Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 323: Stories Before Sleeping
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Chapter 323: Stories Before Sleeping

Xiao Lin’s impression of Asabanor had always been of a crazy pervert filled with thoughts of revenge in his head. Lilith might have been from Judge Academy, but other than fighting, she was absolutely uninterested in classes like history, so she did not know much more than Xiao Lin about Asabanor.

Ibeiya was not happy her request did not get fulfilled, so in the end, the girl started telling them stories about the high priest. Of course, it was basically stories she heard from her travels.

Asabanor was so famous in Planet Norma thanks to him being a very notable astrologian before. Xiao Lin had heard about astrologians, which was similar to astronomers on earth, but they did not just look at the stars here. Astrology was a very mystical art, and could even be used to cast spells.

“It is said that the high priest could even observe over ten thousand stars at his peak.” Ibeiya’s words were filled with admiration and reverence. The girl seemed to be sincere this time.

Even though Xiao Lin did not know what was admirable about that old fart, he quickly realized Ibeiya only admired his astrology skills.

“Over ten thousand stars?” Lilith did not believe it. “It’s just a myth. Could that old fart really have counted that many?”

Ibeiya nodded earnestly. “That’s what everyone said. That’s the result of his hard work during his lifetime, but his workplace was invaded during his later years, forcing him to stop his research.”

Xiao Lin laughed dryly. As colonists they were not exactly painted in a good light, but if it really was as Ibeiya said, then that old fart would actually be an astronomer on Earth.

Xiao Lin and Lilith did not think anything about it originally, since they did not know where Ibeiya heard all that from. Looking at their uninterested expressions, she pointed, immediately summoning up more energy. She deliberately lowered her voice, but it was still clear in the empty plaza. “I’ve even heard that Asabanor had even discovered your hometowns.”

Xiao Lin’s eyebrow twitched. “Our hometown? What do you mean?”

Ibeiya laughed. “Uncle, don’t look at me like that. I don’t know astrology, and have only heard rumors. They basically said Asabanor managed to locate your hometown through the stars.”

“That damned pervert really said that; it’s just a load of nonsense to trick naive girls like you!” Lilith smiled coldly. She did not think well of Asabanor at all.

“That’s definitely not it. They say he personally saw you coming in from a long corridor between the stars! Oh, I was told it was a long corridor made of gold. It sounds so beautiful. Is it real, Uncle? I want to go see it,” Ibeiya said as she shook Xiao Lin’s shoulder.

Xiao Lin and Lilith exchanged a glance, unable to mask their shock.

After so many years, the natives of Planet Norma had already changed their attitudes of hate and fear toward the colonists to admiration and respect. They had already gotten used to the existence of the colonists, which was how Ibeiya could talk to them so easily. It was absolutely impossible for that to happen a hundred years ago.

Even if that was the case, the natives did not understand the colonists that much. Every colonist academy had agreed to never reveal anything about Earth to the natives, including any of their secrets, such as the resurrection towers and the wormholes.

The wormholes were filled with Timesand, and every time the interspatial carriage moved, the sand would materialize. Looking at it from afar, would it not look like a golden corridor? It was impossible to make that comparison without personally having sat in an interspatial carriage, and the wormholes were one of their greatest secrets, never exposed to the natives in all their history.

Xiao Lin would obviously not admit it in front of Ibeiya. He told her it was just nonsense and to not believe it. However, he still asked Ibeiya where she heard it.

The natives did not have media or the internet, so if this was actually something everyone knew, there was no way the academies had never heard of it. He had only heard of it from Ibeiya today, which meant that the speculation and rumors were confined to a small circle.

Ibeiya knew what he was asking, but could only tell him she heard it from an inn or some travelling poets. Xiao Lin could not do anything about her vague answer, but he started to doubt her status.

“It’s actually no big deal; we just need to kill him.” Lilith did not feel like thinking about such a complicated issue. Her thoughts were simple: however much Asabanor threatened the colonists, it would all be useless if he died.

Ibeiya talked a lot more about the high priest, but the rest of what she said was all gossip from back then, such as rumors that the high priest had a relationship with a certain princess, but Xiao Lin and Lilith were not interested at all in his personal life.

As they grew sleepier, the sound of conversation died down. Ibeiya had actually fallen asleep as she talked, and the light sound of snoring could be heard. Xiao Lin felt like his arm was a bit itchy, and when he turned around, he noticed the girl had taken his arm as a pillow, hugging it tightly as she slept against him.

Ibeiya looked quite cute sleeping. As a vampire, Ibeiya had an innate charm, and her cute and lively nature had merged with that seductive allure.

She was going to be a nation-destroying beauty in the future!

Xiao Lin said that in his heart, but he was just admiring her. However, Xiao Lin suddenly felt a sharp gaze. Turning around, Lilith soundlessly mouthed, ‘Freaking pervert.’

He was innocent!

Xiao Lin could not say anything, turning his gaze toward the sky. The occasional green lights flickering in the skies really affected his mood to sleep. To his left were Ibeiya’s trembling eyebrows as she slept. In order to not be a pervert, he could not help but turn to the right, but there, he saw Lilith’s black scythe.

There was no way he could sleep!

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