Erotic Adventures in the Omniverse: Vampire Lord got too many wives

Chapter 33: Stephen’s Nightmare [R-18(Dark)]
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Chapter 33: Stephen's Nightmare [R-18(Dark)]

Jayden told Alice about the assassin and Stephen's plans and why he ran at that time. All of that made her relax quite a bit, but Jayden leaving her at that time made quite a big impact on her.

After that, she didn't leave jaydens' side at all, always clinging to his arm, making sure he didn't ever leave her.

Jayden didn't mind her action at all, and he felt bad for making her cry. He decided to destroy Stephen completely, 'how dare he have designs on my cute Alice. ' Jayden thought.

Then he thinks about the things he saw in Stephen's memory that gave him quite a lot of info.

The holy, dark, and shadow factions were in cahoots along with Stephen's and Albert's Kingdom. They were trying to resurrect three founding ancestors of the Shadow clan.

Shadow clan is the strongest assassin group; their founding ancestor is supposed to be super strong.

Jayden put everything into the back of his mind and decided to give his attention to something that was clinging to his arms and puffed her cheek like a squirrel in an attempt to get his attention while acting angry.

Jayden couldn't hold back at the sight of such a cute being; he forgot everything and hugged her tightly, making her cry in surprise. But she hugs him back even more tightly, possessively. With the last incident, her yandere meter rose to a whole new level.


Stephen was sitting in his carriage; he had a big smile on his face. He was thinking of Alice and the reaction of Jayden when he saw Alice holding hands with Stephen.

Now he just needs to wait for the assassin to finish the job; even if the assassin fails, the plans he had with other factions will give him immense power. It was just a matter of time before he had Alice in his arms.

His thoughts wandered off to his sixth wife, and he couldn't wait to spend a fantastic night with her, along with his other wives. He orders his men to increase the pace and to reach the kingdom before night.


After travelling for a few hours, he was finally able to reach the kingdom at dawn. He immediately ran off to meet his wives, the images of Alice were making him horny.

After he reaches his room, he feels a little dizzy, and that's when the game starts; the Genjutsu finally kicks in.

*knock* *knock* *knock*

" Who is it? " Stephen asks, still excited for the intimate night that's to come.

" My king, there's a guest who wishes to have an audience with you. " the guard outside replies.

" It's the king of Warwitalm Kingdom. He's saying something about founding ancestor. " the guard replied.

Stephen narrows his eyes, his mood suddenly getting sour. He thinks of ways possible that this fool could have known about it. He needs to be killed if he knows too much.

" Send him in. " Stephen orders in a serious tone.

" Yes, my king. " the guard bows outside the room and opens the door.

Stephen looks at the man entering the room, who has a big confident smile on his face, making Stephen doubt if it is the fool king.

Jayden walks in and sits down on the bed while looking haughty. His gaze seems to pierce through Stephen, making him uncomfortable.

" Why are you here? And get away from my bed. " Stephen speaks in an angry tone.

A smirk appears on Jayden's face as he looks at the man whose face is changing colour with each passing second.

" Now, Now, let's not be uncultured. I'm here just to... "

A scowl appears on Stephen's face as he asks:

" To what? "

"Just to have some fun. " Jayden replies with an innocent smile on his face.

Stephen's scowl deepens as he tries to understand his words and, after a moment, asks him:

" What do you mean by 'have fun here'? "

Jayden looks around the room and speaks in a relaxed tone:

" Oh, you know I heard your wives are very beautiful, especially your youngest wife; as a fellow man of culture, you must understand what I mean, right? "

Although Stephen didn't understand him fully, hearing him talking about his women, anger rose inside him; he had the impulse to shred Jayden to pieces right there and then.

His body began to tremble in a fury; he wanted to wipe off the fucking smirk on his face; he decided to deal with Jayden as he shouted at the top of his lungs.

" Luke, Ben, come. "

Just as he commanded, two men entered the room and looked around. Jayden was sitting on the bed with a smug look on his face; he wasn't worried in the least, while Stephen was standing, his face red.

" Kill that bastard, give him the most painful death, cut him to pieces, feed him to dogs, how dare he talk about 'my wives.' " Stephen shouted as he pointed at Jayden, ready to see him die miserably.

'After his death, I can finally take Alice for myself, 'he thought.

But moments passed, and neither man moved at all; they just stood at their position, looking at Stephen as if looking at a fool.

