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Chapter 25: Strong Opponent, Easy Battle

Jayden was sitting on the tower; his body had completely healed from all the damage he received from the evolution of the skill 'Memory Manipulator.' He was observing the approaching enemy, it was quite fast, but the zombie's main aspect seemed to be strength, as each step of the zombie was creating a huge crater on the land.

Jayden saw its level and was stunned; its level was a four-digit number. His body's first instinct was to run, but he calmed himself down and again looked at the zombie running toward him.

When the level 2932 zombie came in a 200m range, it stopped and stared directly into Jayden's eyes. Without wasting any time, Jayden took this opportunity to activate his Genjutsu skill.

[ Activating skill Genjutsu ]

[ Skill Activation Failed ]


Due to the level difference, Jayden was unable to use his 'Mind Manipulator' skill.

However, he wasn't too worried about it; he had a few cards up his sleeves he wanted to test, but if it came to the worst, he could always flee.

Breaking the silence, the zombie spoke first arrogantly.

" State your species, creature. "

" I am a human, creature. "Jayden replied with a serious face.

Hearing his words, the zombie's face turned purple with anger as he spoke.

" Don't call me that, you insect." the zombie yelled.

" Oh? I thought that was a greeting here. Anyway, I am a human, zombie. " Jayden spoke, looking into his eyes and trying again and again to activate his Genjutsu.

[ Skill Activation Failed ]

" Human? Never heard of it. And why are you calling me a zombie? " he asked Jayden with a confused expression.

" Of course, you are a zombie. Then what do you call your species? " Jayden asked without stopping his attempts.

" I'm from Habilis race. State your reason for being here. And what happened to all of them. "the zombie said while pointing inside the city.

" Oh, I'm here just for a tour. And they were like that when I came here, you can ask them. Look at my face and see my smile. Do I look like someone who can kill so many of them? " Jayden said, showing a smile full of fangs.

The zombie frowned and started to think something, all the while not moving his gaze away from Jayden.

" Whatever, I don't have time to play; I need to get there soon. I'll go after I kill you. "the zombie said as a ferocious expression appeared on his face.

Jayden gulped and pretended to be scared as he took a step back.

" Can't we talk it out like civilized people? You are not some muscle-brain beast, right?" Jayden said with a frightened expression.

The zombie smirked and started walking towards him, not paying too much attention to his words.

When only a few meter distance was left, the zombie launched a punch toward Jayden's chest.

Jayden wanted to test his strength, so instead of using any of his skills or avoiding them, Jayden launched a punch of his own.


The tower shattered into many pieces as the two fists collided. The zombie didn't take any step back. Meanwhile, Jayden was thrown away like a broken rag doll.

Jayden landed about 300 meters away from the tower after smashing into a tree. Many of his bones were broken, and there was nothing left of his right hand; it was completely blown off.

Jayden held his painful scream, as after just about 30 seconds later, he was back to his peak condition.

Jayden's expression was completely solemn right now as he watched the approaching zombie.

The zombie was walking towards him at a slow pace and had a disdainful expression on his face as if he was just killing a bug.

" Oh? That's a nice trick. How did you do it? "the zombie asked as he saw Jayden's healing ability.

" Well, I'm a vampire, after all. " Jayden said nonchalantly.

The zombie froze for a moment and looked up, and then asked.

" How are you moving in sunlight then? "

"I'm build different. "Jayden replied with a smirk.

The zombie narrowed his eyes, he had heard previously about the vampire race, but Jayden didn't match the criterion.

Suddenly, the zombie's eyes flashed with understanding as his expression turned joyful.

" Are you from the royal family or from one of those clans who aren't afraid of sunlight? Well, either way, King will be happy if I bring you back to him."

He had previously heard of a few vampire clans who could survive in the sunlight; as he thought of bringing Jayden back, he was already thinking of the rewards he could get this time.

' Is there anyone luckier than I am in this whole universe? ' the zombie thought with an expression full of pride.

He looked at Jayden as if he was looking at a lamb, ready to be devoured.

Jayden saw the look in the zombie's eye and took a step back at the creepy sight.

The zombie was looking at him as if he had found his first love after so many years. Jayden felt disgusted.

" Fu*k you, you son of a bit*h. "Jayden said while showing a middle finger.

The zombie tilted him, not understanding Jayden's words. He asked with a puzzled expression:

" What do those words mean? And why are you pointing this finger at me? "

Jayden's expression turned comically serious as he spoke.

" I am swearing at you. Do you use another word for cursing? How does ' Motherfuc*er' sounds to you? Does it feel like anything? "

The zombie shook his and spoke:

" No, does this need anything? "

" How about 'as*hole'? "Jayden asked

" No. " zombie

" Dork?"

" No. "the zombie replied, this time with some embarrassment of not understanding anything.

Jayden shook his head and spoke.

" Then how do you even curse at each other? Tell me the words you use. "

The zombie thought for a moment and replied in a prideful tone.

" You insect and You creature. " saying this, the zombie had a smirk on his face.

Jayden face palmed and spoke with a sigh.

" You're way too behind. You need to learn more. Try saying, 'I am a pus*y.' " Jayden said, making a serious expression.

The zombie nodded as if he was listening to the wisest words; then, he repeated the words.

"I am a pus*y." Saying this zombie looked at Jayden with expectation, as if a student who had just solved a question was waiting to be praised by his teacher.

Jayden, holding his laughter, nodded and spoke.

"pfft, Yeah, you did great; keep repeating it a few more times. "

The zombies' expressions turned happy. He nodded vigorously and started to repeat the phrase again and again.

"I am a pus*y."

"I am a pus*y."

"I am a pus*y."




After hearing it so many times, Jayden couldn't keep a straight face as he burst out laughing at the stupid zombie.

" pfft puahhhahahaha "

The zombie looked at Jayden with confusion at first; then, a realization occurred in his mind as his face turned red from shame and anger.

' This vampire insect made me curse myself again and again. I'm going to beat him before bringing him to the king. ' he thought as a dangerous light flashed in his eyes.

Seeing the change in the zombie's expression, Jayden stopped his laughter and looked at him. After a pause, he spoke again.

" So, should we share one last strike, pus*y? pffffftt. "Saying this, Jayden barely holds his laugh, making the zombie even angrier.

" I'll make you regret this, vampire insect. " the zombie said through gritted teeth.

[ Activating 'Time Manipulation' ]

Just as the zombie was about to step forward, Jayden using 4,000 HP, activated his time-stopping skill, stopping time for 2 minutes.

Then he turned Andrea into a katana and used its three daily special attacks, using 100 HP, to use a strike equal to level 800. He strikes the zombie's neck at the same spot again and again.











He didn't stop after three strikes, as he kept striking the zombie's neck at the same spot nonstop, with all his strength. The zombie's neck was quite hard and seemed to be difficult to cut off with Jayden's current strength.

However, after thousands of continuous strikes, for 2 whole minutes, Jayden was finally able to sever off the zombie's head completely.

Just as the skill time ended, the zombie stepped forward with a cold expression, but the next instant, something strange happened.

He felt the world revolving around him; he heard a thumping sound as if something had fallen to the ground.

He looked at a body standing in front of him; he started looking at it from below. First, he saw the Armor on it and thought, why did it have the same Armor as me?

Then he moved his gaze upwards, and a sudden realization hit him after seeing the headless body in front of him. Just as his body fell, his eyes widened, and with everlasting regret of not being able to use the mana room, he died.

[ You have killed a zombie, level 2932. ]

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]

[ Level up ]





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