Emperor's Domination

Chapter 4384: Mad Flurry
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Chapter 4384: Mad Flurry

“Boom!” Bear King leaped into the air, revealing his wounds. Nonetheless, he still looked dignified and ready to fight.

“Not bad at all.” He laughed and said: “I see that our Phoenix Ground has a capable successor. Brat, you’ve proven yourself. Let’s go again!”

Having said that, he summoned a weapon resembling a crescent moon spade, jet black from top to bottom. It appeared rather heavy, capable of crushing a mountain if he were to drop it.

All the disciples took a deep breath. If this thing were to fall on them, they would be reduced to a pulp in the blink of an eye.

“Mad Staff, he used his own source to craft it. It’s very powerful.” An expert whispered.

“Girl, let’s see if you can handle my staff technique.” He pointed the spade at Jian Qingzhu, exerting immense pressure.

“I’ve heard praises of your Mad Flurry before from the demon kings, I will overestimate myself and try to stop it.” Qingzhu responded.

“Very well!” The bear activated his vitality and entered a frenzied state, becoming even larger than before.

“Take this!” He roared and began spinning his weapon. The gales coming from it alone horrified the spectators.

Once he garnered enough momentum, the weapon looked like a spinning wheel blowing away winds and clouds. The swing resembled a torrential downpour heading straight for Qingzhu.

She retaliated by also activating her vitality and true blood, creating the image of a divine luan. Countless feathers materialized and created a multi-layered barrier in front of her.

“Rumble!” The torrential swing smashed against the barrier repeatedly, causing sparks to go flying.

He had smashed the barrier thousands of times in the blink of an eye. The world lost its colors as a result while spectators turned pale. Alas, this was still not enough to break the barrier.

“Devil Frenzy!” Bear King roared again and the image of a divine bear appeared behind him. He became empowered and the intensity of his swing reached the limit.

The spade turned red and left behind a blazing trail. It had enough power to destroy a mountain range.

“Boom!” This smash penetrated the feathery barrier and made Qingzhu stagger backward.

“Not bad at all!” Members of Phoenix Ground and those from Dragon appreciated the attack.

“Luan Tail!” Qingzhu roared and the divine luan behind her released its divinity, showing off its prestigious bloodline. Other beasts and birds would prostrate before it.

“A technique from Sacred Luan.” The members of Phoenix Ground knew that this was a merit law left behind by Sacred Luan for the Jian.

“Clank!” As the bird spread its tail, an ocean of blades manifested into reality and engulfed the air.

Spectators gasped as the ocean of blades rushed toward the bear.

“I shall become the devil!” Bear King grew six more hands and raised his spade forward. It became a windmill of sorts and blocked out the area.

“Clank!” A contest between the countless blades and the crescent spade ensued.

At first, the demon king could withstand the incoming blades. Alas, the ocean was endless and he started sweating while retreating.

Everyone could tell that he was put in a passive position.

“Senior Sister Zhu is insane, she’s suppressing him.” Someone from Phoenix Ground became emotional.

“Dao Rise!” He let out his chaos energy and dao laws this time. They coiled together to create a majestic grand dao hovering around him.

Inside this grand dao was a celestial bear god. This empowered him further and his size grew even more. His fiery eyes resembled two suns.

“A one-dao sovereign.” Spectators saw his fate palaces and realized that he was going all out.

“Mad Flurry!” He took eight steps forward and created eight identical images, all using the same chaotic swing. They entered the ocean and smashed the blades to bits.

Jian Qingzhu was clearly affected as her blades were being destroyed. Her body trembled as a result. If this continued, he should be able to defeat her technique.

“His Mad Flurry is impressive indeed.” A senior from Phoenix Ground couldn’t help but praise.

Though he couldn’t compare to Goldbird or Peacock Monarch, he was still above the reach of many juniors.

“My turn!” She roared and became shrouded in a blue radiance. After a spatial fluctuation, she seemingly turned into a blue luan with two halos around it.

“Screech!” The halos were her grand dao. They stored the totems and power of the luan.

“Two-dao sovereign!” The youths couldn’t believe it.

The Heavenly Sovereign title started at the myriad dao realm. It consisted of nine levels to start, one to nine dao.

Ten meant completion so those with ten became Golden Sovereign. Next were Myriad Dao Sovereigns and they were far superior to the previous level.

In terms of cultivation, it seemed that Jian Qingzhu was actually stronger than Bear King.

“Pill-keeper Luan.” She raised her hand and summoned a blinding light.

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