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Chapter 4: The Revenge

How would you feel if one day you walked out of your house and saw zombies on the streets devouring other humans? World-shattering and horrifying, right? Yeah, enough to drive a person to insanity. Or would you take a sword and go on a quest to free the world from monsters and become the world's hero? Well, you were easier said than done.

Something similar was going on with Jayden. He got a quest where he had to kill creatures much stronger than himself. He was currently sitting on the terrace of a building, swinging his legs and thinking about where his life choices had gone wrong. All because of that damn orb.

After getting the quest, the first thing he did was to get used to his new body, its strength, and its agility. He could even perform Parkour now as normal as he did before, but the speed is far greater than before. Now he was thinking of testing the ability 'Memory Manipulator.' So, he chose his first guinea pig carefully, and currently, he was observing the test subject, who was sitting in his office drinking something.

His name was Quinn. Jayden has met him in the past briefly. Previously, Quinn approached the group with which Jayden worked in the past and proposed to them to rob money from his father's house and even provided the necessary details. But, in the end, he betrays them, because of which the whole group gets arrested, and Jayden barely escapes, while Quinn gets a high-rank position in the company.

Jayden being quite petty as always would never let him off without proper revenge, and the situation has presented itself in front of him to take advantage of. As the great saying goes, 'With great powers comes great responsibility.' So now it's his responsibility to enact revenge for poor souls whom he had to sacrifice for his escape.

After thinking about what to do to this vermin, he walked out of the building towards Quinn's office. Upon entering the building, the guards tried to stop him, but he was easily able to charm them with his basic charm ability.


Quinn was leisurely sitting and drinking his expensive herbal tea. He is a 34-year-old man with 5' 3 feet in height, blonde hair, an average-looking face, and a small outward Benting belly. His mood has been good for quite a while, his father has finally decided to hand over the company to him, and he is going to be married to a beautiful woman from a prestigious family.

His fate took a turn for the best; after his plot succeeded, he was mocking the greedy fools inwardly. Currently, he is talking to one of his friends.

"So, your old man finally decided to hand you over the company?" friend.

"Yeah, he even proposed a marriage to the Walton family's eldest daughter." Quinn

"Oh, I've heard she's quite a beauty, but didn't you have a pretty girlfriend?" friend.

"Nah, she's just for fun; I won't marry someone like her; she's -" Quinn stopped in between when he heard the knock on the door. He said bye to his friend and said in a firm voice, "Come in."

The door opened, and a handsome, tall boy appeared in front of him. Quinn frowned and asked in, displeased time," Did you have an appointment with me? I wasn't expecting anybody right now."

Jayden didn't say anything and, with a small smile on his face, pulled a chair and sat in front of him. Seeing this, Quinn's frown deepened, and he pressed the security button before shouting. "Security, come here this instant; who let this asshole into my office?"

Jayden just patiently watched him with the same small smile on his face; a few minutes passed, but no guards came into the office. Quinn panicked and looked at Jayden, asking splutteringly. " Wh... who are you? what do you want?" π™›π™§π™šπ™šπ”€π™šπ“«π’π“Έπ“Ώπ™šπ’.𝓬𝓸𝓢

Jayden didn't reply but looked into his eyes and, for the first time, activated his skill 'Memory Manipulator,' and soon he was able to see all his memories and even able to remove or add anything he wanted to remove or add. It was like he had done this several times before. As soon as the skill activated, Quinn froze with his mind empty.

After about 5 min Jayden was finally finished with his task; he stood and walked towards a shelf in the room; after sliding it a little, it revealed a hidden door; Jayden entered the password and took the vacation briefcase present inside it, satisfied with his rewards, he left the building with a grin on his face while dragging the suitcase full of money.

After Jayden left, Quinn deleted the CCTV footage. Then he took off all his clothes till he was naked and started walking towards the exit of the building with a briefcase in his hands. Everyone in the building was shocked seeing him walking naked in the company. Then he got in his car and went back home and surprised everyone there with his naked act and also revealing records of all the crimes he committed and names of his accomplishes; he even sent a copy of it all to the police before returning home.

As for the results of this, just as Jayden expected, he got arrested for several crimes, his family disowned him, his marriage was cancelled, and most of his friends were locked with him in jail. He also got into debt for all the money he embezzled.

And Jayden, due to his good deeds, received a high price of fifty million dollars. He was grinning ear to ear and satisfied with his new powers.

"You can't use so much money in just one day, why not donate it, and while you're at it, at least use some of that money to find a girl and pop your cherry; use your remaining hours wisely, you won't want to die a virgin, right? " Anna's voice came into Jayden's mind making him change his expression immediately.

He scowled at her with gritted teeth. "Stop spouting nonsense; I will survive this."

"Yeah, nice confidence, but do you even know what kind of place that is? "Anna

"No, I was going to ask you about that to make further plans," Jayden replied.

"sigh," she sighed and started to explain, "Austrian prison is the place where the 'Ashura' race keeps their low-level prisoners, but even though they're low-level, a single one of those prisoners is more than capable of slaughtering you, and sending you to Yama. If, according to your level system, I have to say, then every one of the demi-Ashura comes in a range of level 30 to 40."

"Fuck", only one word came out of Jayden's mouth. His better mood sank to the lowest, and losing even a single shred of hope, he had left of returning from there alive.

Seeing Jayden's depressed expression, Anna again spoke," But don't feel hopeless; if you use your brain rightly coupled with my knowledge, you can come out as the final victor; they aren't much of a thinker; they're muscle brains. "

Jayden gained some confidence and asked: "Can you explain more about these prisoners? Do they have some kind of weakness?"

"Sure," Anna's enthusiastic voice came, and then she started to explain to him about the Astrion prison and Demi-Ashura.


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