Endless Journey: Infinite Realms

Chapter 39 The Wheel of Journey
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Chapter 39 The Wheel of Journey

"You know, it seems like you have been planning to make me Alex’s Companion for a very long time." Alina commented as her face mask slightly trembled.

"Out of all the times that you can offer me the chance to become Alex’s Companion, you actually used this time right now." Alina drily said as she seemed to be glaring at Asteria. "You know that with the stress of the current situation, I will be highly tempted to accept your offer."

"Well, are you tempted?" Asteria said in a sweet tone that Alex found extremely unlikable. "My offer for you will not be waiting for forever, you know..."

"..." Alex waited in tense silence, as he knew that the following seconds will be the most crucial part of his life.

Alex knew that looking unsure and weak right now would not help him that much, so Alex tried to make himself look composed, but deep inside his heart, he could not help but curse Asteria.

"If you want to recruit Alina that badly, you should have done it at a time where Alina has her free will to choose... Forcing her to choose right now just makes us two look like bad guys!" Alex thought angrily himself as he specifically gave Asteria the best glare that he can give her.

"I really do not like the position that I am in right now..." Alina suddenly said, which made Alex’s heart skip a beat. "However, I can detect that you are both telling the truth to me, so I guess it will be fine if I join you two."

"Really?" Alex was not sure why, but he felt extremely happy after he heard what Alina said. "You will really join us?"

"Hmph, do not be so happy." Alina replied testily, although Alex swore that he saw that Alina’s neck were shaded red. "It’s not like I did this for you."

"Ok, ok." Both Asteria and Alex replied while looking like they were just playing along. "We get it."

"You two!"

Both Alex and Alina tried not to laugh as they saw Alina trying her best to not look embarrassed. It was a always great sight to see which Alex will not get tired of.

"Well, putting all the pleasantries aside..." Alex’s tone suddenly changed from cheerful to grave as he slowly said,

"Are you really sure that you will join me as my Companion? By this point, you should already know about the dangers that I face. Do you really want to face these dangers too? Then there is your sister too. Are you willing to leave her just to join me?"

"Slap!" Even with Alex’s instincts, he was unable to dodge the slap that came from Alina.

Alex felt hurt both physically and emotionally as he felt the sting on his cheek and his heart. "What?"

"Alex, even if you are usually perceptive, you are also sometimes dense." Alina said as she rubbed her palm which she used to slap Alex.

"Do you think that the reason that I wanted to be your Companion is only because of you? You are so naïve and self-centered!" Alina started to give her angry rant, lacing it with words that effectively shut Alex up.

"Yes, I like being with you. I do not know why, but I feel happy staying with you. But don’t think that I want to be your Companion just because of you. I am willing to be your Companion because this is all for my sister!"

By this point, Alina was already taking some deep breaths to stabilize her trembling body.

"I love my sister more than my life... So, if all that it takes to save her is by putting my life in risk, then I will gladly risk my life many times over until she is safe."

"You..." Alex was at loss for words after hearing Alina’s passionate speech.

On one hand he was giddy and pleased after hearing Alina saying that she liked being with him.

On the other hand however, Alex was feeling worried as he heard Alina’s self-destructive ideals.

These two warring feelings made Alex extremely hesitant on accepting Alina’s decision.

Alex tried to muster a serious expression on his face, but he failed to do so as his sadness for Alina overwhelmed his other emotions.

Since they had already progressed at this state, Alex decided to make his actions clearer to Alina.


Even though Alex knew that he and Alina are in danger right now, he knew that he should comfort Alina right now.

So, Alex did not hesitate on hugging Alina once more, but this time, his hug was much tighter, and it was filled with more emotions from him.

Just like before, Alina stiffened when she was hugged by Alex. A few seconds passed by however, and Alina started to reciprocate his hug.



Both of them stayed in their positions for more than a minute before Asteria’s coughing sound could be heard by the both of them.

"I know that mutual affection knows no bounds, but do you really have to flaunt your affection for each other here in this place and this time? Tsk, tsk, youngsters these days!" Asteria mumbled as she bopped her tiny fists on top of Alex’s head.

