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Chapter 514: Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends, the Greatest Treasure
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Chapter 514: Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends, the Greatest Treasure

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“City Master!”

“Watch out!”

Faced with the action of the True Dragon’s Heritage, Zhao Yun, Wu Song, and the other heroes, who were commanding the soldiers to retreat underneath the seawater that was a hundred meters high in the sky, changed their expressions and shouted at the same time!

“Stop it!”

They tried to stop it at the same time.


Zhao Yun, whose armor was no longer silver but had turned red, waved his spear and condensed the seawater into an ice dragon dozens of meters long that charged at the True Dragon’s Heritage!


Wu Song, whose blood tiger had already been shattered, howled on his feet.

He waved his saber that carried the sea monsters’ blood and launched a stream of bloody aura to the sky, ripping the space apart.

“Thunder Halberd!”

Dian Wei, who had a dozen wounds on his body, roared at the same time.

Veins were bulging all over his body. He grabbed the purple Thunder Halberd, which was a hundred meters long, with cracked, bleeding hands, and smashed it to the ground in a crazy way.

“Borrow Power From the Universe!”

Yan Chixia, who had run out of his energy, activated his talent ability with the Honor he received for killing a Transcendent sea monster just now and borrowed enough power to release a hundred dim, golden flying swords!

Lin Chong, whose long spear had been broken, simply ignited his vitality and blood and summoned a group of Holy Fire cultists to the sky.

Zhou Yu, whose face was pale, waved his fan and invoked a fiery phoenix...

Almost ten heroes noticed the True Dragon’s Heritage that was attacking Ji Ye. They roared and tried to stop it!

However, faced with all the attacks, the True Dragon’s Heritage didn’t stop at all. When the attacks hit it, the True Dragon Heart in its chest beat heavily.


Immediately, the ice dragon, the Thunder Halberd, the bloody saber aura, and the phoenix all collapsed.

The attacks of Zhao Yun, Dian Wei, Wu Song, Zhou Yu, Yan Chixia, and all the other heroes of Dragon City were all shattered by the True Dragon’s Heritage.

They were all flung back by the rampant soundwaves from the heartbeat, with blood gushing out of their eyes, mouths, and ears.

They got even more badly wounded!

The gap between the two parties was too huge. The heroes of Dragon City were only in Transcendent Rank-1 or Rank-2, whereas the True Dragon’s Heritage was in Transcendent Rank-4. It even crushed the green Flood Dragon in the previous battle.

Even if the Transcendent heroes were to attack together, they couldn’t stop it at all, not even for a few seconds!

As a matter of fact, not just the heroes, even Ji Ye, who was Transcendent Rank-3, couldn’t stop it either. While the black Flood Dragon’s body was tough because of the Legendary bloodline, it could not resist the True Dragon’s Heritage, which was boosted by the True Dragon Heart. They were like a son and a father.

Confronting the intimidating True Dragon’s Heritage that was coming close, the right decision was obviously to retreat or flee.

Otherwise, what happened to the green Flood Dragon might happen to them!

However, there were still thousands of wounded soldiers underneath the water who hadn’t evacuated yet.

Once Ji Ye stopped controlling the seawater, those soldiers would be consumed by the seawater immediately.

Then, they would die in the mouths of the tens of thousands of sea monsters in the seawater.

Not just the soldiers, even Yan Chixia, Wu Song, Dian Wei, and the other people who were hurt by the heartbeat of the True Dragon’s Heritage could hardly survive.

What choice should he make in such a crisis?

“You... go right now!”

In the City Master’s Residence, Su Nongying watched the True Dragon’s Heritage that was no more than a hundred meters away from Ji Ye and grabbed the Registration Book that was dim due to the loss of power of providence.

However, under such circumstances, the black Flood Dragon didn’t dodge. The dragon aura it breathed out still held back the seawater that weighed hundreds of thousands of tons.

Clearly, Ji Ye had already made a decision!

“City Master!”

The natives and players in the altar, who were also watching the scene via the SkyNet under the protection of the Dragons of Providence, all wept.

After all, unlike most players who were alone, they had family members among the thousands of soldiers fighting in the seawater!


It took only a blink for the True Dragon’s Heritage to cover a hundred meters.

Very quickly, the True Dragon’s Heritage, covered in the dark golden light, crashed into the black Flood Dragon that Ji Ye turned into!

The great earthquake, the splashing blood, and the rising tides that everybody expected didn’t happen.