" What are you doing? Kill him. Don't just stand there like some idiots. " Stephen roared, looking at his guards.

" Chill, bud, why be so hyper? Don't you know anger is bad for health? Now let me show you a magic trick to cool you down. " Jayden speaks as his gaze turns towards Ben and Luke, then he gestures them towards Stephen and speaks:

" Hold him down, boys. "

Under Stephen's disbelieving gaze, both men steps towards him and, with fluent motion, pushes him down, with his face towards Jayden.

" What are you doing? Why are you following his orders? Did he promise to give you something? Whatever he is giving you, I'll give you more precious things; you know I always treat you well. " Stephen pleaded, trying everything to make them listen to him.

But all efforts were wasted, as his voice fell on deaf ears. He can't believe even Luke betrayed him; an expression of despair appears on his face as he thinks of his possible death.

" Is there anyone outside? Come help me. "Stephen shouts, trying to summon his guards.

" Don't make such a face; I won't kill you. Don't you remember why I came here? " Jayden said as the corner of his lips raised.

As Stephen remembers jaydens' previous words, a horrified expression appears on his face as he speaks :

" Y... You don't mean that, right? You won't stoop so low; you're a respected king. "

" Bring her in. " Jayden speaks while Stephen's face turns pale.

Just as Jayden commanded, two of Stephen's guards brought a woman dragging her by arms. The woman was trying to resist with all her might.

Stephen looks at his first wife, Sara; his face darkens as he thinks of what Jayden might do to her.

" No, please, I beg you, I was wrong. You can do anything to me; please don't do anything to her. " Stephen prayed as tears formed at the corner of his eyes.

" P...Please let me go. Someone help- " Sara was trying to escape the grasp of the two guards but didn't have enough strength.

The two guards threw her towards Jayden, who caught her tightly, not letting her escape. He turns to look at the guards and orders:

" Place a knife at his throat and kill him if Sara doesn't listen to my commands and turn your face away, don't look here. " just as Jayden commanded, the royal guards looked away, and Luke put a knife at Stephen's throat; while the guards who brought Sara in leaves the room.

" You dirty bastard, let her go, or I will give you the most horrifying death. " Stephen roared, enraged at the sight of Jayden holding his wife.

Ignoring him, Jayden looks at the alluring figure of Sara. She's terrified and wanted to escape but has no power. She looked at the handsome face of Jayden and pleaded:

" P...Please let me go; I- " Jayden places a finger on her lips as he speaks:

" Shhhh, why are you trembling, I'm not going to harm you in any way, but if you don't listen to me, your dear husband might die. "

As she listens to Jayden's words, fear grips her heart; she loves Stephen, and she can't let him die. 𝐟𝐫𝗲𝗲𝘄𝗲𝗯𝗻𝐨𝘃𝗲𝐥.𝐜𝐨𝗺

Sara held back her tears as she spoke with a firm tone:

" What do you want me to do? "

" Now we're talking. First of all, why don't you think of me as your husband for tonight, that way you too can have fun. Let me help you. "

After speaking that, he blindfolds her with a silk cloth, placing it on her eyes.

She didn't resist at all and let Jayden do what he wanted as if she refused, he might kill Stephen.

Stephen lying on the floor, clenched his teeth as tears began to fall over his face; he shouted:

" Bastard, stop that. Don't touch my wife with your filthy hands. Nooo! "

Everyone ignored his shouts; Sara's heart was heavy; if she wanted to save Stephen, she would have to betray him first and do lecherous things in front of him. She bit her lip and spoke:

" What do you want me to do now? "

Jayden looks at Sara; she has long blonde hair, pale white skin shining brightly, average size breast, and a huge juicy ass; the best feature is her flawless face.

Jayden felt his little brother getting hard just thinking of her naked body. He shakes his head and speaks with excitement in his voice.

" My dear wife Sara, why don't you give a lovely kiss to your darling? "

" Nooooooooooooo " Stephen shouts.

Sara gulps and, with a blindfold on her face, carefully crawls toward Jayden. She touches his face to locate his lip, then, with a quick motion, plants a quick kiss on his lips.

But before she could pull away, Jayden pulled her into a deeper passionate kiss; he sucked her lips and pushed his tongue into her mouth, making her eyes open wide in shock.

"Mmmmm," Sara's voice rang in the room as Jayden began to grope her soft ass with one hand while placing his other hand on her boob.

