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Chapter 310: The Third Special Hero: Zhou Yu
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Chapter 310: The Third Special Hero: Zhou Yu

In the Temple of Providence, the recitation of “Charm of a Singer: Reflection on the History in Chibi” was still going on.

[“Imagine how confident and magnificent Gongjin[1] must’ve looked years back when Xiaoqiao had just married him.]

The Cao-surnamed pipa woman was slightly frustrated by the first sentence of the latter verse.

She probably remembered Zhong Zhou again. For the people from the Musical House settlement, Zhong Zhou was confident and magnificent during the Ten-Species Competition too, and he attracted the attention of a lot of female natives in the Musical House settlement!

Of course, all those people had been killed by the Magma Monsters!

“The lyrics are truly brilliant and mind-blowing. I wonder who could’ve possibly written them?”

Then, the Cao-surnamed pipa woman came back to herself from frustration and focused on the lyrics.

As a court musician from ancient times, she clearly didn’t remember the singers the way the moderners did. She admired the songwriter as much as she adored Zhou Yu.

“It’s created by Householder Dongpo. You will probably meet him on Twin Dragon Island later...” Su Nongying declared confidently.

“The Twin Dragon Island?”

The pipa woman was briefly silent.

Clearly, although Twin Dragon Island had taken down Musical House Island, and even the settlement core of the Musical House had been claimed by Ji Ye, they might not be planning to reestablish the Musical House settlement.

Of course, for the Musical House settlement, which only had five people left, it was not necessarily a bad thing.


An Quan, however, interrupted the communication between the two girls.

It was because the ritual battlefield in the Temple of Providence was already ablaze with flames!

The Yuan army attempted to connect their ships with iron chains to pass the Changjiang River, but all the ships were burned down by Zhou Yu who abandoned his own ships. Even the camps of Yuan on the shore, which were densely established due to the limited size of the battlefield, were set ablaze.

Immediately, the fire was burning for seven hundred kilometers!


Then, the Kingdom of Wu’s troops disembarked in the flames.

While the flags of Zhou, Cheng, Huang, and Gan fluttered, the twelve heroes who were the most prominent generals of the kingdom led their troops to battle.

The Yuan army, which had already been overwrought by the flames, finally collapsed.

[“With his fan and his scholar’s scarf, he talked and smiled as the ships were burned into ashes.”]

The recitation fitted the scene perfectly.


On the other side of the Changjiang River, the last bit of the incense was burnt up in the phoenix censer in front of Zhou Yu who had been playing the guqin while sitting cross-legged!

“The heroes from Earth aren’t bad... I hope we can fight side by side someday.”

On the opposite side of the Changjiang River, the Yuan emperor’s Sonic Bow trembled while his body faded away.

Although it was impossible to understand his language, the idea that he expressed telepathically could be sensed by everybody in the Temple of Providence.


The moment before he disappeared, the Yuan emperor drew his Sonic Bow and shot it out.

The transparent Sonic Bow turned into a streak of brilliance that crossed the broad Changjiang River and flew to Zhou Yu. It then turned into seven crystal strings in the middle of white and silver light.

[Music String]

[Level: Special]

[Rarity: Perfect (Rare)]

[Description: This is a “wondrous string” that’s transformed from the Yuan emperor’s Sonic Bow by the human beings’ power of providence. It can be installed on anything and transformed into guqin, giving it the corresponding extraordinary power!]

[Note: “Fu Xi invented guqin, which had one string and was seven feet and two inches long”, “Shun made guqin with five strings to sing for the south wind”, “King Wen and King Wu changed guqin into seven strings to reflect the sun and the moon”.]

In the Temple of Providence, Elder Zhou complimented, “The Yuan emperor is rather elegant!”

Ji Ye nodded. “Yes, he clearly went easy on his opponent in the battle!”

Just like Black Mountain from the cultivation world, the Yuan emperor didn’t use his full strength in the ritual test.

Otherwise, with his expertise in martial arts, if he had fought a melee battle instead of one of musical performance, Zhou Yu might not have been able to pass it even if he were a Perfect Transcendent hero.

Furthermore, he probably didn’t try his best even in the battle of performance.

On the Battlefield of Providence, according to the historical records of Yuan, the Yuan emperor once conquered fifteen countries and 103 cities in a year. He must have abundant experience in commanding and shouldn’t have made the stupid mistake of making the camps and bones vulnerable to the fire by connecting them with chains.

It was rather interesting that this emperor was known as a tyrant in Yuan history, while the East King who ousted him was called a saint sovereign.

However, considering the test that Zhao Yun was faced with during his arrival, the tyrant was actually more tolerant than the saint sovereign.

The Temple of Providence had become normal. On the altar where the Soul of Civilization was established, Zhou Yu’s face was completely revealed. He wasn’t holding a fan and wearing a scarf as described in the poem. Instead, he wore the red cloak and the scholar’s robe from the battlefield. He looked handsome and majestic!

“It’s an honor to meet you!”

Holding the Music String, Zhou Yu greeted everybody in the temple with a voice as gentle as jade, exactly like the “Jin[2]” in his courtesy name!

[Zhou Yu]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-8]

[Rarity: Quasi Boss]

[Description: He was a famous minister from the Kingdom of Wu and one of the 72 generals enshrined in the Temple of Warriors. He was as good at music as he was at military strategies. He was one of the most handsome and magnificent men in Jiangzuo!]

It was worth mentioning that Zhou Yu was rated even higher than Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba. He was simply a Quasi Boss.

He was also the second Quasi Boss hero on Twin Dragon Island after Lu Zhishen.

It didn’t necessarily mean that Zhou Yu was stronger than Zhao Yun or Li Yuanba. In fact, in terms of personal strength, he was probably not as strong as them.

He was rated as Quasi Boss probably because of his experience as an important official of the kingdom and a major commander in the army in both real history and the novel.

He was even one of the 72 generals enshrined in the Temple of Warriors!

It was not surprising that such a hero was rated as a Quasi Boss!

“Now that Gongjin is here, it will be very easy for us to finish off the Magma Monsters once and for all!”

Ji Ye looked at Zhou Yu with a comforting smile.

He was no longer as thrilled as before when he met those historical figures, and he retained the manners of the leader of a human settlement.

Although Zhou Yu seemed older than him, it didn’t seem inappropriate for him to call Zhou Yu by his courtesy name since he had been saying “Zilong” and “Yuanba” all the time.

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[2] [Annotation text missing]

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