End of the Magic Era

Chapter 31 - Volcano and Ghost
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Chapter 31: Volcano and Ghost

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Cadgar still had his eyes narrowed, and no one knew what he was thinking. The young Alchemist on the side was wide-eyed, looking at Lin Yun in disbelief as he wondered, ‘How could someone refuse such an opportunity, he is crazy...’

At this time, the young Alchemist truly wished to change places with this fellow. It would be so great if a potion that he had refined could appear in the Black Horn Auction.

“Because I need money immediately. There are four things that I fancy in the Black Horn Auction, so I would need money right now in order to compete for these things.” Lin Yun decided to explain his reasoning since Cadgar had been so courteous with him while Lin Yun had rejected him twice already, which could be considered quite impolite.

When he heard Lin Yun’s explanation, the squinting Cadgar suddenly smiled. “Mage Merlin, this is an easy matter to deal with. I can appraise your two potions right away. However much they are initially valued at is how much credit we’ll front you to use in the auction. Moreover, I can guarantee that their eventual price will exceed my estimation.”

“That should be good...” Lin Yun nodded and took out the two potions from his pocket.

Cadgar glanced at them for a moment before an expression of amazement appeared on his face. He promptly grabbed the two potions and frowned as he carefully analyzed them. After a long time, he nodded gently as he turned back and asked uncertainly, “Volcano Potion?”

“Indeed, a Volcano Potion.”

Lin Yun’s calm answer made Cadgar hold his breath, “My god...”

And the young Alchemist who had wished to be in Lin Yun’s shoes suddenly felt everything turning black around him when he heard those words.

‘Volcano Potion, it’s actually a Volcano Potion...’

Even if no one paid attention to him, the young Alchemist still subconsciously bowed. He was hoping for a hole to appear so he could jump inside.

It was the rumored Volcano Potion that could make one’s mana burst like a volcano and let a Great Mage break through the High Mage boundary... It had appeared in front of him, and he had valued it at just 300 gold coins and treated it as trash...

That potion was the mark of a Great Alchemist. Being able to compound a Volcano Potion meant that one was surely qualified to enter the ranks of the Great Alchemists.

‘This young mage... he is a Great Alchemist...’

Someone that could stand shoulder to shoulder with Cadgar and Thorpe. The young Alchemist was in disbelief. He had offended a Great Alchemist, and one that was only 20 years old!

“This potion...” In contrast, Cadgar was a lot calmer. After the initial surprise, he had already recovered and was looking suspiciously at the other potion. “Sorry, it might be due to my age, but I cannot recognize the other potion.”

“This is a Ghost Potion.” Lin Yun smiled.


This time, Cadgar was stunned in silence.

If the compounding of a Volcano Potion was the sign of a Great Alchemist, then the Ghost Potion was the sign of a pinnacle Great Alchemist. It was the potion that required skills closest to the Master rank. For a Great Alchemist to be able to refine a Ghost Potion meant that he had already reached the summit of Potioneering. As long as he had enough experience and time, he would be able to enter the Master level at any time...

Cadgar had studied Potioneering for dozens of years and was now stuck in the Great Alchemist realm. He didn’t know how long it would take for him to reach the Master level.

Even Master Wilhelm had been praising this young Mage endlessly, despite not knowing who exactly the Alchemist was at the time. When Cadgar had seen him present the Volcano Potion, he had thought that it was surely the pinnacle of this young Alchemist’s achievements. He never could have guessed that the second potion was actually the one that was closest to Master level, the Ghost Potion!

Originally, Cadgar had made a lot of preparations: how to appraise these two potions, how to convince the other side to cooperate with the Black Horn Auction House, how to lure this Young Mage with a boundless future, and so on...

But when Cadgar realized that this was a Ghost Potion, he found out that all his preparations had been for nothing.

That’s right, absolutely nothing...

Luring a Great Alchemist that could become a Master anytime... Even if Cadgar was shameless, he couldn’t say anything. Let alone the Black Horn Auction House, even the Black Horn chamber of commerce behind him would have to send the higher-ups to negotiate with such a figure.

As for persuasion or favors, there was no need to bring those up. In front of a future Master Alchemist, those little tricks had no meaning.

“Mage Merlin, this...” Cadgar wanted to say something, but after starting his sentence, he found out that he didn’t know what he should say at this point.

“You seem to have forgotten the appraisal, High Mage Cadgar.”

“Right right right, appraisal, appraisal...” With Lin Yun’s reminder, Cadgar recalled that he had promised to appraise the potions so that Lin Yun could use that money during the auction. But after studying the two potions for a long time, Cadgar awkwardly felt that the originally simple appraisal was incomparably difficult.

Cadgar thought about it for a moment and clenched his teeth as he appeased, “Mage Merlin, I feel embarrassed. I cannot help you appraise the exact value of these two potions. I can only let you know that if you are willing to cooperate with the Black Horn Auction House, we will use these two potions as the last lot of the auction. As for the bidding over the four materials you need in the auction, I’ll guarantee on the behalf of the Black Horn Auction House that you’ll obtain our full support!”

Even Lin Yun was shocked when he heard Cadgar’s words.

The Black Horn Auction House’s full support, what kind of concept was that? It meant that as long as he was determined to have these four materials, he could use nearly unlimited funds!

“Good then. Thank you for your trust. These two potions shall be left in your hands.”

“You are too polite.” Originally, Cadgar only wanted to use this opportunity to rope in that Young Mage with boundless prospects, but he hadn’t expected that this young Mage would actually bring such nice surprises. At the same time, Cadgar didn’t forget to remain polite and do his best to keep this young prodigy happy.

A Volcano Potion and a Ghost Potion completely threw the original plans for the auction into chaos. Cadgar had to hurry up and amend the original arrangements before the auction started. The sudden appearance of the two potions would have amazing results.

“Then, Mage Merlin, I’ll go off first.”

After Cadgar politely said a few more words, he hurriedly bade farewell. But before going out, he called out to that young Alchemist. “Faleau, help Mage Merlin, you must carefully take care of him. If you neglect to keep Mage Merlin satisfied, you can pack your things and return to Okland.”

“Yes, yes....” In fact, there was no need for Cadgar’s warning. After seeing everything with his own eyes, Faleau had been frightened out of his wits. How could he dare slight Lin Yun now?

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