Eroge: I can Travel To The Ancient World

Eroge: I can Travel To The Ancient World

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    After reincarnating eight times unsuccessfully due to a glitch in the netherworld, Jia Hao finally reincarnated in the world of Urban Fantasy, an eroge game that he played before. However, he realized the game was currently in the bad ending mode and he is powerless like a side character without any game system.

    Skinny dude who blackmails girls? Check!

    Fat Ugly Uncle who lusts after women? Check!

    Blonde haired delinquent whose eyes are covered with bangs? Check!

    As Jia Hao was wrecking his brain to how to change the plot, he found a mysterious pot that can take him into an ancient world, and the items he brought from the modern world transformed into heavenly treasures!

    “Now, you dare to gaze at my women? My dear wives! Beat him to death!” Jia Hao ordered as he leaned back on the chair like a salted fish.