Epic of Caterpillar

Chapter 1626 AFK Grinding
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Chapter 1626 AFK Grinding

I looked into the entrance of the Dark Labyrinth as a smile surged in my lips.

"So what do we do, we enter?" Asked Sol.

"Yeah, we should, if that's what you're after, Kireina…" Said Luminous. "But I suggest you hurry."

"Nope, we aren't going to the Dark Labyrinth ourselves. I've already sent a skeleton inside and I was told there's nothing weird aside from a bunch of cactus-type monsters. They're growing in ridiculous quantities there." I said with a smile. "We are going to do some AFK farming, everyone!"

"AFK?" Everyone asked at the same time.

"Tch, tch, tch… You guys really don't know a single thing!" I sighed. "Well, whatever. I've already prepared two hundred monsters I've been summoning since last night for this… Now, Silva!"

"Okay mama!" Silva said, as countless monsters emerged. It was a big mix of Ogres, Skeletons, and Fire Salamanders. The Ogres were mostly filler but I wanted to see how far they can go being so low rank, while the Skeletons are the main physical and tank force and the Fire Salamanders fight from the distance. I wish I had healers with them but I didn't, so I'll leave these two hundred guys inside for now.

"Now go! Good luck, may the spirit of Yggdrasil be with you." I said, using Yggdrasil Blessing and radically boosting their stats through the roof.

The enormous army marched forward, beginning to walk downstairs until they disappeared completely. Quickly after, I sensed that they began engaging in combat. A group of five walking cactuses noticed them and ran towards them, only to get completely bodied by a hundred fireballs hitting them at once, they were burned to a crisp.

And then, another group appeared, this one took down two Ogres but then got sliced into pieces by the Skeletons swords. Then another group of ten, burned alive. Then another group of twenty, burned and sliced, and like that, I was earning EXP automatically.

Not only I, but those registered in the "Party" were also earning some EXP. Of course, at this point we were already far away from the Dark Labyrinth, flying towards the far away Graveyard Mountains, which is the last place before reaching wherever Elfina is.


[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x3]

[You earned 150000 EXP]

[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x5]

[You earned 250000 EXP]

[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x1]

[You earned 50000 EXP]

[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x2]

[You earned 100000 EXP]

[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x1]

[You earned 50000 EXP]

[You and your Party have slain [Walking Cactus (B Rank)] x1]

[You earned 50000 EXP]

[EXP]: [1700000/2400000]

"Ahh, that's a lot of EXP, but I need two million to level up, each Cactus gives roughly 50k… I need more, kill more for me, my minions!" I said while we flew across the skies.

"Come on, just around 500k more- no, 700k more! That's… 14 Cactuses I think? Nothing hard, come on, continue the slaughter!" I said while we flew across the skies.

"You're still killing Cactuses AFK?" Asked Fiere.

"Yeah, don't you get the EXP?" I wondered.

"We only get 25k per cactus so we are leveling way slower than you thought." Said Sol.

"Not like I complain. Though those cactuses are going to eventually stop appearing, Labyrinths only have a limited supply of monsters before they need to take a long time to spawn more, even months." Said Luminous.

"Yeah yeah I know the ropes by now." I said.

"Woah, I leveled up again!" Said Ariant.

"Me too…" Eriant said.

These two were way lower leveled than the rest of our part so they were getting more levels way easily. They were also born with the Growth Enhancement Skill, which I cant find in my own Skill Library, which enhances their EXP earned and also Skill proficiency earned greatly.

"Man I want to level up like you guys do…" I sighed, looking into the beautiful blue sky and the sands below. The sands below…

The sands below…

Wait, why are the sands trembling?


Suddenly, an enormous insectoid jaw emerged from the dunes.

"No… Not again! Luminous fly as high as you can!!!" I cried.

"Wha?!" Luminous was caught of guard, but just as he saw the jaws, he immediately gritted his teeth and flew as high into the sky as he could, we all tightly grabbed his scales and body, as I expanded my phantasmal aura to grasp everybody better.


As we flew, the monster below roared. An enormous gravity field was activated.

"T-That's a Desert King! Were we too relaxed?! We were not able to see its tail!" Said Ariant.

"See?! I told ya it is not as easy as you folk said so!" I said angrily.


The enormous roar of the Desert King, a ginormous ant lion resonated across the entire desert, the gravity field continued expanding, trying to catch us, but eventually, we were able to escape in time and reached incredibly high in the skies. This bastard's gravity field is not endless range after all!

"W-We somehow slipedd off its range…" Luminous gasped for air while flapping his wings weakly.

"Wow, I wouldn't had wanted to get eaten by that or thrown away randomly again, for sure…" Fiere sighed.

"That damn thing, was it following us around?" Wondered Sol.


The enormous ant lion slowly groaned once more, finding it useless to catch us, it quickly dived into the sea of sand once more, as if it was giving on us, for now. It angrily threw off an enormous amount of sand into the skies and then it disappeared.

"That was close…" Ariant said.

"Man, I almost lost my hear there…" Eriant lamented.

"That damn bastard thing… You two, do you know of a way to kill a Desert King?" I wondered.

"What? Kill one?! That's impossible!" Ariant said.

"Yeah, there's just no way!" Said Eriant.

"Ugh, you guys are no fun…" I sighed, looking into the sand.

Before leaving this place, I'll make sure to kill that thing.

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