The horrifying True Dragon’s Heritage simply passed through the black Flood Dragon.

The black Flood Dragon, though a hundred meters long, seemed like a reflection in the water, and it slightly shivered in the eyes of the soldiers.

Moonlight in the Water!

The greatest treasure from the yaksha queen, who was a Child of Providence, had been fused by Ji Ye in the last two months. He then grasped a new Transcendent technique in the same name, which allowed him to turn himself into an illusion briefly to avoid all attacks.


The True Dragon’s Heritage, missing its target, crashed into the seawater behind Ji Ye that was more than a hundred meters high.

A dozen sea monsters that were in the frontline were killed!


However, in the middle of the blood and water, even more sea monsters swam towards the True Dragon’s Heritage and surrounded it.

Because they were still manipulated by the colorful threads, they couldn’t be intimidated by the powerful True Dragon’s Heritage or flee.

Only the Transcendent Rank-2 Dragon Fish, which destroyed Dragon City’s navy base and was as huge as an island, struggled a little bit. As a creature with dragon blood, it sensed the aura of the True Dragon clearly and realized that its life was in danger!

However, the water that the mermaids and mermen raised wasn’t wide.

Too many sea monsters had been gathered for it to escape with its enormous body size!

Dum! Dum! Dum...

Following that, another few heartbeats rumbled from the middle of the sea monsters.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

Tens of thousands of sea monsters, including the Transcendent Rank-2 Dragon Fish, were shattered. The blood they spilled dyed the seawater within several kilometers red.

The broken flesh and the internal organs were floating, and bones with remnants sank to the bottom. It was like hell.

However, perhaps due to the consecutive heartbeats, which consumed the energy it preserved, the True Dragon’s Heart was finally no longer as red as before. It was dimmer now.

Then, the True Dragon’s Heritage looked at the Colorful Dragon in the sky above its head!


However, before it could do anything, the clone of the green Flood Dragon, which was working as a guardian, swooped and crashed into the True Dragon’s Heritage, further pressing it down to the bottom of the sea.


The True Dragon’s Heritage smashed the green Flood Dragon heavily with its golden claw, ripping off its scales and even some of its bones.

Without the boost of the True Dragon’s Heart, it was still Transcendent Rank-4, and it had an absolute strength advantage in the presence of the Transcendent Rank-3 clone of the green Flood Dragon.

However, even though it was wounded, the green Flood Dragon was still stuck to the True Dragon’s Heritage.

The two of them mauled each other for dozens of seconds in the bloody hell.


The True Dragon’s Heritage roared and bit the green Flood Dragon, tearing off its head instantly.

The green Flood Dragon’s clone, losing its head, transformed into a stream of air and flew to the Colorful Dragon above the surface of the sea, making it even stronger. It seemed to be reaching a certain threshold.


As if it had sensed the enormous threat, the True Dragon’s Heritage roared and charged towards the Colorful Dragon up above from the sea.


The Colorful Dragon, which had been still, suddenly opened its eyes. Its previously bloodshot eyes had already turned dark gold. Faced with the incoming True Dragon’s Heritage, it abruptly swung its tail and hit the enemy.


A gigantic tide was raised on the surface of the sea.

In the seawater, the True Dragon’s Heritage, hit by the Colorful Dragon during the soaring, was smashed down to the bottom of the sea and crushed a lot of corals as well as the bones of the sea monsters it had just killed.

The situation had been turned around.

The True Dragon’s Heritage didn’t have enough power to suppress the green Flood Dragon. It had been counting on the True Dragon’s Heart mostly.

However, during the consecutive outbursts, it overused the power of the True Dragon’s Heart, and the green Flood Dragon, boosted by the mermaids and mermen, was very close to Transcendent Rank-5.

More importantly, as its clones melted in, the green Flood Dragon was growing even stronger...

“Unstoppable. It’s absolutely unstoppable. It’s going to reach Transcendent Rank-5!”

In front of the seawater, the black Flood Dragon seemed quite grave.

The Transcendent Rank-4 green Flood Dragon was already very horrifying. Nobody could’ve beat it in a duel without the True Dragon’s Heritage.

At this moment, the green Flood Dragon, enhanced by thousands of mermaids and mermen, was about to advance into Transcendent Rank-5. If it completed the advancement, there was nothing Dragon City could do to stop it.

Was there really no solution to such a crisis?

“City Master! The Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends!”

