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Chapter 311: The Fire Protection Pearl and the Phoenix
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Chapter 311: The Fire Protection Pearl and the Phoenix

A pure gold hammer that was about three meters in diameter collided with the demon’s claws that were of the same size and had bright purple flames burning on the surface.


After a roar that slightly shook the whole volcano, the airwaves that spread to all directions raised ripples in the magma.


Faced with the immense power of the demon’s claws, Li Yuanba’s feet and calves sank deep into the ground that was covered in magma.

“Is this the best you’ve got?”

However, there wasn’t any pain on Li Yuanba’s face that had been half-drowned by magma.

It was because a red gem that was embedded on his chest emitted extraordinary power that covered his body in a sheen of redness.

[Fire Protection Pearl]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-7]

[Rarity: Excellent (Rare)]

[Description: This can block flames and reduce the damage caused by heat.]

This was an item that a core player purchased from the City of Humans. It was very useful against fire attacks. Unfortunately, it could only be used a limited number of times.

In comparison, Zhao Yun, who wasn’t far away from Li Yuanba, fought a lot more easily!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The glow of the Power of Dragon Valiance on Zhao Yun blocked the high heat of the magma. The Snow Spear in his hand waved, leaving a dozen blurry shadows, and hit the demon’s claws to deviate it.

The Transcendent power on the spear could freeze everything. It even froze the purple flames on the demon’s claws that were also Transcendent.

Above the volcano battlefield, Ji Ye stared down below on the Dragon Aura and remarked softly, “This ‘demon body’ is a lot weaker now than the beginning!”

Li Qing nodded, and his tactical glasses were emitting the glow of activated talent. “Yes, your solution does work, Master!

“Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba, as two Transcendent heroes, are continuously exhausting their strength. The Magma Monsters can barely afford it anymore. Their vitality and strength are quickly dropping!”

Wu Qiao opened her mouth and said, “It seems that the Magma Monsters are indeed powering this demon body with their own vitality, as we speculated!”

Yes, since the demon showed up and overpowered Li Yuanba, the commanders of the Twin Dragon Mount fort had confirmed something.

The Magma Monsters definitely had to pay a price in order to power the body of such a Transcendent demon.

It was like how the Twin Dragon Island had to consume Dragon Aura, mirage, and even the vitality and blood of those who had melted mirage in order to make use of the power of the Mirage Dragon.


At the volcano, Li Yuanba had collided with the demon’s claws again with the Long Gold Hammers.

This time, the demon’s claws were pushed back over some distance by Li Yuanba. Obviously, the Magma Monsters who powered the demon body were running out of their vitality.

“However, it’s too soon to drop our wariness yet.

“Apart from its body that’s sturdy enough to weather through cannonball bombardments, the demon’s strongest part is the Transcendent purple fire on it. It can quickly exhaust you and even make you age...

“Earlier, a few soldiers were hit by the purple flames the demon threw out. If the Snow Spear hadn’t frozen and eliminated the flames with its Transcendent power, those soldiers would’ve probably become old men!”

Qin Yueyu seemed rather scared.

After all, for a woman, to age was even more horrible than to see a rat in her shoe or a snake on her bed.

“Well, I remember that Yuanba was burned by the purple flames too, wasn’t he? But he didn’t seem hurt.” Ji Ye remembered that Li Yuanba had a clash with the demon when it was first summoned by the Magma Monsters. At that time, his arm was contaminated by the purple flames.

However, his combat ability didn’t plummet, and he didn’t decay at all, even though he was slightly painful.

“Perhaps because of his Infinite Stamina, to some extent, it means boundless vitality!”

Ji Ye looked at Li Yuanba, who was holding the Long Gold Hammers that had been enlarged and beating the demon back.

It was exactly because of Li Yuanba’s unbelievable talent that the Twin Dragon Island was able to drain the combat ability of the Magma Monsters that controlled the demon.

“So, Elder Meng suggested that we adopt gentle approaches and try to preserve the body of this demon. We might be able to make it into a weapon similar to the Mirage Dragon Warship,” said Wu Qiao.

The management of Twin Dragon Island’s original plan was to destroy the demon’s body.

Although the demon’s body was extremely hard, and its black claws could even endure Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba’s attacks, there were a lot more methods that the Twin Dragon Island could try, such as the Mysterious Mallet in Ji Ye’s Void Ring.

However, now that the demon’s body proved to be valuable, such extreme methods weren’t necessary.

How could they defeat the Magma Monsters and win the war without destroying the demon’s body?

Don’t forget that the Twin Dragon Island already had a third Special Transcendent hero!


The demon was on the losing side due to the drop of its vitality after dozens of consecutive clashes with Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba.

It was even pushed back nonstop by Li Yuanba who wasn’t exhausted at all.

However, the demon’s head, which was thirty meters tall, suddenly shivered and let out a roar that made everyone feel intimidated.

Unprecedentedly furious purple flames rose from the demon’s two claws, and they smashed Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba like clouds from the sky.

“Futile struggle before death!”

Li Yuanba spoke with disdain and remained fearless as he faced the gigantic demon. He raised the Long Gold Hammers and was about to jump up.


However, when Li Yuanba and Zhao Yun were about to jump, the ground they were on suddenly trembled, and a lot of magma rose and tried to cage them!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

At the same time, the demon’s head that had been gazing at the sky moved. Pillars of purple fire were darted out of its eyes towards the two generals who were trapped.

The purple fire was a lot deeper than before. It emitted the Transcendent vibe that twisted the space nearby!

“Not good!”

Li Yuanba and Zhao Yun were remarkably strong, but the Magma Monsters had clearly prepared for a long time for the triple attack.

The two of them were caught in danger now that they were immobilized.

As a result, some new players from the third batch who had been asked to observe the battle from the edge of the island exclaimed.


However, exactly at this moment, an illusionary bird suddenly flew to Zhao Yuan and Li Yuanba from their backs, and it let out a loud roar that sounded like the performance of musical instruments, blocking the purple fire from the sky. It flapped its wings that were ablaze with gold and red flames!

It even flung the two pillars of flames back at the demon itself!

“That’s... a phoenix?”

“It’s really a phoenix! Where is it from?”

“Is there any hero in our fort who can summon a phoenix?”

The new players were greatly relieved to see the scene. Then, they were both surprised and confused.

It was because the gold and red illusionary bird had a snake’s neck, a swallow’s jaw, and a tortoise’s back. It looked elegant with its colorful tail features. It was exactly the image of the mythical phoenix from ancient Chidragon!

“It seems to be from the surface of the sea!”

The players with keen eyes noticed that the phoenix had flown from a red guqin ship that was fifteen meters long.

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