Emperor's Domination

Chapter 3970: A Young Dao Lord
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Chapter 3970: A Young Dao Lord

Translator: ImmortalEmperorBao

One would find it astonishing to find a dao lord here. The new dao lord hasn’t come out after the era of Eight Stallion Dao Lord.

However, they would quickly notice that this young dao lord was already dead. His chest was also penetrated but this time around, his divinity and grand dao remained.

The death of a dao lord would shock and horrify the world. They all believed that dao lords were invincible yet one went down here.

What made this corpse special was that it was still walking. Sword God and the others didn’t move at all.

It wasn’t walking that fast but the movement was clear, leaving a deep print every time. The ground seemed as feeble as soft bread.

A faint death presence haunted him, akin to an unremovable curse. He seemed to be trying to leave this area yet continued to walk in a circle.

Perhaps this was due to two conflicting feelings - he wanted to return home because there were people waiting for him. On the other hand, he didn’t want to give up like this. Though he lost the battle and his life, he still wanted to keep on fighting.

The two conflicting obsessions resulted in the corpse’s perpetual movement. As time went on, basins were formed from his steps.

“Scarlet Moon Dao Lord!” Li Qiye knew who he was right and the circumstances right away.

He was a supreme genius of the Chi, eventually proving his dao to become a dao lord. The world knew that shortly after his golden avatar attainment, he was presumed to be dead from unknown causes.

This rarely happened after the end of the Chaotic Era. Once the Myriad Dao Era started, it became even less frequent.

Scarlet Moon Dao Lord belonged to this group despite his incredible talents. Some said that even from a historical perspective, his dao comprehension exceeded virtually everyone.

He didn’t let people down and became a dao lord. Alas, his ultimate fate was quite tragic.

People didn’t know about the minor details regarding his death, not even his own clan. Top masters had a general idea but they didn’t publicize this issue.

Today, Li Qiye finally met the famous dao lord. He had earned a dao fruit and created a golden avatar. Unfortunately, he had the same hole on his chest with his blood and vitality drained. Nonetheless, his suppressive dao power was still present.

The aura of the dao lord attacked Li Qiye with haste once he got closer. Peaks on the horizon were reduced to dust.

The destruction from his aura alone was immense even before he attacked. How many would be able to survive this pressure alone? They would be instantly reduced to a bloody mist then the mist itself would be annihilated as well.

Eight Desolaces quaked before his aura. West King, in particular, felt something violent happening.

“A dao lord’s power!” Many became shaken and assumed that there was a fight involving a dao lord’s weapon.

This wasn’t the case because this aura was clearly more powerful than a regular dao lord’s aura even though he was dead. After all, few cultivators could exert the true power of a dao lord weapon.

Scarlet Moon Dao Lord set his sight on this uninvited guest. His eyes blinked as if he was still alive.

They were gray and lifeless yet still pulsed with the mysteries of the grand dao. Laws were still being derived within.

The dao continued even though the user was dead. This powerful connection with the dao made the dao lords special.

Alas, this power was completely ineffective against Li Qiye. The light coming from him had a better mastery of dao laws.

“Buzz.” The dao lord immediately knew that this was a terrible foe. His sharp instinct persisted after death.

He summoned a weapon - a blood moon. The sky’s color changed as a result.

The blood moon poured down crimson laws, looking like it was bleeding. Inside the moon was a supreme grand dao, ready to derive the most mystical truths in the world and create another dao source.

Worldstarter Blood Moon - this was the dao lord’s strongest weapon, his patrimony weapon.

The moon became resplendent as it opened a portal to the myriad ages. The power from these ages then poured into the dao lord’s forehead.

His power erupted as he became engulfed in a golden radiance. However, the brightest thing loomed inside his mind. There was a tiny tree with one dao fruit hanging on a branch.

Creating a golden avatar and dao fruit was the process of a dao lord. Heavenly Sovereigns didn’t have their own dao fruit.

In reality, Sword God was most likely stronger than Scarlet Moon Dao Lord.

However, the former was truly dead while the dao lord’s obsession remained along with some fighting potential. This was due to the dao fruit.

“Rumble!” His aura also surged crazily.

The region started melting due to the blood moon. Both time and space came to a halt; everything became trapped in an ocean of blood. The weapon showed its might even before a direct attack.

The aura of this dao lord actually swept through Eight Desolaces. Some people started thinking that someone was about to become a dao lord.

However, a shade of red suddenly took over.

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