Eternal Melody

Chapter 682 What I like
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Chapter 682 What I like

"I see if that's the case. I'll do my best. But I have my hands full recently Atsuro's been wanting to challenge M5 as a whole, so he is bringing the other member back."

"Oh, your drummer, right? I haven't met him yet."

Atsuro's group EMMA consists of Atsuro and Shin. Yamaguchi Ryo, Ookoyama Kirishima, and the other one she has yet to meet.

"Trust me; you don't want to meet that one." Shin looked troubled. "Does Atsuro truly think we can beat M5? Him aside, the rest of us are newbies to the industry. We only started two years ago, while the guys in M5 debuted when they were younger."

"Now, now. You shouldn't give up so easily; remember, singing is your main job."

"I suppose. I'll get going; make sure you actually go to class today. You can skip one, but not the others." Shin said, walking away.

Her sweat fell at those words. So he knew about it? Well, it only makes sense. Instead of heading to the classroom, she immediately hid. Sumire turned to head up the stairs to the rooftop when she spotted black hair walking over.

"My dear?" Sumire said, surprised.

"Mmm." Yuhi kissed her lips. "My work was canceled. Hino called me halfway. Thankfully I only just turned the corner."

"I see, so even you get canceled jobs."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Number one idols are constantly sought out, so it's weird." Sumire looked at Yuhi, who suddenly shifted his gaze.

He is hiding something, isn't he? But, she supposes there is no use questioning him now.

"Then, my dear, I know it's a bit early. But since we both skipped breakfast, why don't we eat?"

"That sounds like a plan. I love your cooking."

Whenever Yuhi-san uses the word love, it makes her heart skip a beat. Her thoughts broke off when Yuhi grabbed hold of her hand.

"So, we are skipping homeroom?"

"Ah-huh, I actually planned to skip it since I wanted to eat."

'And get away from the classroom. I judged people's reactions on the way in. There are more people who are doubtful of her. But, Hino must have done something to stop them from confronting her, just like those reporters.'

"Is your hands okay now?"

"All better. I suppose I just needed a few days of healing, and Atsuro's medicine helped a lot. That guy is strangely useful for stuff like this."

"This is why I told you to rely on him sooner." Yuhi turned to her and suddenly said seriously. "I saw loads of reporters; they didn't bother you, did they?"

Sumire giggled, seeing his serious expression. "My dear, you don't have to make that type of expression. For some reason, they haven't approached me."

"It seems Hino got a restraining order."

She blinked, hearing that piece of information. "A restraining order? Huh? But is that possible?" She questioned. "Don't the media have the right to take pictures because that is their profession?"

"Normally, it shouldn't be. But this is borderline harassment now; no, it's just harassment. Hino took the matter to court and showed the court evidence that certain media companies have only been targeting you for the past year and that after finding out you were in Tokyo, they moved their company here."

"That last part-" Sumire had to admit she was surprised.

"Yeah, those bastards went that far. Are you sure you didn't offend them somehow?"

"I do not think I did, but there is a strong chance that I may have done something in my weird muddled-headed state."

"Even if you did, they have taken it too far. This is stalking; as a human being, you have the right to demand for rights."

"Yuhi, it's fine, really. Hino didn't have to go this far."

'But it seems like he won the case.' So that explains what she felt on the way in. The reporters couldn't approach her because of the restraining order, and the others weren't hateful. No, their expressions looked like they didn't know what to do.

Could it be they felt bad?

They eventually arrived at the rooftop, and the moment they got there, Yuhi looked around.

"Right, they did say they would change the benches." Yuhi sighed. "This is bad. I planned to take a nap."

"Then, as a substitute, you can use my lap."

Yuhi looked at her with wide eyes, and she averted her gaze. It's true that normally she wouldn't offer since she wanted to limit public displays of affection.

"I'm fine with it today."

"I see, alright then." Yuhi doesn't hesitate to position himself on the girl's lap. ๐‘“๐“‡๐˜ฆ๐˜ฆ๐“Œ๐˜ฆ๐‘๐˜ฏ๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃ๐˜ฆ๐˜ญ.๐‘๐˜ฐ๐‘š

"W-Wait !?" Sumire stammered.

"Haah, this is relaxing."

"Your head is kind of heavy-" Sumire murmurs. "But I suppose it's fine since you're happier now."

When she saw him in the hallway just now, he looked a bit tense. 'I really want to ask him if something happened. But I feel like I have no right to do so.'

Yuhi didn't reply immediately, and there was silence before he suddenly said. "Hey, I have something to say to you."


"I like you."

"Ehhh!?" Sumire exclaimed. She felt her entire face redden at those words. What? This is weird; her dear isn't the type to suddenly confess out of nowhere; that is something she would do.

"What're you all flustered for? All I said was I like you, right? I meant I like your lap."

"Ahโ€ฆ โ€ฆ" She trails off. "H-He meant my lap. He said that so suddenly, though. My heart's pounding."

"And you too." He murmurs ever so quietly

Despite him saying it quietly, she heard him loud and clear.

"Wake me up in a bit, and then we can start eating."

Sumire nodded and watched as he closed his eyes. It did not take long before she heard the quiet sound of his breathing. She sat there awkwardly for a few minutes before she stared at him. freewebnov

'Did he really fall asleep?'

If he is asleep, she can practice, right? Ever since she learned of her pregnancy, she has been falling asleep before Yuhi. So, she hasn't had time to practice.

Sumire bent down and kissed him.


She kept repeating this process for the next few minutes before Yuhi stirred awake.

"Hey, quit attacking me."

"Ah, but my dear, you looked defenseless." Sumire trailed off. "And I wanted to practice. I haven't practiced in a while, and we kiss more recently. I feel like my skills will get rusty."

"You sure have strange skills." Yuhi caressed her cheek. "What did you talk to Shin about?"

"Oh, I asked about San's situation. I wanted to know if he knew anything."

"I see. But maybe there isn't an explanation at all. Maybe Nagawa had the capacity to be an evolved human from the beginning."

Sumire frowned hearing those words. "Are you trying to say he is stronger than you? I don't believe that at all."

"There are people who are stronger than me," Yuhi commented.

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