Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

Chapter 34: Stephen’s Wives [R-18(Dark)]
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Chapter 34: Stephen's Wives [R-18(Dark)]

[ Warning: Slight illusional Yuri ahead, though its only illusion, and fml aren't involved, but if you aren't into yuri then just skip the first half of the chapter. ]

In a brightly lit room, Luke and Ben, Stephen's royal guards, were pressing Stephen down on the floor, rendering his movements immobile. Stephen's face was pale, eyes lifeless, and he was sobbing continuously.

In front of him, another man was having sex with his wife. He closed his eyes but couldn't stop her moans from entering his ears. He regretted even going near Alice, let alone touching her, but it was all too late now. He couldn't do anything but listen to Sara's moans.

Sara was lying on the bed with her hands pressed above her head, and there was a blindfold on her face. She suddenly feels something warm and hard rubbing against the entrance of her private part.

"Mmmmm, hnnnnn " She tries her best not to make any sound, but slight moans still come out as Jayden rubs his cock over her lower lips.

She tightly clenches her fist when Jayden slowly starts to push his hard long cock into her. Her expression became more erotic as each inch of his dick entered her pussy.

Then with a sudden thrust, he pushes his dick into her, making her moan loudly. She climaxes instantly, her hands and legs tightly wrapped around Jayden.

Although she didn't want to enjoy it and moan while Stephen, her husband, was there, the stimulation was just too great. Her tongue was hanging out of her mouth, and her eyes were misty.

Suddenly her eyes widened when she felt Jayden moving inside her again; he took out his cock leaving only the tip inside, and with great force, thrusts his dick inside her again.

" Aaaaaaannnnggghh "

Sara moaned loudly as Jayden began to move in and out of her; with each thrust, the top of his dragon planted a kiss deep inside her.

Jayden stops her moans as he seals her lips with his, forcing his tongue into her mouth immediately. He thrusts his cock into her lower mouth while his tongue roams into her upper mouth.

As Jayden's big cock entered Sara's cave, touching the entrance to her womb, her eyes rolled back, and her body arched up, which causes her to reach an orgasm again.

After having an orgasm, Sara was more sensitive. She started to moan loudly, filling Stephen with even more despair.

Just as he thought everything was ruined, it couldn't get any worse, he heard the sound of the door opening. With great effort, he turns his eyes to look at the door, and the scene makes him want to die.

From the door enters five of Stephen's wife, their Savory bodies only hidden by towels wrapped around them, showing their milky white legs.

Under Stephen's despairing gaze, all five of them move toward Jayden. All had seductive smiles on their faces. They didn't even glance at Stephen as they removed the towel and climbed on the bed.

Stephen looks at the scene with red eyes as his 2nd wife pulls Jayden's face and begins to kiss him passionately, twirling her tongue in his mouth and mixing their saliva.

The first wife Comes closer to Jayden's neck and starts sucking it, and moves all over his chest, licking diligently. The red-haired third wife, too, takes another side of Jayden's body and starts to savour him as her hands roam over his body and finally land on his sack.

Jayden's eyes widen at the sudden stimulation. He thrust his dick into Sara with even more vigour, making her moan much more loudly.

The remaining two wives, fourth and fifth, didn't seem to find anywhere to fit with them. They look at each other and, with lust-filled gazes, move toward each other.

They both had long black hair and big boobs of nearly the same size; while the fourth was more pretty, with a fairy-like face, the fifth was more seductive, with a big juicy ass.

The fourth wife pulls the fifth under her, pressing the large breast tightly against each other and rubbing their nipples, turning them hard. Fourth move her face down and begins to kiss Fifth wife while her hands roam over Fifth's body, squeezing her ass.

" Mmmmm haa haa mmppphhh"

Saliva dropped from their mouths as their tongues intertwined, their perky breasts fighting for dominance over each other. Fourth, pulls her lips back and licks the saliva seductively off her lips.

She moves down and starts to lick Fifth's pussy, making her moan, as the Fifth wife presses her hand down over Fourth wife's head to feel even more pleasure. After licking her for a few minutes, fourth moves her hips and places them over Fifth's face.

*slurp* *slurp*

Both women lick each other's pussy in a 69 pose, pushing their tongue and licking the folds of squishy skin on the walls of each other's pussy, as more and more liquid gushed out of their caves.

Both of them were moaning into each other's pussies, as they constantly moved their tongues and sucked each other's clit, turning it hard.

Jayden looks at this scene, and his cock grows even longer with excitement. The intensity of his thrusts in Sara's pussy increases, making her climax many times.

Then under the constant assault of four women, Jayden finally pours his thick hot semen into Sara's pussy, filling her womb.

" aaaaaannnnngghhh S...So full, it's hot. I...I'm going to get pregnant after this. "

After he completely emptied the semen into Sara, Jayden pulled his dick out of her, making white cum leak out from her pussy.

As Jayden pulls out his cock, the third redhead takes it into her hand tightly and instantly puts it into her mouth, not giving anyone else a chance.

She starts to suck his cock, drinking the remaining cum. At this time, the fourth and fifth finally came, too, after licking each other with lust and desires.

After licking the cock a final time, the redhead pulls the hard dick out of her mouth and pushes Jayden back as she climbs on top of him and puts his dick into her slowly, and starts to bounce on top of him.

Stephen observes everything with a dead, lifeless look, and he just wanted everything to end. He had no will to live, he watched as each of his wives had sex with Jayden, moaning loudly.

