Eternal Reverence

Chapter 735: City Lord Tong Heng
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Chapter 735: City Lord Tong Heng


The private room’s door was kicked open. A fair-skinned youth who looked a little malicious walked in.

Tong Qianshan, Tong Clan’s direct line descendant. He wasn’t powerful but was also a great emperor. After all, which member of a prestigious clan would be weak?

“Tong Qianshan, what is the meaning of this?” Wu Feiyan looked at Tong Qianshan with anger.

Tong Qianshan swept a glance at Li Fuchen and sneered. “What is the meaning of this? I should be the one asking the question. Who is this, and who are these two? Are they actually the bastard children that you secretly gave birth to outside?!”

Tong Qianshan had complicated feelings towards Wu Feiyan. There was fondness, low self-esteem, and more of possessiveness.

Wu Feiyan had the looks, the aura, and was born from the Wu Clan. There was nothing to be not fond of.

The low self-esteem was because of their similar age, but Wu Feiyan would always be far superior and might already have the strength of a ranker on the Great Emperor Rankings.

However, the more outstanding Wu Feiyan was, the more paranoid Tong Qianshan became.

“Get lost.” Wu Feiyan slammed a palm on Tong Qianshan and sent him staggering backwards.

“You dare to make a move?” Tong Qianshan was enraged and returned with a palm of his own.

Just as the duo were about to fight in the private room, Li Fuchen waved his hand and split them apart. “There will be chances for the two of you to fight, but not now.”

“Such strength!”

Wu Feiyan and Tong Qianshan were silently shocked.

Li Fuchen split them apart with ease, furthermore, they couldn’t even struggle. Such strength was definitely highly ranked in the Great Emperor Rankings.

“Great, you are bullying me because my Tong Clan doesn’t have any experts is it?”

Tong Qianshan pointed at Wu Feiyan and pointed at Li Fuchen before he broke the door and left.

“That bastard.” Wu Feiyan was so angry that her body was trembling.

“What shall we do now?” The Barbaric Peak Great Emperor asked.

To be honest, the Barbaric Peak Great Emperor wasn’t very assured to leave Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo with Wu Feiyan.

Wu Feiyan apologized and said, “Stay in Azure River City first, let me make the arrangements.”

When they left the restaurant and arrived on the main street, Tong Qianshan arrived again. This time, he brought a youth with a stalwart figure.

Tong Baiwei, the Azure River City Lord, Tong Heng’s grandson and also the Tong Clan’s direct line descendant.

In fact, the Tong Clan didn’t just control this city, they had multiple cities and the Azure River City was only one of the cities.

“Big Brother Baiwei, take them down for me.” Tong Qianshan said with hatred.

“Big Brother Baiwei, Qianshan misunderstood. These two are my nephew and niece. They are here to get help from me.” Wu Feiyan was flustered.

Tong Baiwei wasn’t Tong Qianshan. As the grandson of Tong Heng, Tong Baiwei could control the Azure River City’s array. He might only be able to control a small portion of the array, but it was enough to suppress any great emperor.

“They are your nephew and niece?” Tong Qianshan didn’t believe it.

Wu Feiyan sneered and said, “The Wu Clan has a change in situation. Wu Chengkang has seized the position of the Clan Head and sent people to pursue my nephew and niece. Do you think I will use this as a joke?”

“Qianshan, it seems like you misunderstood Feiyan.” Tong Baiwei said.

Tong Qianshan said embarrassedly, “Why didn’t you say it earlier?”

“Say it earlier? You have been rambling with nonsense once you arrived. How could I even talk to you?”

“I am confused because I am overly concerned.”

Tong Qianshan turned and said to Tong Baiwei, “Big Brother Baiwei, it is fine now. I have showed you a joke.”

“Since there is nothing else, I shall leave first. Don’t create any more trouble.” Tong Baiwei nodded and left.

“Feiyan, don’t be angry, it is my fault.” Tong Qianshan turned around to admit his mistake.

“Don’t talk to me.” Wu Feiyan turned away.

Li Fuchen found it funny, In fact, this Tong Qianshan wasn’t considered bad. For a person like him, if things didn’t go his way, he would be easier enraged and make rash decisions. During normal situations, he could still be reasoned.

“It should be fine now. I will stay in the Azure River City for a few days before leaving.”

Azure River City was the no.1 major city in the River Province. Li Fuchen had to understand more about the Saint Spirit Continent in this place. Otherwise, it would truly be the same as to search for a needle in the sea if he wanted to find Yan Qingwu and the others.

Wu Feiyan didn’t bring Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo back to the Tong Clan, instead, she arranged them to stay in a large courtyard. This courtyard was Wu Feiyan’s personal property.

