third Prince said loudly.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Almost at the same time, the Primordial Six Races attacked and dozens of ancient pyramids charged towards the Dragon True Body with a massive aura.

Naturally, the nine demon kings were fearless as they moved at the same time and clashed against the dozens of pyramids!

The Wild Bovine plowed the heavens and overturned a pyramid with its horns raised!

The Stone Bear was muscular and leaned its massive body upwards, slamming into the pyramid and almost shattering it into pieces with cracks appearing everywhere!

The Anaconda coiled around a pyramid and spiraled upwards, devouring the entire pyramid with its mouth wide open!

The Sanguine Ape thumped his chest and stomped his feet. He strode forward and raised his fist with a torrential aura!

Divine Steed Charge, Hell Tiger Bite, Wind Leopard Shuttling, Dragon King’s Tail Whip and Spirit Turtle Sea Calming!

The nine demon kings released shocking combat strength and blocked the dozens of pyramids!

The clash between the Bloodline phenomenons was earthshaking!

However, the situation was extremely unfavorable for Su Zimo!

That was because he was not only facing the God race.

There were also experts of the other primordial races!

Although the nine demon kings defended against the dozens of pyramids temporarily, the experts of the other primordial races seized the opportunity to attack and forced the nine demon kings to retreat in defeat!

Two fists were no match for four hands.

There were too many experts of the Primordial Six Races and the nine demon kings could not defend against them either!


Right then, the sound of metal clashing echoed from the side. It was extremely crisp and ear-piercing, like a sharp sword piercing through one’s eardrums!

The Hatred Fiend Saber had already struck the Heavenly God Lock!

As though it sensed something, the Heavenly God Lock burst forth with a bedazzling golden light. A powerful energy surged into the Hatred Fiend Saber, wanting to deflect it.

That power triggered the Hatred Fiend Saber as well!

Endless fiend qi emanated from the Hatred Fiend Saber—it was pitch-black and corroded the Heavenly God Lock continuously!

The two weapons began to fight and neither was willing to bow down!

Although the Hatred Fiend Saber was an emperor weapon, it was difficult for Yan Beichen to unleash its true power given his current strength.

On the other hand, it was the repeated triggering of the Hatred Fiend Saber by the Heavenly God Lock that triggered the emperor weapon instead!

This was no longer a fight between cultivators, but between two different weapons.

Su Zimo believed that the Heavenly God Lock was definitely not a match for the Hatred Fiend Saber. However, it would require time to sever the Heavenly God Lock as well!

On the other side, the nine demon kings could no longer hold on!

“Everyone, let’s join forces. Those few beast phenomenons are already at the end of their flight!”

God Han Ling declared with a torrential aura.


The moment he said that, his pyramid descended and shattered the Desolate Ocean Dragon King. The phenomenon dissipated and turned into scarlet demonic qi.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One after another, the remaining eight demon kings collapsed before long.

The Dragon True Body had a cold expression as he suddenly opened his mouth and took a deep breath. His chest puffed up and he devoured the demonic qi formed by the nine demon kings before exhaling slowly.

Scarlet demonic qi surged and changed around the Dragon True Body.

When the six races saw the nine demon kings dissipate, they moved one after another and charged towards the Dragon True Body.

Just as they were about to close in, the expressions of God Han Ling, the Golden Crow Third Prince, Wu Xie and the other Mighty Figures changed and they stopped instinctively!

They felt a strong sense of danger and their scalps tingled!

The rumbling demonic qi around the Dragon True Body seemed to be nurturing an extremely terrifying existence!

“Don’t go over!”

God Han Ling shouted hurriedly.

They were able to sense such danger because they had already cultivated to the Conjoint Body realm.

However, many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of the primordial races were fearless and continued charging towards Su Zimo.

By the time they heard God Han Ling’s reminder, it was already too late!

Right in front of them, demonic qi surged behind the Dragon True Body and a blood-colored butterfly gradually appeared. It spread its blood-colored wings with two bright moons imprinted on them, looking at the beings of the Primordial Six Races like a pair of cold eyes!

The blood-colored butterfly was only around ten feet wide.

Compared to the pyramid that was a few thousand feet tall behind God Han Ling and the others, it was much smaller like a speck of dust.

However, the moment the blood-colored butterfly descended, the entire Heaven and Earth Valley fell into a dead silence!

Thud! Thud!

Some cultivators who were watching from afar did not kneel when the nine demon kings descended and managed to survive as well when the ancient pyramid descended.

However, when the blood-colored butterfly descended, those cultivators could not hold on any longer. Their bloodlines froze and their legs went limp as they knelt on the ground one after another!

A hallucination even rose in the hearts of the cultivators.

The beings of the primordial races, taboos, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and Mahayana Patriarchs were all ants before the blood-colored butterfly!

If there was a god in this world, it would have to be this blood butterfly!

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