"...." Both Alex and Alina chose to not comment as they knew that Asteria will just beat them in an oral argument if ever they try to retort back.

"Ok!" Alex tried to break the awkward atmosphere between them as he said,

"Since Alina already agreed to be my Companion, then shouldn’t we start turning her into my Companion right now? Lord Ergo will be looking for us any moment now. We cannot afford to waste time."

"Sure, sure, here we go." Asteria mumbled as she looked at Alina seriously.

Alex and Alina slightly gulped as they felt that the Asteria in front of her seems to be more imposing somehow.

[Do you pledge to accompany Traveler Alex wherever he goes? In sickness and in health? In comfort and in challenges? In the ups and lows? Do you pledge to always join him no matter what happens to him?]

Unlike the words that Asteria said earlier, the sentences that she just uttered right now obviously has more power stuck inside them. Even Alex, who had a strong mental fortitude, was also slightly dazed after hearing what Asteria said.

Half of the reason for his daze was the fact that it was the effect of Asteria’s voice.

Second was the words that Asteria said.

"No matter which way I listened... what Asteria just said sounds similar to the ones given at a marriage..." Of course Alex did not call out on this fact to everyone.

"I pledge that I will accompany Alex no matter what happens." Alina’s voice was crisp and serious as she gave her reply.

[Since you have made your pledge to us, then you are now officially Alex’s Companion. Treasure everything that you will see from now on, ok?] Asteria said as she gave a wink at Alina’s direction.

"What a free-spirited woman." Alex mumbled to himself as he felt a slight searing pain on his forehead.

The same symbol appeared on his forehead again, and this time, it spat out a golden glow which covered Alina’s whole body.

Right now, there are no body parts of Alina present as it was covered by the golden glow.

Alex narrowed his eyes, as it was hard for him to tell if she was still alive under all the golden glow.

"!!!" Alex rushed forward as he looked worried, but he was stopped on is tracks by Asteria, motioning to Alex that everything is fine.

Alex believed in what Asteria said, so he waited for another minute before he could relax.

Once a minute has passed by, and the golden glow covering Alina’s entire body slowly weakened before it entirely disappeared.

"Ok, all done." Asteria said as she looked Alina. "You got what you wanted.... you are now Alex’s Companion from now on. Be sure to keep him entertained if he needs to!

Alex ignored Asteria’s salacious words as he stared at Alina’s forehead, which was still covered by her mask.

There, Alex could see a golden symbol appearing on her forehead.

The symbol was unlike the symbol on Alex’s forehead, as the symbol on Alina’s forehead looked more like a wheel with 12 spokes.

This symbol was also rotating, creating a sight that was really unique, even for Alex.

"So that’s it?" Alex retorted to Asteria as he saw everything that happened. "Alina was just covered by that golden glow for a minute, and now she’s already ready to be my Companion? Are you sure that you are not lying? I am not sure if her body really can be changed that quickly in just a minute."


"Hey, that’s all the process that is needed to create a Companion." Asteria replied dismissively as she waved her hands in boredom. Asteria then looked at Alex with a smirk on her face as she said,

"Instead of just looking at Alina worriedly, why don’t you try to feel your connection with her? You can feel something right?"

"You are indeed right." Alex said as he felt that something was now connecting him and Alina together.

With his experience, Alex was sure that this connection was no illusion. There was something connecting him and Alina right now, and they were both lucky to survive to experience this connection.

Specifically speaking, the connection was coming between the symbols on Alina’s and Alex’s forehead.

"Hmm... this connection must be the connection between a Traveler and his/her Companion." Alex cupped his chin as he tried to helping Alina to stand up Alex "Since we both have this connection, then that just confirms that indeed, Alina is already my Companion."

At the instant that Alex confirmed this, he started hopping around him excitedly.

"Hahaha, Asteria said that there are bonus gifts for me and Alina after she became my Companion. Hahaha, I can’t wait to see it! Surely there is something there that can help me win, right Asteria?"

"I have no comment for that." Asteria replied as she closed her eyes, ignoring everyone around her. "I am only here to distribute the good’s, not to test it."


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