End of the Magic Era

Chapter 33 - Styx Water
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Chapter 33: Styx Water

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Lin Yun indeed didn’t do anything.

Because the one who made a move was Faleau, and he didn’t even ask any questions as he directly slapped Jonathan senseless.

He didn’t care if this old man was a butler of the Monchi family. All he had been worried about was atoning for his earlier crime and mending his relations with the future Master Alchemist. When Jonathan came over with such an attitude, after getting Cadgar’s instructions, how could Faleau pay any heed to a mere butler? He just went straight over and slapped him.

“Mage Merlin, let’s go and sit, don’t let this trivial matter ruin your mood...” After bad-mouthing Jonathan, Faleau’s sneer was replaced with a smile. The speed at which his expression changed was rather shocking.

“Sure, let’s go...”

“You can’t go, you definitely aren’t allowed to go in!” Hearing that the two wanted to enter, Jonathan immediately jumped up. “You still dare to act up after slapping me? Guards, capture these two for me!”

“Shut up!” Just as Jonathan was calling out, the door of a box above opened and Monchi himself came out. “Get inside, don’t embarrass me.”

After Monchi’s words came out, the first floor was silent once again.

Jonathan’s animated voice suddenly came to a halt, and as he gave the two young men a hateful glance, he escaped into Monchi’s box.

“Sorry about that, President Monchi, I didn’t control my strength,” Faleau shouted as Jonathan was climbing the stairs, making the latter suddenly stagger and almost fall down.

“Look at what you have done for me!” After the box was closed, Monchi’s expression was quite unsightly. “You provoked that Faleau? He’s a young Alchemist that even Cadgar thinks highly of and you made things difficult for him, are you crazy?”

“I... I’m not... Master, I only saw that kid of the Merlin family...”

“Shut up! Are you done causing trouble for me?” After berating Jonathan, Monchi couldn’t help feeling puzzled. “However, how could that Merlin kid stand together with Faleau? And it even seemed like they had a good relationship...”

“They should have gotten acquainted by chance,” Mason interjected on the side, fuming. “That Mafa Merlin’s luck is very good. It was the same last time in the Sage Tower, I don’t know how he got into Solon’s good books and had me kicked out of the library.”

Being born in the Monchi clan, the number of times Mason had publicly suffered a loss could be counted on his fingers. He didn’t know why things had played out like that. First, he was kicked out from the Sage Tower’s library, and when he went to look for trouble at the Gilded Rose, he was instead forced to eat a glass bottle.

How could Mason be fine with this!?

Mason had constantly been looking for an opportunity to retaliate since he came back from the Gilded Rose. But he didn’t expect that after his father and elder brother discussed it, they would forbid him from returning to the Gilded Rose. Since Lin Yun had shown up in the Black Horn Auction House today, Mason immediately started plotting his revenge.

“You still dare to mention the matter of the Sage Tower?” Monchi looked at Mason unhappily, but he strangely didn’t deny Mason’s guess.

Because Monchi himself felt that these two young men should have met by accident and ended up hitting it off for some reason, perhaps due to having the same hobby. In any case, they had met and formed a favorable relationship.

Otherwise, Faleau wouldn’t have stepped in to help Mafa Merlin, let alone stealthily preparing a special box for him. After all, these boxes were set aside for the leaders of the local major forces. Even if only a few came to this auction, they wouldn’t casually let others use the unoccupied ones. If Cadgar found out, he would certainly reprimand and punish Faleau. For Faleau to take this risk was proof that the friendship between them was quite solid.

But regardless of how good it was, it was just a new friendship, so it wouldn’t have too big of an influence. If not for his butler being involved, Monchi wouldn’t even have spared a thought for the matter. 𝘧𝓇ℯℯ𝑤ℯ𝘣𝘯𝘰𝘷ℯ𝘭.𝑐𝘰𝑚

After coming to this conclusion, Monchi decided to just leave this problem be. He only said to Jonathan, “You don’t need to look so pitiful, wait until the auction is over and I’ll seek out Cadgar. The butler of my Monchi family isn’t someone that can be slapped on a whim.”

“Thank you Master, thank you...” Jonathan promptly bowed and expressed his gratitude, his mind already crafting a plot. ‘After the auction is over, if Master steps in personally, Cadgar most likely won’t interfere. How should those two be humiliated... Well, there is still a lot of time to think about this.’

Jonathan definitely didn’t know that there was another person in the neighboring box thinking about the same thing.