Jayden filled all of his wives with his thick cum, as he fucked all six of them for the whole night, non-stop.

By the morning, all six lay on top and sides of Jayden, with semen leaking from the pussies of all six of them.

Jayden stood up in front of Stephen, making him tilt his head upwards slightly to look at Jayden. A disdainful smile appears on his face as he says:

" This is the beginning. Now, it's time to wake up. "

Just as those words enter Stephen's ears, he feels his surrounding buzzing, and a severe headache soon engulfs him.

After more than 10 minutes of agony, he opens his eyes again and finds himself sitting on a sofa inside his empty room. There was no trace of Jayden or his wives. The Genjutsu finally ended.

He looks everywhere and finds his room to be in the same condition as before. He suddenly stood up and ran out of the room. His guards look at him with surprise and then follow him quickly.

He runs to Sara's room, and after reaching, he peeks inside; after seeing her sleeping soundly, a sigh of relief leaves his mouth. With doubt in his mind, he thought: 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

' Was that all a dream? But it was just too real, as if I was actually there. Maybe I'm just too stressed. ' after thinking that; he goes back to his room under the confused gazes of his guards.


In Warwitalm,

Jayden was eating dinner with Alice, Eleanor, Layla, and Sophie. All are seated around a big dining table, with Alice sitting right next to Jayden, holding one of his hands.

He was having trouble eating with just one hand and holding back his laugh, seeing Alice giving cold glares to the women sitting around the big table, just like a little kid trying to protect his toys from other children.

After the dinner ended, Eleanor finally brought up her reason for coming to meet Jayden. After the assassin incident, Eleanor's gaze towards Jayden changed completely, she looked at him with some hatred previously, but now infatuation towards him could be seen in her eyes.

Even her tone was very soft, making Layla, her daughter, blink in confusion at her mother's strange behaviour.

Layla was Peter's older sister; she was a confident and intelligent girl and was chosen to be the next heir of the Keen family, even after being a girl.

With a voluptuous body, she looked like a younger version of her mother but had quite a lot of differences in their faces, as she wasn't her real daughter.

Breaking the silence, Eleanor looks at Jayden with love-filled eyes and speaks with a gentle tone, sending danger signals to Alice.

" Your Majesty, I need to attend the family meeting, which was held at my house. So, I need your permission to leave the castle along with my daughter, Layla. "

She looks at Jayden with puppy eyes, making a cute sight of a woman her age acting like that.

Jayden feels his cheeks getting hot, and a slight blush appears on his face as he remembers the game he played with her.

He immediately turns his expression to normal, not wanting others to see. But he failed miserably in doing that, as Eleanor and Alice were able to see his blush. While Eleanor feels butterflies in her stomach, Alice's mood turns sour as a frown appears on her face.

' Did something happen between them? ' Alice thought, and just the thought of it made her uncomfortable.

She looks at Jayden with accusing eyes while he is oblivious to it all, looks at Eleanor, and speaks with a small smile, making Eleanor look at him with possessive eyes.

" Alright, you both can go. Tell me if you encounter any problems. "Jayden said and was about to stand up as Eleanor spoke in a cheerful tone.

" Yesss, I'll tell you later what I need, but you haven't told me about what 'you' need," she speaks in a seductive voice, making the sentence double meaning.

Jayden coughed slightly, as he didn't expect her to tease him like that. With a red face, he looks at Eleanor and speaks awkwardly:

" Wh...What are you talking about? I don't need anything. Then I'll be going first. "

Eleanor found Jayden acting like that to be very cute; with joy in her heart, she continued.

" Did you forget the bet? You asked me to- "Jayden cuts her in the middle as he suddenly stands up and puts his hand over his waist as if searching for something.

" Oh, sorry. But I'm getting an urgent call and need to attend. " Under the stunned and confused looks of everyone present in there, he runs out of the room, looking panicked.

Eleanor had a big smile on her face as she looked at Jayden, who always acts fearless and could kill people with a wave of his hand; running out of the room like a small kid, filled her heart with love and tenderness.

While Alice looked at Jayden suspiciously, she thought he was acting quite strange. She felt her jealousy meter rising to the top as she saw the loving smile on Eleanor's face.


After escaping from the room, Jayden sighs in relief as he cherishes his dear life, which just a moment ago seemed to come short when he felt Alice tightening her hands and her eyes turning angry.

Now he could only hope Alice did not get too angry after knowing about his relationship with other women.

As he was walking aimlessly, a maid approached him and bowed respectfully in front of him, and after Jayden nodded, she spoke:

" Your majesty, we've received a letter from the martial hall. "

Jayden takes the letter from her hand and thanks her for her work.

The maid, with a big smile, walks away from him. Just a week ago, Jayden was famous for being a fool. But now, he seemed to have changed completely. All guards and maids now respected him.

Jayden looked at the letter in his hands and it was from the martial hall, the biggest martial arts academy. Most of the strongest people have been students there.

Luke, Stephen's guard, too, was once a student there. As Jayden hears the name of the martial academy, he finally remembers he, too, was a student there.

Jayden opens up the letter and reads the message written in it. It was addressed to him, asking him to return to the academy immediately. Otherwise, he would be expelled from the academy.

Due to his reputation, no one treated him properly in the academy. Many students bullied him, and all teachers looked at him with contempt.

Even the letter he just received from the headmaster of the martial hall was very disrespectful towards him.

A sinister smile appears on his face as he thinks:

" Should I pay a visit to the academy? "


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