Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5647: Sensing The Remnant Powers
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Chapter 5647: Sensing The Remnant Powers

The inner battlefield had nothing left intact. Space and time were crushed along with the stars.

One area had a chaotic flow of laws and others while another was reduced to the void. Another had numerous raging grand dao...

The stars have disappeared while the ones fortunate enough to be around displayed irreparable damage.

Broken continents floated in the devastated land; all were dangerous from the remnant powers of the combatants.

Entering meant having a death wish. Even emperors and gods trod carefully.

Although no one had the privilege of seeing the inner battle, they could imagine the devastating battle given the area’s current state. Despite the looming perils, others couldn’t help wanting to explore it.

Mysteries and even dao fortunes waited for explorers. For example, a youth found a perfectly preserved drop of true blood inside a crack of a floating continent.

This youth’s dao soared afterward, becoming a top master after infusing the drop of blood into his body.

Another Grand Emperor entered a collapsed dao and understood its final mysteries. Understanding this core made it possible for him to break through his bottleneck, culminating in the creation of an anima tree.

The legends made the area irresistible for some. However, top cultivators didn’t necessarily care for treasures and fortunes.

True blood and other grand dao weren’t enough to tempt them but rather, three particular goals - finding the ancestral bone, legacies, and High Heaven Aegis.

This wasn’t limited to The People. Even members of Celestial Court occasionally came to visit.

After all, the primary reason for Grand Dao War was the ancestral bone. Its emergence alarmed the entire continent, resulting in a supreme overlord coming for Imperial Field.

It disappeared entirely after the war. Rumor has it that this was because the empress had taken it for safekeeping. Of course, the world wouldn’t be able to see it then.

Nonetheless, this didn’t stop people from searching for it, especially Celestial Court. This was because the bone could potentially belong to a primogenitor. From it, one would be able to obtain a bloodline containing the secrets and mysteries of all living beings.

Some researchers said with absolute confidence that this bone might have something to do with the foundation of Celestial Court itself.

As for the second reason, visitors hoped to find remnant items belonging to the supreme overlord whom the empress slew. In particular, a hand was said to have been severed. This hand was eternal - an ultimate treasure for anyone.

Finally, High Heaven Aegis also went missing as if it never had existed. This realm made it possible to defeat a supreme overlord. Thus, emperors and monarchs who had ambitions of creating something similar couldn’t help wanting to find it.

As Li Qiye walked among the ravaged land, he sensed the remnant auras and ripples. Images of how the battle unraveled emerged in his mind.

Time seemed to be flowing backward. He entered a strange realm - returning to the past and observing the fight.

He saw a supreme palm descending from the sky. Emperors and gods were mere insects in comparison.

However, a radiant empress soared to the sky, looking utterly unstoppable. Next to her was Lunargrasp Immortal Monarch, empowered by Immortal Dao City’s countless runes and visual phenomena.

The supreme overlord saw this as a challenge and devoured the yin and yang with a mere hand wave. A terrible bloodline coupled with inborn anima summoned an ancient epoch for him to use. All of its powers were at his disposal. [1]

The empress and monarch's vitality was boundless due to a constant influx of power. A primordial tree appeared and High Heaven Aegis blessed them with primordial energy armors.

High Heaven Aegis contained the power of all the members and treasures on top of possessing a connection to the primordial tree.

Inside the realm, an Immortal Emperor with a love for battle integrated her supreme dao with the high heaven’s dao - the reason for the connection between the realm and the primordial tree.

Furthermore, a woman standing beneath the moonlight created an unshakable foundation by using Bi’an Beastworld.

Another prideful empress with an ancient bloodline of the wood affinity used her Nirvana Primal Tree to send unlimited life force to everyone else. f reewebnovel.com

Standing out among the rest - a woman looking rather ordinary and calm turned into a wheel of time, allowing the realm to become eternal.

In the center were another four tracing their Human-monarch bloodline to the source, using this to connect everyone within the realm.

Four more guarded one direction each, overseeing the entire realms. One mastered the art of archery, another’s charm couldn’t be overstated, the third wielded time, and the fourth utilized a heavenly fragrance dao... [2]

Harnessing the power of High Heaven Aegis, the empress was able to use her suppression art. Heavenly phenomena appeared all around her.

The monarch did not hold back with her relentless assault while wielding the power of Immortal Dao City. 𝑓𝘳𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝑣𝑒𝓁.𝘤𝑜𝓂

1. Going to hope that this overlord is a male so that the verses flow smoother ?

2. Archery is Jian Wushuang, the fragrance dao is Mei Suyao. Unsure of the other two without more context. The second line is vague but Chen Baojiao’s appearance and charm are usually the main focus for her. ?

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