Endless Journey: Infinite Realms

Chapter 788 Carnage
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Chapter 788 - Carnage



With her animalistic instincts, Talia had a feeling that she is about to face the fight of her life any second now.

Just the heavy feeling inside her heart as she was dragged along was already enough to make her tense, and this feeling continued to increase as time passed by.

"My instincts are one of the greatest in the whole Multiverse, so I know that I am about to fight ’someone’ who could very well end my life. I can even estimate my chance of winning, which is just 20% right now." Talia muttered.

"Since my instincts are usually right, it means that this means that this incoming enemy is stronger than me. But for me to only have a 20% chance of victory just sounds too absurd!"

Even with her great confidence to herself, Talia’s eyes could not help but narrow as she realized the implications of her new discovery.

She actually just had a 20% chance of winning, and that includes the fact that the other Travelers will be fighting alongside her!

"I could feel it.... 4 Travelers will be helping me in this fight, and all of them are of the same power level as me. Aside from that, their Companions will be helping us too."

"With that kind of firepower, winning should be just a piece of cake for us."

"But why does my instincts tell me that we will still lose?"

"I just don’t get it!"

If she was the only one to fight, then Talia could still begrudgingly accept a low chance of winning. After all, fighting by yourself is always worse compared to fighting alongside your allies.

But her instincts had specifically told her that she will still lose even if she allied with the other Travelers too!

Such absurd info did not make sense for Talia, who could only shake her head right now as she tried to make sense of her situation.

"Hm... If I were to make a guess, the distance between me and my extremely dangerous opponent is about a 1,000 kilometers. Combine that data with the speed that I am moving right now, and it will take me around 5 seconds to see my new foe."

"Sigh, I am about to face a powerful opponent, and all the preparation time that I have is just 5 seconds? Something is definitely off here..."

For a powerful person like Talia, 5 seconds is actually an acceptable time for preparing her body. She was already at the Sixth Stage after all, so it will only take her an instant to prime her body for a fight.

But even with that absurd preparation time, Talia still found herself wanting some more extra seconds before the impending battle.

"...Having an extra 10 seconds would be a great benefit to me, as that will allow me to access the more esoteric spells inside my Void Compendium. That will increase my chances of victory to around 25%...."

"Ugh, that is still too low for me, and I doubt the other Travelers can have this high chance of winning too."

"Sigh, what is done is done, so I might as well just prepare myself for the worst..."

After wasting another second for her plans this time, Talia immediately shut her thoughts down, knowing that she had no more seconds left to spare.

What was left of her free roam was used by her to fill her Fighting Spirit, as well as prime the Void Energy to its absolute peak.

She did all this in an instant, bringing her state to the strongest that she had ever been in.



This turned out to be a proper move for her, as just a second later, Talia quickly discovered the identity of her opponent.

"...We have to fight this? Are you shi**ing me?"

It was the monstrously large tentacles that Talia noticed first.

This was of course the inevitability, as these said appendages were wider than planets and their lengths exceeded a full planetary system. Some even had bulbous heads attached on them, which spouted corruptive energy everywhere.


Each tentacle slithered as if they have their own lives, with an immense evil aura emanating like a bomb from each of their segments.


These evil auras acted like what they were supposed to do, with any living creature exposed having immediate dark thoughts about their life.

This included some of the Companions, who fell to the temptation of the evil aura and started attacking their own comrades.

Blood splattered as reckless attacks filled the area, which the tentacles ravenously absorbed, as if they were starving for liquids for a long time.


The tentacles bulged as more and more blood entered their system, which in turn made their skin acquire a reddish copper hue.


This said liquid appeared to strengthen the tentacles too, which continued to release stronger and stronger evil auras everywhere.



How the situation was turning out this time was already bad, but it only got worse, as Talia discovered that it was not only the Companions who were making their attacks.


A massive deformed creature, which was the source of the tentacles and the evil aura was making its move too, releasing its own destructive beams of "̶̗̩̞͓̈̈́̏C̶̱̹͓̒̕Ö̸̤́͒Ŕ̸̡̦͎̬̉Ŗ̴̠͉̙̊̍̎U̶̘̻̅̓P̴̙͉̿͐̑͝T̶̼̯͇̃̀͌͘I̷̧̝̭͋̀͜͠O̶̜̠͆͌̒N̸̛̖͍̜̆̿͆̌!̷̙̣͌"̷̨̔̆ everywhere.



These said beams just looks as harmful as they appear, with any object or living objects that they touch quickly turned into a mutated goo of horrible specs.

Nobody knows how damaging this transformation is, but the sight of the goo made them know that they should not touch the beams at all.

This of course turned out to be extremely difficult, as said beams seem to have a mind of their own too, seeking anyone that they deem to be their target.


The combination of all these factors resulted in a carnage never seen before, and the corruptive essence all over the place made things worse.


The only ones who were still alive after all these negative changes were only the Travelers and a minority of Companions, who all looked unhappy with the current situation.

"F**k! I never thought that our enemy will be this powerful. Not only was he a Traveler, he can also use the power of the Abyss to corrupt us? This is the worst!" Talia muttered angrily as she did her best to dodge. "If this is how things are going to be, I need much more than what we have now!"

"If we want to win and survive, I should call for aid from That person!"

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