Exactly at this moment, Elder Meng’s anxious voice came from the SkyNet channel.

“Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends! Yes!”

Ji Ye’s eyes suddenly glittered.

He almost forgot that Dragon City was given the privilege to forge two heavy treasures with the power of providence after advancing to the Transcendent level.

One of the treasures was the Celestial Globe and Seismograph with which Li Chunfeng modified the feng shui, while the other was the Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends, which ranked the heroes on Liangshan in Water Margin.

[Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends]

[Level: Transcendent Rank-4]

[Rarity: Perfect (Rare)]

[Description: It can give you the qualification of the 36 Heavenly Spirits and the 72 Earthly Fiends!]

[Note: Nurtured by Dragon City’s power of providence and enhanced by the power of those whose names are on it, this treasure has been significantly improved.]

A basic function of the heavy treasure was to change one’s destiny by naming one a star.

Earlier, Dragon City had nominated 108 Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend stars after advancing into the Transcendent level. Most of the heroes of Dragon City were listed on it. Ji Ye was even on the top. He was the Heavenly Leading Star.

For that reason, Ji Ye had found another hidden ability of the heavy treasure.

While the 36 Heavenly Spirits and the 72 Earthly Fiends were named after the Heavenly Spirit Star and the Earthly Fiend Star, the two stars weren’t the top; the Heavenly Leading Star was.

This hidden ability was related to the Heavenly Leading Star too.


After spreading out his senses, Ji Ye simply invoked the power of the Heavenly Leading Star, and a giant glowing star appeared above his head.

Then, a bright purple stream of power descended from the sky to Dragon City. However, unlike when Gongsun Sheng or Lu Junyi performed “God Inviting”, the light didn’t enter Ji Ye’s body but darted towards the Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends at the altar area of Dragon City.


Shrouded in the pillar of starlight, the Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends trembled.

Then, the 108 names on it were illuminated one after another.

“Lu Zhishen, the Heavenly Spirit Star; Elder Meng, the Heavenly Wisdom Star; Gongsun Sheng, the Heavenly Wandering Star...”

A wave of power surged to the Heavenly Leading Star in the sky through the pillar of starlight before spreading out.

After that, the other Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend stars appeared in the sky one after another.

This was the uniqueness of the Heavenly Leading Star.

It could not only increase the power of oneself but also command the other 107 stars!

In other words, whoever carried the destiny of the Heavenly Leading Star could concentrate the power of the other 107 stars.

According to the intelligence of the Confederation Office, Song Jiang, who had arrived at another settlement, had the talent ability of “Loyalty”, which could gather the power of the other Heavenly Spirit and Earthly Fiend stars in the settlement, thereby turning himself into a top warrior!

For that reason, his settlement had been trying to summon heroes from Water Margin through rituals.

While Ji Ye didn’t have such a talent, he could achieve the same purpose by using the Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends.


When the Heavenly Outstanding Star appeared, Zhao Yun was suddenly covered in starlight too.

The Monument of Heavenly Spirits and Earthly Fiends didn’t just include the heroes from Water Margin but also players and heroes from other backgrounds.

For example, Zhao Yun was the Heavenly Outstanding Star and Elder Meng was the Heavenly Wisdom Star!

Attracted by the heavy treasure, some of Zhao Yun’s power turned into the power of stars and rose to the sky, joining the Heavenly Leading Star above Ji Ye’s head.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

Not just the heroes in Dragon City, in Guobei County, some of the natives and players, who were marching back to Dragon City as fast as possible, also glittered and sent pillars of starlight to the Heavenly Leading Star!

Of course, because some of the people who represented the stars had died, not all the 108 stars responded. Only more than ninety of them did.

However, the power of all the stars was concentrated on the Heavenly Leading Star and made it much brighter than before.

After gathering the power of all the stars, the Heavenly Leading Star suddenly glowed and projected a purple pillar that enveloped Ji Ye who had turned into a black Flood Dragon.


In the middle of the purple light, the black Flood Dragon began to transform.

Its horns became even sharper than before and looked like a pair of swords. Its scales were enshrouded in substantial dark light. Its dry claws were decorated with the bright purple light too.

At the same time, the aura on the black Flood Dragon improved from the beginning of Transcendent Rank-3 to its peak and then to Transcendent Rank-4...

Even though everybody was not as strong as before, their joint strength was still horrifying. Ji Ye’s level rating had easily advanced into Transcendent Rank-4!

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