Eternal Melody

Chapter 766 Return
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"Yuhi-" Hino started.

"Don't tell her," Yuhi said sharply. "If you tell her, she will break down."

"I am sure you already suspect her current condition. Hurry up and return already."

"I know, and I am really trying. But there are events every day. They keep us very busy and are all events that can't be cancelled."

Hino frowned at hearing those words. "I hope the fame isn't getting to your head, and you remember that you have a wife and kids here."

"It's not, don't worry."

"Well, knowing you, you probably found a lead on something and decided to investigate."

"Did I ever tell you that it's difficult for me to hide anything from you?" Yuhi grumbled.

"So you really found something?"

"Yeah. But I don't want to disclose the information yet. Once I am positive, I will tell both you and Sumire."

"Tomorrow," Hino mumbled. "It's her birthday, so I plan to take her out."

At those words, Yuhi sighed. "Damn it. It's not fair."

"Didn't you say it was okay if I take her out? Besides, she shouldn't stay cooped up in here."

? "I guess, but the rumors about you two are getting out of hand. Are you sure this is good timing?"

"It's alright; we are taking the kids with us."

"A family outing?" Yuhi sighed again. "Damn, this is frustrating after all."

"Do you not want us to go out together? I mean, the alternative plan was watching movies in your place."

"On second thoughts, go to the aquarium."

Hino laughed. "Your very troubled by this, aren't you?"

"It's very troubling, but I am truly relieved that your by her side." Yuhi trailed off. "Since your getting along better now. I hope you can be comfortable talking about the past with her."

Before he can reply, Hino hears voices in the background and tells Yuhi to go. He stared at his phone for a few minutes before returning to Sumire's room. The girl was still sleeping peacefully. No, from here, he could see the tears in her eyes.

Exactly what is Yuhi investigating? For him to willingly stay in the US and keep going along with the whims of the entertainment industry over there. If it's Yuhi, surely he is doing this for Sumire. The investigation, it must be something that will help Sumire.

'I just hope he isn't doing anything stupid to get that information.'

Hino shakes his head. No, Yuhi wouldn't do that stuff anymore. Moreover, the guys in M5 are there with him.


At D Entertainment, Tokyo.

A man with silver-colored hair stepped into the building, immediately earning people's attention. Despite his hat and sunglasses, his hair was a dead giveaway on his 'identity.' He wanted to arrive much sooner. But, the police over there delayed his departure as much as possible. In the end, the investigation ended properly since Lucifer personally interfered.

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'I arrived a day before her birthday. But she probably won't want to see me just yet. Moreover, I need to make sure I understand the situation here.'

When he first heard that Lucifer was starting an entertainment company. Toh was furious. Does he truly have to go so far to break her down?

'I still don't understand Lucifer's obsession with her. I thought I would find out more during my travels abroad. But, that guy has kept it a tightly guarded secret.'

"Oh my, your Mashima Toh, aren't you?"

Hearing his name, he turned to see a man with dark brown colored hair wearing a black lab coat, black shirt, and tie. Toh immediately identified him as the researcher Eli.

'Somebody interesting joined our ranks recently. However, it's hard to say whose side he is on. Is he loyal to her? Or does he have another agenda?'

Lucifer instructed him to keep an eye out on this person. Who would have thought that he would meet him right away?

"I am."

"So you've returned. I am sure she would be pleased."

Toh frowned, hearing his words. Is he talking about Sumire? He did hear that they knew each other. But if Eli is on Lucifer's side now, doesn't that mean he betrayed Sumire?

Eli chuckled. "I heard about what happened abroad. It's good that our leader stepped forward."

'Our leader, huh?' Toh looked him up and down. 'I doubt this man was actually loyal to Lucifer.'

Then again, most of the people Lucifer recruited are only loyal because they want to use his power and connections. If Lucifer had nothing to offer, these people wouldn't help him.

"Why don't you come with me for a bit?"

Toh raised his eyebrow, and Eli chuckled.

"I think we are getting too much attention."

He glanced around and noticed that everybody was staring at them. Some had even stopped to look over. Wearing the hat and sunglasses is stupid. Toh slipped them off, and the girls immediately gasped and started whispering how handsome he was.

Eli kept chuckling, and he sighed as he followed the man out to the back of the company. After walking for a few minutes, they arrived at the park nearby.

"Now then, stay here for a second." Eli pointed to behind the trees.

"Didn't you want to talk?" Toh said, puzzled.

"We can talk after, but right now, I am meeting with somebody, and I am sure you will be interested."

He raised his eyebrow after hearing those words. This guy is very weird, but for some reason, Toh agreed and hid behind the row of trees. Eli wasn't standing alone for long; after a few minutes, somebody showed up.

Toh felt his heartbeat when he saw who Eli was meeting with. A girl with long brown hair and amethyst-colored eyes. It was Sumire. He hasn't seen her in a year; her hair has gotten longer, she seems taller, and she seems to have gained some weight. When they last met, she looked like a complete mess and looked just like an empty shell.

The words he said to her then, it was an accident. He didn't mean to call her a doll. It was painful seeing her reduced to such a state.

'I always knew how important Mamoru was to her. But, I didn't think she would completely throw everything away just because he supposedly died.'

It shocked him; he underestimated their bond and felt envious. However, that didn't stop him from searching for Mamoru and learning the truth of the accident.

It's good that she looks healthier now. But the girl wore a mask covering her mouth, and her face seemed flushed. She must be sick; what is she doing outside?

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