‘That Jonathan is too daring, he dared to disrespect Mage Merlin. Just wait until the auction is over, I’ll show him!’ As Faleau led Lin Yun to his seat while beaming, he kept the unlucky butler in mind.

To Faleau, this was like an opportunity delivering itself to him. He had been worried that there was nothing he could do to curry favor with this future Master Alchemist, but then that Jonathan suddenly arrived with his high and mighty attitude. This really made Faleau not know what to say for a moment, it was so lucky. Moreover, he could also act overbearing by relying on Cadgar’s reputation. Dealing with a small butler in the Black Horn Auction House was too easy!

Such an easy way to curry favor with a future Master Alchemist, was there something more profitable?

This time, Faleau was already planning meticulously. He had to go all-out to deal with Jonathan so that he could show Mage Merlin how sincere and determined he was to make up for his previous mistake. Mage Merlin might be cheerful enough to pardon him for his past behavior and maybe even give him a few Alchemy pointers. Those would be pointers from a Master Alchemist, which might even make him break through!

Faleau became more and more cheerful. He simply wished that the auction could finish up so that he could deal with that Jonathan fellow next door...

“Okay, Faleau, focus on the auction first.” While Faleau was wishing for the auction to already be over, Lin Yun was of a far different mindset. He still didn’t have any of the four materials he needed for the Mana Baptism.

“Yes, yes, of course. Focus on the auction first...” Faleau was completely in character now. He didn’t need Cadgar’s instructions. The words of this future Master Alchemist were the law, if he said to focus on the auction, he would focus on the auction.

While the two were chatting, the auction officially began.

The auction was personally hosted by Cadgar. The first item to come up was a magic dagger from Oddrock City. It was called Tornado Tooth.

“Tornado Tooth, the masterpiece of Oddrock City’s Great Alchemist André. Three Wind Rocks were embedded in the weapon, forming a Wind Blessing. Not only can it raise the wielder’s movement speed substantially, but it can also automatically fire a Wind Spell under the 5th Rank every minute. It is a rare, high-quality piece among Excellent Magic Tools. The starting price is 5000 gold, and the minimum bid increment is 500 gold.”

Cadgar was worthy of being the Black Horn Auction’s Chief Auctioneer. He only needed a few sentences to clearly introduce this Excellent Magic Tool.

“5500 gold.” As the first item of the auction, the price for the item was quite good, so just as Cadgar finished introducing the item, someone raised their paddle.”

“6000 gold!”




Naturally, there were a few people who had their eyes on it, and in a short time, Tornado Tooth’s price went over ten thousand gold before finally being bought by a rich and powerful person from Oddrock City for thirteen thousand gold. He apparently had indicated that he intended to use it to pay respect to Great Alchemist André.

After Tornado Tooth was won, Cadgar quickly auctioned two magic tools with fairly good quality. Even Lin Yun was slightly tempted by one of the items, but he managed to check himself. Magic tools were useless to the current Lin Yun. As long as he advanced to become a Great Mage, with that Nether Iron vein of several hundred meters, he could have countless Excellent Magic Tools, and those Excellent Magic Tools would have Lin Yun’s name signed on them.

But LIn Yun didn’t have to wait for long. The fourth auctioned item soon appeared, and it was one of the four materials Lin Yun needed for the Mana Baptism, the Styx Water.

“The next item is a bottle of water from the River Styx of Ghost City. There are many Alchemists here, so I’m sure everyone is aware of the value of this bottle of Styx Water. The starting price of the Styx Water is ten thousand and the minimum bid increment is one thousand.”

“Eleven thousand gold.”

“Thirteen thousand.”

“Fourteen thousand.”

“Seventeen thousand gold!”


Just as Cadgar finished speaking, voices echoed here and there in the audience. A bottle of Styx Water with a starting price of ten thousand gold soon reached twice that amount.

But Lin Yun wasn’t anxious, because he noticed that after reaching twenty thousand, the price was increasing much more slowly. In other words, most people felt that this bottle was only worth about this much, so it would be unprofitable to chase the price much higher.

In this era, Lin Yun was perhaps the only one who knew the true value of the Styx Water. The current state of Alchemy was far from being developed enough to unearth this reagent’s true value. After all, Mana Baptisms wouldn’t come to pass until a thousand years later, let alone those even more powerful formulas.

Lin Yun just waited for the bidding to die down.

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