Eternal Melody

Chapter 683 Is there another way?
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Chapter 683 Is there another way?

Sumire was about to refute that, but Ru's image came to mind.

"Right, Yuhi-san, you would be the third strongest." Sumire agreed.

"Hey, why three?"

"Ru would come second, and as for first," Sumire sighed deeply. "That unfortunate position has to go to me. Your lucky; three is a nice number. You don't get judged too much." fre(e)webno(v)el

"Well, I have had my fair share of insults directed my way too. But you probably had a harder time than me."

"Just a little." Sumire shook her head and quickly changed the topic. "Anyhow, it's impossible for San to be stronger than you, let alone me. I have weakened greatly due to my pregnancy, so maybe I was just overwhelmed. But you can't be overwhelmed too. I think there is some type of trick." She paused, seeing his expression.

"Am I boring you with work talk?"

"No, no matter what you say, I like listening to your voice."

Uh, another confession? Is this to get back at her strange behavior towards him recently?

"Yuhi-san, I will be straightforward with you. But, it feels like you like me more than you did before."

He has always treated her very well, even before they started dating. But, there is something different now.

"I do."

"What's triggered the change?"

Yuhi paused for a moment before nodding. "Seeing you being so honest with me during winter break."


For a moment, she wasn't sure she heard correctly when she saw Yuhi's serious gaze. She felt her composure vanish and felt her entire face heat up. They have indeed both been behaving oddly since then, but she thought that was more to do with their desires.

She didn't think this would be the reason.

"H-hey, you know this is embarrassing for me too." Yuhi stammered.

"T-then don't say it."

"Seeing you being so honest for the first time melted my heart, and I re-confirmed how much I loved you. We have both gone through a lot, and despite everything that has happened, you have remained faithful to your feelings for me."

"Um, I wouldn't know about that. I did date four other guys in the span of two years, so-"

"But you remained head over heels for me, right?"

Each of those relationships started because she was lonely and missed Yuhi.

"My dear, I've only ever had you," Sumire concluded. "You have to take responsibility for me." freewebnove(l)

"I already am. I put a ring on your finger after all."

"Hmmm, that's nice and all, but I wonder if there is anything more."

Is there no way to bind herself to Yuhi- wait, that sounds weird? But marriage just seems flimsy to her.

"There is."

Sumire blinked, hearing his words. Why does it seem like he is hesitating?

"For hanyou's like us, there is something stronger than marriage vows. It's a blood ritual ceremony, where you bind your soul to your partner after exchanging blood."

Bind her soul with Yuhi's? Just the mere thought of that makes her happy.

Sumire's eyes brightened. "When can we do it?"

"H-hey now, shouldn't you think about this more?"

"No, I have decided!" Sumire exclaimed,

It sounds very romantic, besides what is the worst that can happen? They just have to drink each other's blood, right?

"I will warn you in advance; it's not what your thinking. We have to drink each other's blood for at least thirty minutes to complete the ceremony." Yuhi sat up and awkwardly averted his gaze. "You know how intimate drinking blood is if we do it for thirty minutes-"

It took her a moment to process Yuhi's words, and she felt her face heat up even more.

"D-do you still want to?" Yuhi questioned as he grabbed hold of her hands. "It's true I did think to ask you, but I was going to wait until our wedding night. I wanted to set the mood."

Uh, now she has no idea how to react. To think Yuhi had already made plans in advance, she truly doesn't know what to say. However, her gaze fell on Yuhi, who was blushing and averting his gaze. When he behaves like this, it makes her feel all warm and fuzzy.

His feelings for her can be so pure despite his desires for her.

If it can bring them closer, then she doesn't mind it. Seeing his sudden enthusiastic behavior, followed by him shyly averting his gaze. Her gaze softened. Ever since she came to Tokyo, Yuhi has always remained by her side. Because of him, her wounded heart is healing.

'I can smile and be more comfortable around people.' He put in so much effort for her sake.

She would never have thought that the day would come when she would feel so much joy and happiness every day.

'Ru, did you know? This person is completely different from you. He is strong and very cool. But he also has a fragile side that makes me want to hold him tight. It feels like my heart will explode whenever I am with him.'

She took a deep breath and brushed her forehead against his. "When can we do this?"


Sumire laughed nervously. "Yuhi-san can decide."

"Then, I will," Yuhi mumbled as he leaned over and kissed her.

Ever since she unleashed Yuhi's inner beast during Christmas, he has been giving her the type of kisses that would make her feel dizzy. But, this didn't last long when they both heard the sound of Yuhi's phone ringing.

Sumire eventually got him off her and coughed. "Get going; that call must be from the guys."

"Damn." Yuhi cursed. "It was just getting to the good part."

She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Okay, mister, we can fool around later, preferably at lunch in your atler."

"That sounds like a plan." Yuhi kissed her lips lightly. "Then, I'll count on you later."

Watching Yuhi's faded silhouette, a relieved sigh passed her lips. If they kissed any longer, she would have attacked him. Normally that would be okay, but this isn't exactly the best location. But, since when did location matter to her?

Sumire traced her lips with her fingers and re-called what had happened a few seconds ago. 'It seems like the first one to go crazy is me. I truly won't be able to restrain myself in front of him anymore.'

To be held by the man she loves, to be in a proper relationship with him. A year ago, she would never have imagined this outcome to be possible. Back then, she pushed him away as much as she could. But even when she did that, he found his way to her side again.

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