Days passed by and Li Fuchen had a better understanding of the Saint Spirit Continent.

The Saint Spirit Continent was a world of the sects and clans.

The entire Saint Spirit Continent had around 50 over saint sects and saint clans. However, due to the overwhelming size of the Saint Spirit Continent and the horrific law restriction, the saint sects and clans weren’t able to occupy a large territory even if they were powerful. It was also why the Saint Spirit Continent was so chaotic. There were too many factions and each faction had their own territory. Unlike the Emperor Sky Continent which was controlled by the seven major emperor-class factions. Each emperor-class faction had their own laws and anyone who broke the laws would be the same as offending the emperor-class faction. As such, many factions were easily eliminated. Unless, it was a faction that was powerful like the Blood Sift Union or the Clan of Darkness. Otherwise, no one would dare to wreak havoc openly.

Due to the excessive number of clans, those clans that could be ranked top 100 on the Saint Spirit Continent were considered extremely powerful clans.

Clans like the Miao Clan, Wu Clan, and Tong Clan were all top 100 clans as their ancestry had saints.

Put in comparison, the Tong Clan had the best foundation, followed by the Miao Clan, while the Wu Clan was the weakest.

Of course, among the top 100 clans, there were many which didn’t have a saint in their ancestry.

Those clans without saints in their ancestry had a huge gap with those that had saints.

There might be some clans which were ranked high because they had extremely powerful experts on the Great Emperor Rankings. But in terms of foundation, they were miles behind those clans which had saints in their ancestry. A few thousand years later, some clans might be extinguished, but those with saints in the ancestry wouldn’t be extinguished so easily. After all, those saint clans had class 9 arrays and plenty of trumps. Even another saint faction wouldn’t dare to say they could eliminate a saint clan.

“No wonder the Wu Clan’s Wu Chengkang wants to strive for authority.”

After knowing the situation of the Saint Spirit Continent, Li Fuchen was enlightened.

Those clans with saints in the ancestry had left behind too many resources and trumps. However, even if the resources were in abundance, it wasn’t limitless. They could only be provided to a few individuals to use for cultivation. However, who didn’t want to become a saint? If Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo’s grandfather was around, it would be fine. But since he wasn’t around, it was inevitable that others might covet for the resources. After all, not everyone would do things for the better of the clan, contributing as much as they could.

After exhaling, Li Fuchen raised his brows. “I didn’t think that Sacred Heart Park would be ranked this high. They are actually ranked 9th among the saint sects on the Saint Spirit Continent.”

The Saint Spirit Continent had a total of 24 saint sects and it was extremely terrifying to be ranked 9th. They were basically the upper echelons of the Saint Spirit Continent.

However, Li Fuchen didn’t think to look for Qu Qingyan at the Sacred Heart Park as it wasn’t necessary. He didn’t have much ties with Qu Qingyan and if he went there recklessly, it was unknown what other anomalies might happen.


Azure River City, city lord residence...

Inside the main hall of the city lord residence. The City Lord Tong Heng was seated at the host seat and there was an elder standing below.

“Wu Xinhai, why do you ask to see me?” Tong Heng had an unchanged expression.

Wu Xinhai was Wu Chengkang’s trusted aide. Tong Heng already knew what was happening with the Wu Clan.

“Xinhai is here to seek help from the city lord.” Wu Xinhai cupped his fist.

“What help?” Tong Heng asked.

Wu Xinhai said, “The Wu Clan’s descendants, Wu Xi and Wu Zhuo are here at the Azure River City. I wish to bring them back.”

“I am not stopping you.” Tong Heng said.

Wu Xinhai shook his head, “There is a formidable expert with them. That person defeated my Wu Clan’s second strongest expert, Sword Rain Great Emperor, Wu Yu.”

“Oh? He actually defeated the Sword Rain Great Emperor, Wu Yu?” Tong Heng was surprised.

The Sword Rain Great Emperor was ranked 283rd on the Great Emperor Rankings and Tong Heng was far inferior. Of course, if the Sword Rain Great Emperor dared to come to the Azure River City, not even ten Sword Rain Great Emperors were a match for Tong Heng.

“You want me to suppress him?”

“That’s right.”

“Tell me then, what price is your Wu Clan willing to pay.”

If the opposition didn’t provide things that satisfied Tong Heng, he wasn’t going to do anything.

After all, he wasn’t suppressing a regular great emperor, but a great emperor that was top 300 or even top 200. Even though it was the same for him.

Wu Xinhai smiled and stated the reward.

When the last item was stated, Tong Heng’s eyes lit up.

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