He played with her ass and breast as his tongue twirled into her mouth. She tried to get away from his grip but couldn't move at all.

" Please stop...*sob*stop this. " Stephen said while sobbing.

Sara tried to think of the person kissing her to be Stephen, but no matter how much she wanted to believe that, she knew the truth wouldn't change. She tightly closed her eyes and clenched her fists while Jayden kissed her, mixing their saliva.

She could feel his warm tongue moving inside her mouth, she pushed it away with her tongue, but instead of being thrown out of her mouth, his tongue started to rub against her tongue.

Jayden continued his assault on her tongue as he sucked on her tongue and nibbled it. After kissing her for more than ten minutes, he finally pulled back while a thick line of saliva formed between their lips.

*haa* *haa* *haa*

Sara was panting heavily, spit falling off her mouth. Jayden tears off her dress, removing her bra and panties, making her cry in surprise.

She immediately moves her hands to hide her boobs and pussy. She was on the verge of tears as she begged:

" Please, no more. You- ahhhh "

A moan escapes her mouth as she felts Jayden sucking her neck while his hands rub her bare breasts. He pushes her down on the bed and speaks near her ear as he pushes her hand above her head.

" Just think of me as your husband, and from tomorrow, everything will be fine. "

" Stop it. I will do anything. *sob*Please don't do anything more to her. *sob*" Stephen begs, as he regrets ever touching Alice.

Jayden ignores him and gets back to kiss Sara's neck, leaving love bites as if marking her as his woman, at least for that night.

He moves down and begins to suck her supple breast; he sucks her perky pink nipples. Although she was trying her best not to moan, he was sucking her breasts so hard that few moans left her mouth.

" Ahnnn mpphhh " Stephen listened to her moans and felt as if his head was going to explode. He didn't even have any more strength to speak.

He wanted to look away but failed due to the tight grip on his head. He just tightly shut his eyes but couldn't stop the moans of his wife from entering his ears.

Jayden bit her nipple and began to move downloads, licking her belly. He reaches near her nether region and starts to lick her thighs, making it more difficult for her to stop her moans.

He sucks and licks her thighs and then slowly moves his tongue toward her lower lips and seals them with a tight kiss.

" Ahhnnngggggg- " Sara moans loudly, feeling the sudden suction at her pussy; as her hips rise slightly in the air, she places both her hands on her mouth.

Jayden began to suck the outer skin of her pussy, and then thrust his tongue inside her pussy, rubbing it against the squishy walls of her cave, which was releasing a lot of liquid by now.

He rubbed his tongue on the folds of her pussy walls, poking deep inside; Sara couldn't hold back as her lower body arched upwards, pushing it toward Jayden's mouth.

She places both her hands on his head and forgets everything as she pushes his tongue deeper. After Jayden stimulated her a little more, he pulled back before Sara could come.

He wipes his face off, as a big grin forms on his face; he pulls Sara towards him and spokes in a domineering tone:

" Should we start the main event? "

Sara bits her lip, she did not want to betray Stephen, but it felt just too great. She thought that it was just to save Stephen, nothing more.

" Mmm," Sara gives her consent, making Stephen's head and heart hurt even more. He couldn't believe she was agreeing to have sex with another man, even more, when he was watching.

Jayden didn't waste any time as he pulled his clothes away and brought his bulging cock near her wet pussy.

He rubs the tip of his dick on the entrance of her pussy, making her shiver. He slowly begins to push his dick into her divine cave as Sara clenches the sheets tightly.

" Ahhhhhnnnnn, haaaaaaaaannn " Sara begins to moan loudly when Jayden pushes his entire dick into her warm wet pussy.

She could feel his cock reaching very deep inside her, the places that Stephen could never reach.

She wraps her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. She bites his shoulder tightly as she reaches climax and comes with just his dick entering inside her.

" Oh, you came already, but we're just getting started. " Jayden speaks with a mischievous smile as he pulls his cock out a little.

He, too, feels something he never had, as his expression turns to one of euphoria. Just as he pulled back his cock, he felt her pussy clinging to it and trying to pull his dick back inside.

He Begins to thrust his big cock inside her, making her moan in pleasure with each thrust.

" Haaaan, Aaaannggh hnnnnnnn D... Don't stop


Soon the room was filled with moans and the sound of flesh hitting flesh. At the same time, faint sounds of sobs could also be heard in the room.


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