Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 646 - : Martin
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Chapter 646: Martin

Cheng Ming and Chen Dao were not very happy with Xiao Lin’s answer. Even though they had seen the strength of Judge Academy from the recordings as well, they still were not willing to accept giving up so early.

“Don’t be too cocky either, the individual matches won’t be so easy.” Xiao Lin interrupted their mulling as he looked at the list in his hand, which was Judge Academy’s participants. He said, “Judge Academy is sending Smith and Thomas. Based on the information the president gave us, the two of them aren’t easy to handle.”

“I heard the two of them are specialized in individual fights.” Cheng Ming’s complaints were not that intense, and once he heard Xiao Lin’s words, he shifted his focus onto his opponents.

They had already obtained some basic information from Dawn Academy. The information showed that the two of them were already very passionate about one-on-one fights since they entered the academy. Every weekend, they would set up a gambling ring, using lucrative rewards to attract others to duel them. Until now, the two of them had won all of their duels within the first year, which was a shocking result.

The information did not show what talents the two of them had, but they could not be too weak. Furthermore, the information had been obtained earlier on, and the two of them were probably even stronger already.

Chen Dao mumbled a few words and basically acknowledged Xiao Lin’s arrangement. However, he seemed very confident, patting his chest as he said, “Don’t worry. I don’t know much about team battles, but I won’t lose to anyone other than you in individual fights!”

“Leave the individual fights to us, but can you and Gu Xiaoyue win the secondary profession matches?” Cheng Ming was more worried about that.

“I won’t have any issues, but as for Gu Xiaoyue. Ah...” Xiao Lin was just about to speak when the door was knocked again. Not waiting for him to get up and open it, the door was forced open.

The one who came was Gu Xiaoyue. Xiao Lin had wanted to let everyone rest early to recover, but it seemed like a lot of them were still not asleep. Xiao Lin was not surprised by Gu Xiaoyue’s arrival. He smiled at Cheng Ming, “Speak of the devil and she shall come.”

“I’ll leave first.” Cheng Ming was amused as he giggled, patting Xiao Lin’s shoulder meaningfully before pulling Chen Dao away by force.

When the door closed, only Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue remained in the room. The rooms Judge Academy provided them were only regular student dormitories, but it was not too bad. It was basically a five-star hotel back on Earth.

Of course, Gu Xiaoyue would not feel awkward being in a room alone because her face was full of anger at that moment. To that cold woman, that was a rare expression.

“What’s the deal with the name list?” Gu Xiaoyue asked.

Xiao Lin felt a little helpless. Even though he knew the woman would definitely come over to ask him, he still had a headache. If it was anyone else who asked him, such as Cheng Ming and Chen Dao earlier, Xiao Lin could absolutely use his rights as the team leader or his friendship to skirt pass the topic, but it was impossible with that woman.

“I know what you want to say, but you are the most suited for the secondary profession. You are the most hardworking in every class, and the Intelligence attribute also increases your memory and comprehension. As the one with the highest Intelligence among us, you’re naturally the best choice,” Xiao Lin patiently explained.

“You are insulting me!” Gu Xiaoyue’s tone was cold as she slowly turned around emotionally. She waved her arms around, her volume rising as she said, “I don’t need your pity. It’s true, I know I don’t have much of a lifespan left. I know you don’t want me to die, but that’s not a good reason! I need to tell you clearly that I don’t care about my life. I only care about curing Gu Chengyun.”

“I know.” Xiao Lin nodded, adding, “I want to cure Chengyun as well. The Eternal Fruit is a good chance, I told you before that I would help you get it, and this promise is still in effect.”

“But you’re giving up on the tournament!” Gu Xiaoyue calmed down a little, but her look was still not too friendly.

“Why do you think I’m giving up?” Xiao Lin asked.

“I know that you plan on giving up on the team match and securing all four points before that, but is that possible?” Gu Xiaoyue calmly assessed despite her anger. “We know Chen Dao and Cheng Ming’s strength clearly, but Judge Academy knows their strength clearly as well, so they might not be able to win, which is the first issue. The second issue, and the most important one, is two secondary profession matches... How can we win? How could we possibly win?!”

Gu Xiaoyue took the Judge Academy’s name list. Even though she had already seen the list before. She pushed the list in front of Xiao Lin and pointed at a name. She said each word carefully, “I know you’ve also seen the name list that Captain Yu Mei gave us last week. Putting aside everyone else, do you think any one of us can beat this Martin person? No, do you think anyone can beat him among all of the academy’s first-year students?”

There was the least information about him from Yu Mei’s reports because that person was actually a very ordinary person in Judge Academy, and was practically unheard of in the last semester. Yet, when Judge Academy opened up secondary profession courses, that person’s name suddenly spread throughout the whole academy.

That Martina man needed only a week to pass the novice medicine certification. After that, he passed the mid-tier certification exam in a month, and smoothly obtained the high-tier certification two months later. In another four months, which was during the last month, Martin was awarded the title of grandmaster in the Medicinal Studies Conference in the New World.

Last month was Martin’s twentieth birthday. That age, along with that pace, was already enough for that unassuming man’s name to spread to all the academies.

Even though after many checks, everyone could practically confirm that Martin was not an SS-rank talent holder, it was undeniable that the man’s influence and usefulness could be compared to Judge Academy’s SS-rank talent holder, Lilith.

With someone like that participating in the tournament, anyone would know that Martin would absolutely take part in the secondary profession portion of the tournament. Even though it seemed like he had only just reached Black Iron-rank, that point was probably the most secure point for Judge Academy.

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