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Chapter 13: The World of Zombies

After reading the quest details, Jayden headed towards his home. After reaching, he told Sasha about what he did to her uncle, her uncle's son, Sam, and to Tom and Lenny.

" So, my uncle was also a part of the plan. I knew he only wanted to use me for his benefits, but I didn't expect him to stoop so low. " Sasha said with a sad look on her face.

Jayden hugged her, and spoke in a gentle tone, as he stroked her hair:

" Don't worry about them, I'll always be with you. "

" Mmmm " Sasha nodded while hugging him tightly.

" There's something else I need to tell you about. " Jayden said looking down at her face.

" What is it? " she spoke without raising her head.

" I need to leave for some time. I'll be back within a month though. "Jayden said, as Anna had told him the time difference between Earth and that zombie world. Time there is almost 12 times faster than that of Earth.

" What? For a month? Do you really have to go? Where are you going? Can't I come with you? " Sasha showered Jayden with questions while raising her head to look at him.

" No, you can't come with me. And yes I have to go. I can't tell you the exact details about that place, I don't have much info myself. " Jayden answered her questions one by one.

Sasha's expression saddened, she lowered her face and didn't speak anything.

" Also, I was able to earn a lot of money. " Jayden spoke with excitement.

" You mean 'steal', right? " Anna voice came in Jayden's' mind.

tsk, Jayden clicked his tongue and ignored her.

He took Sasha's hand and gave her the account details for Swiss bank and said:" I'm not sure about the exact amount, but there should be a lot more than 50 billion dollars. Use it however you like. And don't leave the house, unless you really have to. "

" Isn't that too much money? " Sasha spoke with wide eyes.

" Don't worry, we'll have a lot more in the future. So, use as much as you want. " Jayden spoke with a big smile.

" I'll use it carefully. And about going out, is there still danger outside? " she spoke tilting her head.

" Lenny and Tom are gone, yes, but the so-called backer of Lenny is still out there, I don't have any idea who they are. So, be careful while I'm gone and try not to leave the house. And if you're going out just use my car and hide your identity. " Jayden said with concerned look on his face.

Sasha nodded, and spoke:" You too, be careful outside. "

" Before I leave, why don't you eat something? Drink until you're full now, so that you will be fine with just normal food for a month. " Jayden spoke while pulling her face up by holding her chin.

Sasha's eyes glowed red and fangs grew into her mouth. She pulled Jayden's shirt, revealing his pale neck and then bit. A soft moan escaped Jayden's mouth, as fangs started to grow in his mouth.

He pulled Sasha's dress, and bit her neck, near her shoulder. The taste of her blood felt like a tasty soft drink. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of drinking her blood, while she's hugging and sucking his blood.

After few moments, they pulled their faces away, and sat while hugging each other.

" I know its kinda late, but what's your innate ability? "Jayden spoke while enjoying her embrace.

" Oh, my innate ability. It's an ability giving me powers related to shadows, although I Haven't find out much about it yet. "Sasha spoke with her eyes closed.

" Woah, that sound like a great ability. Let's figure it out together later. "Jayden spoke smiling.

"Mhmm, what's your ability? "Sasha

" It's related to memories. "Jayden

" Sounds interesting. "Sasha

" Hmm "Jayden

After hugging her for a while longer, Jayden stood up gave her a goodbye kiss, then turned into mist before leaving the house.


He had almost 1 hour 20 min left before he will be teleported. So, he wanted to solve the problem with his bloodlust and hunger.

As he'll have to stay around a year in that world, he can't live that long without drinking blood and also he can't drink zombies blood. Although Anna have told him, there are also a few from beast race in that world.

He travelled to every hospital or blood Banks he could find and purchased as much blood as he could. After more then an hour, he had a total of 200 liters of blood, in plastic bags stored in many travelling bags.

" How am I going to move around with so many bags? " Jayden spoke looking at the bags with a tensed face.

" Well, you'll need the blood. Or you'll probably die of hunger. Even that much will only last for few months, as you'll need to fight a lot. Even though most zombies are low level, but there are quite a lot of high level ones. " Anna spoke.

Jayden nodded and tied all the bags to his hand with a rope. He took a deep breath and looked at the remaining time.

[ Time till quest start: 1 min ]


Graham, the world of zombies

It was day time, there were two suns visible in the sky, one was red and other looked white, everything was as usual. Zombies were running around, tearing apart each other or fighting beasts, while eating their meat and organs.

