Epic of Caterpillar

Chapter 1628 Silva's Upgrade & Colora's Max Level
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Chapter 1628 Silva's Upgrade & Colora's Max Level

However, before letting Colora Evolve, I want to see something within the Dungeon. Now that my Phantasmal Aura has evolved so much with my Divine Aura, I've decided that it was about time I could acquire some more spooky powers with it. Even more now when I actually can put them to good use as I delve into this Labyrinth with the Monster Army summoned by Silva.


[You exchanged 60 Skill Points]

[You learned the [Phantasmal Puppeteer: Lv1] Skill]


[Phantasmal Puppeteer: Lv1]

Skill Proficiency: 0/10000

A skill that only those who have transformed their souls into a large quantity of phantom are capable of learning. By activating it, the user is capable of using their very souls to possess a target. If the target is too strong, the possession might fail or be done halfway. However, if the target lacks a strong will or is weaker than the user, complete possession is guaranteed.

The power and quantity of possessed ones depends in the power of the soul and the Skill Level. Those possessed by this skill have their stats enhanced by +50% with an additional +10% with each Skill Level. The higher the skill level, the less the burden of possession with each target becomes.

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And with this, I can fully possess the monsters Silva summons and transfer my own senses and even part of my powers to them, and to boot, I can boost their stats! This way I can not only command an army but control it and maneuver the army as I please! Isn't that just amazing? Yes, it is!

Like this, I possessed the rest of the 35 monsters that survived, and using one of the skeleton knights, I moved into the depths of the last dungeon floor, quickly finding something within, a spark of golden light…

"I see, so this is actually a thing at the end, huh?" I wondered, as a smile quickly emerged in my lips, although in this skeleton body, it couldn't really smile.

I stretched the skeleton arm, reaching the spark of light. By merely touching it, I felt a strong and powerful connection.

[Unknown Ego Fragment has been detected]

[The Ego [Silva] is compatible with the Unknown Ego Fragment]

[Do you wish to merge the Ego Fragment with [Silva]?]

I knew it!

I quickly pressed without hesitating, as I saw the beautiful Silva suddenly gain a wonderful and bright golden glow from within. Fiere, the twins, and Sol noticed something was happening with my kitchen knife.


[Silva] has absorbed and merged successfully with [Compatible Ego Fragment]

[Silva] Stats have increased greatly]

[Silva] Skills have leveled up]

[Silva] Power over the Primordial Principle of Dungeons has increased]

Amazing, Silva got a good boost!

"Uuuhh… What just happened? I was taking a nap… Mama?" Silva wondered.

"I guess you ate another dungeon…" I said.

When I realized it, the entire Labyrinth where the monsters were completely disappeared, and the monsters there were automatically teleported outside, thankfully. Although they were now in the middle of the desert.

"Ooh! So that was the yummy snack I had! I feel a bit more complete now… Maybe we should eat as many Dungeons as we can." She said with confidence.

"Yeah, we'll try to get to that." I said with a smile.

"Why are you talking with your knife?" Asked Sol.

"Did the Knife just glowed?" Asked Fiere.

"I thought that Knife wasn't like the other weapons she has, but it is?" Asked Luminous.

"Yeah, well I never told you but this Knife is the actual Dark Labyrinth…" I said.


Everyone reacted as I had expected. At the end, I gave them all a brief resume of Silva's birth. Up until now they had been assuming the power of dungeons was just mine, but in fact it was always within my Kitchen Knife I use to cut stuff when I cook.

"W-What the heck?" Sol asked. "So the kitchen knife was always a damn dungeon?"

"Yeah… I can't believe that." Said Fiere.

"Any other weird secrets you're saving from us?" Asked Luminous.

"No…" I said while averting my gaze. "Not for now…"

After that conversation was over, we saw at the distance the graveyard mountains. They were an enormous spine erecting up to a kilometer into the sky. It was indeed a sight to behold, and the more I watched, the more fascinated I grew.

"This thing's enormous! I never thought I would see something like this- Wait a minute my world got something similar too. Meh, not that original anymore." I sighed while shrugging.

"You saw something like this before?!" Luminous asked.

"Whatever world Kireina comes from; I am scared of knowing more." Fiere added.

"Master… Can I evolve?" Wondered Colora.

"Oh right!" I said, quickly looking at her Status


[Name]: [Colora] [Rank]: [E+]

[Race]: [Primordial Rainbow Canvas Spirit (Divine Species)]

[Job Class]: [Magic Paint Brush]

[Subclass]: [Painter]

[Level]: [0/20] -> [20/20]

[HP]: [250/250] -> [1250/1250]

[MP]: [5000/5000] -> [15000/15000]

[Strength]: [25] -> [1025]

[Agility]: [150] -> [2150]

[Vitality]: [50] -> [1050]

[Intelligence]: [200] -> [3200]

[Dexterity]: [100] -> [3100]

[Divinity]: [100] -> [300]

[Passive Skills]

[Unique Skills]: [Maxima Summon: Lv--] [Master Connection: Kireina: Lv--] [True Sentient Weapon: Lv--] [Maxima Summon Physique: Lv2] [Primordial Rainbow Child: Lv2] [Dao Summon: Lv2 (Dao of Colors)] [Dao Paint: Lv12] [Endless Imagination: Lv2]

[Body Skills]: [Paint Brush: Lv2] [Automatic Self Repair: Lv2]

[Resistance Skills]: [All Element Resistance: Lv2]

[Active Skills]

[Physical Skills]: [Paint Attack: Lv2]

[Magical Skills]: [Magic Paint: Lv2] [Summon Painting: Lv2] [Scribble: Lv2]

[Title Skills]

[Unique Title Skills]: [The Child of Colors: Lv2] [Professional Painter: Lv2]

[Available Stat Points]: [200]

[Available Skill Points]: [200]


Wow, her stats increased very little aside from her MP, I guess she still got a slow growth progress… Well, she's still E+ Rank, maybe at the next Rank her stat growth might increase some more. However, unlike Bubu she seems like a more MP and Intelligence Specialist more than anything else. I can tell.

She got some Stat Points and Skill Points, but I want to spend them later for now I want to see her next evolution. I'll check her Skill Tree later, of course.

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