Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos

Chapter 2069: Taking Matters Into One’s Own Hands
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Chapter 2069: Taking Matters Into One's Own Hands

Since it would take a few days for her to get in contact with her friend, Shiroyasha left Vahn to his own devices after an additional hour or so of idle chatter.

With nothing better to do, Vahn decided to personally check up on Black Rabbit since it had been quite some time since she roused from her slumber. She was feeling a little addled after everything that had transpired. As a result, he found the blue-haired bunny lying face down in the bedding, her adorable tuft of a tail periodically twitching between the fabric of her blouse and skirt.

Though she had given him permission to enter the room directly, Vahn gave Black Rabbit a chance to compose herself by lightly knocking on the door. This startled her quite a bit, but, after quickly arranging her clothes, she managed to appear relatively calm as she sat in seiza atop the bed and called out, "Come in." in an audibly nervous tone of voice.

Doing exactly that, Vahn slid open the sliding bamboo door, smiling as he gently asked, "How are you feeling? I was quite surprised when you 'exploded' like that..."

With her ears drooping adorably, Black Rabbit pushed together her index fingers in a manner reminiscent of Hinata as she answered, "Wuuu...I never wanted you to see that..."

Raising his brow, Vahn, leaning against the doorframe with his arms crossed, mused, "Oh? Did I see something I shouldn't have~?"

Nodding her head, Black Rabbit explained, "Indra-sama thought it would be funny if Moon Rabbit's overloaded when they were excessively flustered or when people broke the rules. I did my best to hold it back, but your words got the better of me..."

Though he couldn't help wondering what the Indra of the Divine Realm was like, Vahn set that aside for the time being as he asked, "Do you mind if I come over...?"

With her ears perking up, the roots of Black Rabbit's hair began to shimmer pink as she stared at Vahn from beneath her bangs. She was a little afraid that she might explode a second time, but, after a very brief moment of hesitation, she ended up nodding her head with an, "Nn..."

Since he could tell Black Rabbit was in an inordinately vulnerable state, Vahn elected to walk over slowly rather than teleporting next to her. He usually enjoyed teasing her quite a bit but that didn't mean he was going to put his own interests before her mental wellness.

Fortunately, it was Black Rabbit who took the initiative to move closer when he sat at the side of her bed. She had become rather fond of his caress, so, whenever they were alone, she liked to snuggle up next to him to provide easy access to her head.

Never one to disappoint the women in his life, Vahn emitted calming energy from the palm of his hand as he proceeded to pet Black Rabbit's head. He had already confirmed he could get the pink in her hair to retract by helping her calm down so that's what he was aiming for as he softly muttered, "It was pretty cute..."


Despite emitting a pouty sound, Black Rabbit wasn't particularly upset by Vahn's words. He was far from the first person who had teased her. Rather, ever since she had escaped from the Moon many years prior, pretty much every senior member of her Community had teased her at one point or another. It was something she had come to associate with people who cared about her, so, while she would never admit it, Black Rabbit had actually come to appreciate being teased.

"I was thinking about preparing dinner for everyone tonight. What are you in the mood for...?"

Though he had been providing the ingredients for all the No Names' meals, Lily managed to convince Vahn to leave most of the cooking to her and the senior group. The food he cooked was a little too flavorful, and, while that wasn't exactly a bad thing, Lily was concerned that the children would lose their interest in the simpler meals if they got too used to eating the food he prepared for them.

Since he didn't want the No Names to become dependent on him, it didn't take much for Lily to convince Vahn to teach her how to cook. This was well within his expectations. What he didn't expect was for Black Rabbit to turn her eyes up at him and answer, "Carrots..." with a tantalizingly ruddy coloration to her cheeks.

With his perfect recall and accelerated thinking, Vahn knew what Black Rabbit was making reference to. Despite this, he still found himself at a loss for words before asking, "Pardon...?" with a wry yet expectant smile on his face.

Having spent the last hour and a half gathering her courage, Black Rabbit gripped the front of Vahn's tunic with her hand as she whispered, "I want your carrot..." in what she hoped to be a seductive tone.

Though he knew what Black Rabbit was trying to say, Vahn manifested a perfect specimen of a carrot out of thin air before teasingly musing, "I thought you didn't like carrots...?"

Shifting her attention between Vahn's face and the most perfect carrot she had ever seen, a slightly pouty look appeared on Black Rabbit's face as she released his tunic and proceeded to grab his hand holding the carrot. Then, guiding it to her lips, she answered, "I love them..." before ravenously nibbling away at the bright orange vegetable until her cheeks were, quite literally, stuffed.


Amused by the deadpan expression on Vahn's face, a girlish giggle emanated from Black Rabbit's throat she forced down the remaining carrot. Then, in a surprisingly brazen display, she stuck out her tongue, waggling it for a brief moment before adopting a teasing smile of her own and saying, "I swallowed it all...aren't you proud of me~?"

Realizing that Black Rabbit's 'switch' had been thoroughly flipped, a smile developed across Vahn's face as he leaned in toward's hers and asked, "You're a naughty rabbit, aren't you...?"