In a big castle, which looked as if it has gone through many wars. The whole castle was filled with zombies, there were zombie guards, citizens, soldiers, and all kind of zombies.

In a big hall, the zombie King was eating best quality beast meat, which previously was a high ranking warrior from beast race. And enjoying the dance performed by female zombies, despite being zombie they didn't look disgusted at all, infact they looked quite beautiful, even according to human standards.

Even the zombie King looked like a handsome blond man, in his mid twenties. His name is 'Lucas Star'. He's in a good mood, because of a recent victory in a battle. His army defeated a high ranking beast general, which was currently being devoured by him and few others.

With him eating were his five generals, named as numbers 1 to 5. The zombie King was too lazy to remember their names.

" My generals, this feast is to celebrate your victory over the dirty animals. No. 2 did great in the battle, and as a reward he'll be staying in the mana room for 2 hours, but you'll have to wait for a few months. " Lucas Star spoke while raising his spoon.

Upon hearing his words, all other generals looked at no. 2 with envy, while no. 2 was having difficulty holding his joy and to still not scream.

" Thank you, my king, for giving this unworthy servant such a great reward. " no 2 spoke, while bowing deeply. A few months wait was nothing for him, If he could stay there then he'd probably become the strongest general and rise in ranks.

Lucas waves his hand in dismissal and spoke again: " The better you do, the better your reward will be. Now, let's start. "

The maids standing around the table, serving them started gossiping.

" What? 2 hours in mana room? " a tall maid exclaimed.

" Is it such a great thing? " other maid with a chubby face asked with a confused look.

" You don't even know about the mana room, are you a monster or something? "the tall maid said as if looking at an idiot.

" Listen, the mana room is a cave. It is the place where the concentration of energy is highest on the whole planet. A thick energy vein releases a very very large amount of mana there. "

She then added:" Even two hours there will increase lord 2nd power by more than 30%. No one could stay there for more than 3 hours, even our king could stay there only for 3 and a half hour, and then no one can enter for more than a year. "

" Woahhh, there's Such a place. " the chubby faced maid spoke in a shocked tone.

" humph " The tall maid harrumphed as if she's a regular in the mana room.

The feast continued in silence, with only the sound of them eating.


Beast race was also busy, but in hiding and running from the zombies. The beast lord was sitting on his throne in his small castle, discussing with his ministers and generals about ways to survive.

" Lord Cyrus, our youngest general was killed in the recent battle. If things continues like this, we would all be wiped out before too long. " the 1st and strongest beast general spoke.

Now there were only 3 generals left,

Arthur, 1st general, with upper body of a bull and legs like humans. He is the strongest general.

Jin, 2nd general, who looked like a big rabbit. He is famous for his fast speed. ๐‘“๐“‡โ„ฏโ„ฏ๐“Œโ„ฏ๐‘๐‘›๐˜ฐ๐‘ฃโ„ฏ๐˜ญ.๐˜ค๐˜ฐ๐˜ฎ

Red, 3rd general, who looked like a big gorilla. He had high strength and good battle skills.

Cyrus Leon was the king of the beasts, he looked like a big lion, but with torso and lower body like that of humans. The strongest beast alive in Graham.

" Before the virus spread across the whole planet, we, the beast race and the habilis race were in a friendly relation. The planet was green, with pure water. We traded with each other, alot of us were even friends. But after a meteor fell, the habilis race started to change and now they've all become mindless creature, who only know how to devour. " Cyrus spoke with tinge of sadness in his voice.

" But worry not, we'll definitely survive this. Maybe not all of us, but we'll still do our best. " Cyrus spoke with a determined look.

All the generals and ministers nodded and shouted loudly:" To survive. "


In a seemingly silent sea, a white light glowed, and a person appeared out of nowhere.

Jayden fell into the sea, along with his bags. He didn't expect to fell into water as soon as he came, he had difficulty trying to determine which is upper and which is lower inside the water. After struggling for a bit, he finally came towards the surface, but swimming was very difficult, which became even more difficult due to his bags.

After looking around, he saw land and swam towards it and after a couple of minutes, he finally landed on the land.

He was lying on the ground and breathing heavily, when growling sounds drifted in his ears. He turned his head to look around and saw more than 100 zombies walking towards him.

" Holy shit "

[ Task: Kill atleast 1 million zombies ] [0/1000000]

[ Time Left: 364 days 23 hours 53 minutes]


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