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Chapter 437: Silver Needle, Buddha Gold
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Chapter 437: Silver Needle, Buddha Gold

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“So, Professor Pigg, have you found a treatment?” asked Ji Ye.

“I’m sorry, but I haven’t found an effective treatment yet. So far, I’m only certain that this virus fears sunlight, mainly because it’s sensitive to ultraviolet rays... Master Ji, studies of a virus can’t be completed overnight. It needs to go through scientific methods, rigorous argumentation, and many rounds of experiments.”

Fearing that Ji Ye was dissatisfied with his work, Pigg explained.

“It fears sunlight?”

Ji Ye wasn’t surprised by that.

After all, according to the Buddhist legends, yaksha are ghost-like creatures.

“Professor Pigg, I’m not blaming you.”

Ji Ye shook his head.

“But unlike on Earth, a lot of things don’t need to follow the procedure here in the Land of Inheritance.”

“Master Ji!”

Just then, An Daoquan, the Divine Physician, came in.

“How’s that Yellow Turban Army scout doing?” asked Ji Ye.

“He’s fine now. I’ve set his bone with the black mud and calmed his mind with Calming Tonic. I think most of his wounds will recover before long,” said An Daoquan.

Ji Ye nodded. “I see. Wake him up after sunrise. We’ll need him as our guide.”

“By the way, Commander An, come and have a look at these people,” he then said to An Daoquan.

“Well, it looks like their bodies have been invaded by evil Yin energy. Maybe we can try acupuncture and Yang Fire Tonic. Together, they’ll expel the evil energy and enhance the positive energy from within!”

An Daoquan didn’t seem too surprised.


Professor Pigg seemed intrigued.

As a top medical expert, he didn’t have prejudice toward traditional Chidragon medicine as ordinary people did.

In fact, all countries had some effective treatment methods that were difficult to analyze by modern medical concepts and were even very different from the mainstream medical views.

The traditional Chidragon medicine that dated back thousands of years was one of the advanced traditional medicines. Moreover, here in the Land of Inheritance, not only could one find various rare herbs, but the more famous they were, the more likely they would contain extraordinary power!

“Look, he’s waking up!” Ji Yue shouted in the middle of her interpretation.

One of the green-faced new players suddenly opened his eyes, bolted up, and bit down at Pigg.


The next second, there was a flash of silver light.

A silver needle was jabbed into the point between the player’s eyebrows. His eyes rolled back, and he fell back onto the bed.

Although An Daoquan was a non-combative member, with the great amount of EXP he earned from treating other people, he had risen to Extraordinary Rank 7. He was more than enough to handle a new player of Extraordinary Rank 4 or Rank 5, even if they went berserk.

Clang, clang, clang...

49 streaks of silver light then appeared all-around An Daoquan.

He then grabbed the needles one by one and jabbed them into the new player’s acupoints.

With each needle, the green color on the new player’s face faded a little. By the 36th needle, the green color was completely gone.

“It’s working...”

Pigg, who was still shaken, looked surprised.

“I can expel evil energy with acupuncture, but this is a very energy-consuming method. I can treat one or two people in this way, but if there are too many people, I won’t be able to help them all. Master Ji, we’ll need to find some resources or medicine that can treat this symptom...”

An Daoquan said to Ji Ye, his forehead slightly sweaty.

“Something that’ll treat the symptom? Try this.”

The Void Ring on Ji Ye’s hand flickered, and a bottle made from Radiant Gold appeared.

A few drops of water flew out of the bottle, falling into the mouth of another convulsing new player.

As soon as he drank the water, the green color on his face faded.

“That’s so effective!”

Pigg was surprised.

“Master Ji, is that Sweet Dew?” An Daoquan sniffed and said. His talent allowed him to identify the properties of medicine.

Ji Ye nodded and explained why he did so, “Yes, it is. I preserved it in a Radiant Gold bottle after I collected it from Eagle Peak because the bottle can maintain its property. Since in the Buddhist legend, yakshas are one of the eight subordinates of Buddha after they were subdued, Sweet Dew, which is from Guanyin’s bottle, should be able to neutralize the toxin.”

“You’ve found a solution from mythology. That’s unheard of.”

Pigg looked confused.

“Of course, we can do that. The Land of Inheritance is a combination of multiple civilizations of various races. Because of that, we can always try to find a solution from the background of a settlement. We can even search for answers from other civilizations. For instance, to put out a fire, a technological solution is to use a fire extinguisher, but a cultivator can chant a rain spell, whereas someone with fire-related superpower can suck the fire into their stomach...”

Ji Ye wanted to help Pigg understand.

As a legendary medical expert, there was no doubt that the old man was very capable in his own profession, but he was still a new player and had a lot to learn in the Land of Inheritance.

“By the way, Professor Pigg said that the evil energy was sensitive to sunlight. Maybe we can try to use Radiant Gold in the treatment,” Ji Ye then told An Daoquan.

In the process of changing the shape of Eagle Peak, Dragon City had confirmed that Eagle Peak was indeed related to a monk or Buddha.

Because inside the peak, they found something similar to the True Dragon Heart on Dragon Peak, and there was still some Buddhist power on it.

Having been exposed to such power for a long time, these Radiant Gold also contained some Buddhist power. Together with the power of sunlight it had, it probably would be more effective than Sweet Dew.

“It really is working!”

An Daoquan picked up a small piece of Radiant Gold Ji Ye cut off and used his transforming ability to make a few golden needles. He then used them on another infected player.

The spreading green color was immediately stopped by the color coming off the needles.

“It seems that I should let the twin dragons create more Radiant Gold with the power of providence. We can make them into arrowheads or bullets. It’ll be our trump card when fighting the yakshas,” Ji Ye nodded and thought to himself.

“Also, I probably should use the time left to fuse the special-level Buddha Radiant Gold I found in Eagle Peak!”

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