Rather than refute Vahn's claim, Black Rabbit swallowed hard before drawing her face closer to his and answering, "Didn't you know? Deep down, all rabbits are lewd..."

Punctuating her words, Black Rabbit mustered every ounce of courage she possessed to try and initiate a kiss with Vahn. Unfortunately, at that exact same moment, she noticed Vahn's brows furrow as the sound of chewing reached her ears.

Turning her face in the direction Vahn was facing, Black Rabbit found Shiroyasha seated on a cushion floating in the middle of the air with a massive grin on her face as she shoveled rice crackers into her mouth and teased, "Oh? Don't mind me. You two have fun."

Feeling as though her brain was about to fry, Black Rabbit nearly used her ears to cover her face until she noticed Vahn suddenly rising to his feet. Then, in a startling display of speed, he instantaneously appeared behind Shiroyasha, an uncharacteristically scary expression on his face as he tightened the golden rope that now bound the mischievous demoness in a manner similar to shibari.

Before Black Rabbit could fully process what was happening, a blindingly golden light flashed in the room. By the time it faded away, both Shiroyasha and the scary look on Vahn's face had vanished into thin air. In their place stood Vahn, a strangely earnest expression on his face as he plainly stated, "I want to have sex with you."


Though she had fully intended to cross the line, Black Rabbit was still feeling befuddled after the sudden interruption. The aching sensation in her body had been replaced by feelings of extreme embarrassment, and, were it not for the fact Vahn had reacted nigh-instantaneously, she might have already fled the room.

Vahn wasn't lying when he said he had no intentions of forcing Black Rabbit. That didn't mean he wouldn't take measures to ensure they would get together. With this in mind, he promptly unequipped his tunic to reveal what many would describe as an immaculate physique. It was possible to make out the lines of every muscle in his body, but, instead of appearing crude or angular, the majority of people who saw him exposed would describe his muscles as having a natural or smooth quality.

Seeing Vahn bereft of a shirt, Black Rabbit's hair instantaneously turned pink as her ruby-red eyes widened in shock. She hadn't actually seen what he looked like beneath his clothes as Shiroyasha appeared the moment she suggested taking a bath together. Thus, like a young schoolgirl seeing her school's swim team for the first time, Black Rabbit turned statuesque as her eyes instinctually wandered every muscle of Vahn's upper body.

"Like what you see...?"

Starling back to awareness, Black Rabbit literally leaped to the far side of the room as she stammered, "I-I-I-I-I-"

Before Black Rabbit could find the words to express herself, Vahn adopted the kind of smile that could melt lesser women with a single glance as he said, "There's no reason to be afraid. From the top of my head to the tips of my toes. There isn't a single part of me that you aren't allowed to do with as you please. I'm all yours..."

With her pupils contracting to the size of pinholes, Black Rabbit fell silent for several seconds as her mind gradually processed Vahn's words. At the same time, her eyes naturally wandered from his face to his eight-pack abs as a knot reminiscent of a tremendous thirst formed in her throat...

Believing that Black Rabbit only needed a slight push before her switch was flipped firmly in the 'on' direction, short yet unmistakable rabbit ears promptly protruded from Vahn's head. This immediately caught Black Rabbit's attention, the ruddy coloration of her face becoming completely crimson as her breathing became audible from across the room.

Though he was briefly seized by the notion he had pushed her a little too far, Vahn adopted a smile as he half-turned to reveal a black dark brown fur poking out from a slit in his trousers. The moment he tried wiggling it, Black Rabbit appeared right in front of him, a frenzied look on her face as she grabbed at his belt and said, "This is in the way...!" before literally ripping it away.

"Whoa now. Calm-"

Interrupting Vahn before he could finish, Black Rabbit hopped onto his waist, her inordinately powerful legs wrapping firmly around him as she sealed his lips with her own. This caught the former by surprise, but, as Black Rabbit was far from the first aggressive woman he had dealt with, Vahn managed to reverse their positions, pinning the voracious bunny to the wall as he reciprocated her greedy affections. His hands immediately snaked their way under her skirt, and, though she tensed for a brief moment, Black Rabbit offered no resistance as he began to massage her pert yet remarkably pliant bottom...




While his main body was learning the true extent of a Moon Rabbit's reproductive instincts, a second version of Vahn was seated in Shiroyasha's room with the aforementioned demoness sitting and bound firmly in his lap. She actually enjoyed being tied up quite a bit, so, despite possessing the ability to break free whenever she wanted, Shiroyasha allowed Vahn to caress her abdomen as they watched the scene of Black Rabbit's gradual descent into pleasure on the [Omnipresent Television].

"This would be a lot more exciting in pers-nnnnn~!?"

Sending a pulse of stimulating energy into Shiroyasha's body, Vahn continued to caress her abdomen with his left hand while using his right to lightly cup her breast and pinch the area where her nipple would have been. This caused her bound body to tremble, and, though she still believed it would be a lot more interesting to watch Black Rabbit's fall from the front row, Shiroyasha ultimately fell silent as her own feelings of pleasure continued to increase...




(A/N: Alternate Titles: 'Wuuuuu...','It's rabbit season (O w O)...','How to tame your demon goddess...')

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