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Chapter 361 Chilly Night 4

In this world, everyone has their own weakness.

Unless you are a complete machine, no one is prone to this rule.

This is exactly the same for me. No matter who I am or how strong I am, in the end, I am a being that can get attached to someone.

And this is not necessarily a bad thing. This shows that I am still a human, a being who can feel emotions, which I am proud of.

And those emotions can become both your strength and weakness.

The key is always knowing your weakness and how to cover it. When you know yourself first, then you may know your enemy.

The reason why I was hiding my relationship with Aliya and Lirienne was just because of that. If I had shown that I knew Aliya and I had a relationship with her, even the negotiations with Jasmine or Seraphine would be different.

Since just as I utilized their weakness, they were going to utilize mine.

However, even then, nobody can be truly safe in this world if you don't give up your freedom. This is the basic rule of the world.

If you want to be free and pursue greatness, you need to take the risk of making enemies.

Aliya is a girl with ambitions, a woman who likes to rule over people, and a woman who is obsessed with the power of money.

Whether it stemmed from her childhood traumas or her personality, it doesn't matter. This is her wish and her purpose in life, and just like she respects mine, I do respect hers.

Her ambitions are bound to make people her enemies, whether they are good or bad. Not everyone can simply accept the loss like a boss and brush it off.

There will be those who want to drag you using cruel methods.

Just like the Aliya in the game did, making her a villainess.

This was why it was easy for me to understand what the next step that those who wish to cause distrust would take.

'It is always better to crush the snake's head before it grows.'

When a bunch of people with the same scars flock together, they will form a society, and a society, no matter how weak the members are bound to be a power.

This is how the humans worked from the start of time.

In any case, even though Aliya's life was in danger, that was also a good opportunity to test Lirienne and the possible future relationships between Aliya and her.

Since I am not planning to let Lirienne go after all the hassle, I had put through in order to make sure she grew well.


However, all those thoughts disappeared the moment I heard Aliya's shaky voice. Even from her voice alone, it was easy to say that she was still not over the things she had witnessed.

Most people would seek reassurance after experiencing death from this close proximity, especially any average woman without any experience. I am not saying men are prone to that, but women are bound to be different.

However, Aliya can't be like that.

It is because this is the path she had chosen; the path of greatness first starts with being different than 'average.'

This won't be the first time she will experience such a thing, thus it is better to be ready always.


I replied to her words with a curt tone rather than sounding reassuring.


At first, no reply came back; however, in my head, I could see Aliya's pupils shaking.


As the sound of inhaling came from the sphere, I could easily envision she was composing herself, forcing her emotions to calm down.

"Is everything okay?"

<….Everything is fine.>

"How many they had sent?"

<Two maids.>

'Two maids, huh? They certainly wanted to make sure.'

You need to know that it is very hard to put personnel into the world's best academy and go undetected by the countless trials.

Therefore, the two maid-assassins they have planted are actually very important assets that they can't acquire in any random place.

"What rank were they?"


At that moment, Lirienne's voice came in.

"I see….How was the fight? Their prowess?"

<Just as you had said, they were trained assassins. Their weapons contained a very strong poison. However, they were not that strong individually.>

"Can you identify?"

All this time, while Lirienne was training to use her magic better and her newly awakened class, she was not only focusing on that.

Since she is an assassin type, she naturally needs to utilize poisons, and I made sure she studied this aspect.

<I can't.>

Though, I was not expecting her to know everything.

"I see."

<I will send this to our laboratory. We can probably analyze it.>

Aliya chimed in; her voice was a lot calmer now.

"Then, the only thing left is to contact the academy. Have you alerted anybody, Lirienne?"

<No. I am sure nobody knows about this, just as you said.>

"Good. With this, we have another thing to pressure the academy. Aliya, you already know what to do, right?"

<Yes. I will make sure to get compensated enough for this. I will contact the father tonight.>



With my words, a sudden quietness fell into the atmosphere.

"How did everything go today? Any progress related to commoners?" π“―π™§π™šπ™šπ’˜π™šπ™—π™£π™€π™«π™šπ’.𝓬𝙀𝙒

<It is going as intended. I have already struck a lot of deals and contracts.>

"Most of them should be vulnerable."

<Yes, thanks to them, a valuable opportunity presented itself.>

"Indeed, it did. Anyway, I am going to cause a lot more trouble to those dogs; you both can watch if you want."

<It will be hard, but I will try.>

"Then, good night."

<Good night.>

<nulli>DING As I closed the call and ended the conversation, I looked at the small, black, ominous-looking device in my hand.

'I guess this festival was bound to be a fiasco….'

Just like that, my day was finished, and this was just the beginning.


Sorry for not posting chapters for four days.

I took a break, touched some grass, and hung out with friends.

I am now refreshed, regular updates will continue.

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